Talking Simpsons – Homer And Apu

Apu loses his job thanks to Homer’s smashed hat, and it leads to him moving in with the Simpsons for an exciting episode, not to mention James Woods’ very funny guest appearance…


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49 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Homer And Apu

  1. James Woods may be a piece of shit IRL, but damn he’s great in this episode. Also the CONSUMER WATCHDOG UNIT joke with the constant barking, and Homer freaking out at the “bee” in his over-sized novelty hat are hilarious. Very fun episode in general.

    Who needs the Kwick-E-Mart? I doooooooooooooooooooooo!

    1. I love listening to these 3 retarded social justice warriors… Three white dude bringing up the race and skin color of every character every chance they get while unironically calling everyone else racist. This is the reason Trump won the election.

  2. I agree with what you guys are saying about Apu and the point you’re making HOWEVER….

    I always took the overcharging bit (penny candy et al.) not as a swipe at Apu or Indians per se but as a swipe at how convenience stores overcharge compared to regular stores.

    Also, I can’t prove it, but I’m 100% positive the bit with Homer is a riff on “A Shot in the Dark” – the sequel to the first Pink Panther movie with Peter Sellers. There’s a bit where Clouseau keeps hurting himself and they do almost the exact same cutaway with the ambulance that the Simpsons does. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the movie for the first time. Unfortunately I can’t find it on youtube, but it gives you an excuse to watch the movie, which is great.

  3. A very repetitive episode of Talking Simpsons. That is my only mild compliant, sure we evaluate the issues regarding Apu, take shots at James Woods (I agreee, he sucks as a person) however the endless repeating these talking points that were discussed in the first ten minutes seemed excessive to me.
    Otherwise, I liked the episode and sound clip choices, thanks guys.

  4. As someone who’s been very critical of this show in the past, let me just say that I really enjoyed this episode. I actually really liked how sensitively you discussed the controversy surrounding Apu.

    As long as the discussion is directly Simpsons-related or related to a reference the Simpsons makes, it’s a-OK!

  5. Enjoyed this episode. My fiancee is Punjabi, and I can confirm that most Indian food is delicious. Except for her ideas about pizza, and I’ll never get to hear her take on a hamburger.
    She also gets excited when India is mentioned in media, and doesn’t really notice if it’s positive or negative. Like the movie Lion made India look like it was filled with poor people and pedophiles, she was just happy that the best half of the movie was in India. I’m gonna try and get her to watch this episode with me.

    1. I didn’t know India had its own take on pizza, but there’s an Indian pizza place in my area that’s really really good.

      1. Take tomato sauce, add marsala spices instead of Italian, and it just doesn’t taste right. It’s… Fine… but in the rare chance I get to eat pizza, I want PIZZA, not this… thing.

    2. But let’s get to the real question for her..

      What does she think about Jinder Mahal being the number one contender to Randy Orton’s title this weekend at Backlash??

      1. She thought it was cute that they’re trying to cater to India, but she’s still into Stone Cold. (Her cousins training to join WWE, so it’s watched there still.)
        Take tomato sauce, add marsala spices instead of Italian, and watch your white boyfriend look really confused as he tries to figure out why this pizza just doesn’t taste right. It’s… Fine,

  6. I was at a Simpsons travia show that takes place here in L.A. once a month. We watch a few episodes together and do trivia in between. One of the episode we watched was a clip show with a bunch of songs. singing “Who Needs the Kwick-E-Mart?” With a room full of people was so much fun.

  7. A fine episode. James Woods was great in this and is indeed a wacky shithead now. My only glasses-push correction is that the recent episode that addresses Apu’s problematic elements featured Utkarsh Ambudkar, not Aziz Ansari.

    1. As I listened to this episode, Bob’s overt racial bias was turning my porcelain-white skin RED with ANGER! That is, until I looked at the comment section and found proud white brethren like Frankie here doing the Lord’s work, EXPOSING Bob’s anti-white agenda. I salute you.

  8. I think you guys missed a reference. When Lisa’s eating the spicy Indian food and says she can see through time, I’m pretty sure it’s reference to Dune novels where consuming the spice melange lets you see into the future.

  9. Both Hari Kondabolu and Aziz Ansari have had good takes on white people playing Indian characters. I think at one point Hari Kondabolu was trying to make a documentary about Apu? Or at least reach out to Hank Azaria

    The standup bit was really spot on on how asinine so much of the standup of the time was. Reminds me of this early 90s Jamie Foxx bit:

  10. Aw, you guys missed the best sight gag in the episode: “The master knows all, except combination of safe”.

  11. The real racists see a fictional TV character ripping off customers and automatically attribute it to his skin color.

  12. I’m very white and I have pretty much eaten Indian food since I was a kid. Matter Paneer is awesome!

  13. All right y’all. I love the left-wing tirades and tangents. I dig it when you dunk on dipshits from Twitter and whatnot.

    But Chris putting corn in his chili? DONE. Patreon pledge CANCELED.

    (Just kidding, please continue having all my babies and spending my money however you want)

  14. it’s weird, i know OF James Woods but i don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie that he’s in. I don’t know why but i always find myself quoting Jimbo when he goes “I’m me?” I’m not a super fan of this episode of the Simpsons mostly because of the musical number. Im not a fan of musicals which is why even though I’m an animator i have only seen each Disney movie once and that’s all i can tolerate. except Emperor’s new groove for some odd reason. CALM DOWN CHRIS. Seriously though, you guys made this episode a bit more entertaining for me.

    1. >”i know OF James Woods but i don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie that he’s in”
      >”i have only seen each Disney movie once”

      Then you have seen a movie he was in. He was Hades in Hercules.

  15. Loved the discussion on Apu. One of those thing as a kid you don’t see a problem with and then in adulthood you really notice it more. The Balki (?) comparison was incredibly apt.

    For everyone in here to dump on the show for being left-leaning I can see how it could be annoying but guys, there’s many a steeper hill to die on than whether or not a simpsons podcast remains unbiased politically. It’s not cultural Marxism (which is not a thing btw), it’s a few liberals/socialists with an opinion about an excellent show and as a Limey its nice to hear a lot more context on some of the more american references.

    Don’t stop, don’t change, stay the course and maybe plug that piece i wrote on Prometheus for you guys while the new Alien Movies out (i forgot my old login).


  16. 1. James Woods grew up in Rhode Island. The Family Guy universe takes place in Rhode Island.

    Hence why they have him ad the high school name years before he was on the show.

    2. You guys so James is a prick. He isn’t, he’s a Republican and that’s your problem with him.

    1. I’d say suing some random person for making an innocuous joke on Twitter makes you a prick.

  17. I always think of the “where shopping is a baffling ordeal” banner whenever I’m in a big box store. And I also use Apu’s line strategies, which have been proven incredibly effective.

  18. Of all the things I want to write this show about I can’t believe it’s about “Roller hotdogs.” I spent 8 years working at a convenience store chain that Henry and Possibly Chris will be familiar with. It’s called “Kangaroo” also “Lil Champ” “Smokers Express” etc (all the same piece of shit company btw). I had to actually spend most of a day at a seminar for the company on behalf of Ballpark which taught us how to properly cook hotdogs. (Henry you’re awful at this!). To properly cook a hotdog on the roller, you place it on a setting of 8 (the grill goes 1-10 on heat) and you let it stay like that for 20 minutes then you change the heat setting down to 4 and it’s legally/health code safe for 4 hours where then you have to dispose of it. If you go to your local gas stations (which I hate doing) you’ll see they now have flags that let you know which ones are still being cooked and which are ready because those grills are set for those heat settings and time. Yes I can’t believe I remember that, and Yes I can’t believe they had a seminar to teach you the Ballpark Hotdogs grilling procedures.

    You’re welcome

  19. I think Apu is a great character and The Simpsons showed he isn’t just a stereotype. Like Chief Wiggum or Moe.

  20. I’m not a huge defender of Family Guy (the show has been shit for years and never measured up to the Simpsons) but your criticism that they ‘copied’ Simpsons’ treatment of James Wood and Adam West (RIP) falls flat. For one thing, saying James Woods was ‘crazy’ on both shows is an oversimplification. On The Simpsons he played an actor who went overboard researching his part and wasn’t so much ‘crazy’ as he was intense. On Family Guy he befriends Peter and then becomes obsessed with him. Even if you consider both portrayals as ‘crazy’, they’re clearly very different. Secondly, you say Family Guy is being lazy by ‘copying’ The Simpsons, then The Simpsons is being equally lazy by making both James Woods and Adam West (plus Leonard Nimoy, Stan Lee, and others) crazy. Sorry to write all this over a very small part of the episode, but one of my pet peeves is people criticizing Family Guy for ‘copying’ the Simpsons when a lot of times I think Family Guy is using old tropes like “this guy/woman is crazy”, “kid does something bad and learns a lesson”, and “mom is nagging voice of reason” that The Simpsons use as well.

    Having said all that, this is a great episode of the Simpsons and the podcast. I always learn something new (the notes from Groening about treating Asian characters fairly was good to hear). For years I had no idea what Apu was saying during the ‘geo-desic dome” line. Even now I’m like “WTF is that?” despite having looked it up.

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