The Chipmunk Adventure – Monday Night Movie LIVE Commentary

Join the boys of rock and roll at Laser Time as we do LIVE commentary for the just-turned-30 animated classic The Chipmunk Adventure. Read on for more details!

The Laser Time Patreon community has spoken. Given the chance to vote between three movies highlighted on Thirty Twenty Ten this month, 1987’s The Chipmunk Adventure soundly defeated 1997’s The Fifth Element and 2007’s Spider-Man 3. So collect your diamond dolls and prepare your hot air balloon, as we’re doing LIVE commentary fort The Chipmunk Adventure at 6PM PST on Monday, May 22! Simply stop back here at that time, and you’ll find a live YouTube link to hear our commentary and comment along with us on the flick!

STREAM OVA! Get the commentary on Patreon or our Bandcamp and you’re off to see the wooooooorld.

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3 thoughts on “The Chipmunk Adventure – Monday Night Movie LIVE Commentary

  1. Just to put punctuation on Chris’s “are they bloomers” discussion; I searched for Diamond Dolls and Boys of Rock and Roll on YouTube, because I had never seen the Chipmunk Adventure, and wanted to know what the hubbub was all about.
    Fast forward, later that day, to my… special alone time… Every single ad on PornHub has changed to advertise Zootopia porn. Every. Single. One.

    The advertising robots have spoken: The Chipmunk Adventure is totes gross.

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