Vidjagame Apocalypse 215 – Arcade Deviants

This week, we finally give recurring guest Bob Mackey a topic fit for his Retronauts chops: ancient arcade games that were “ported” to consoles, but became completely different games in the process. Then it’s time to go aggressively modern with Rime, Friday the 13th, Far Cry 5, Red Dead Redemption 2’s delay, and the characters you’d love to shove into fighting games.

Question of the Week
Has there ever been an arcade game you wished would come to consoles, but never did?



Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is End Credits (Dare to Dream) from Double Dragon Neon, by Jake Kaufman. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake

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29 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 215 – Arcade Deviants

  1. A few years ago I would have said the X-Men Arcade game but now I would have to say Cadillacs and Dinosaurs by Capcom. Based of the comic book Xenozoic Tales it was a fun beat em up game with a killer soundtrack, also you get to punch dinosaurs and let’s face it, most dinosaurs are assholes.

  2. Sega made a Star Wars Trilogy arcade game in the late 90s that turned the original three films into a rail shooter. It was a lot more fun than that sounds! I’d have totally played a Dreamcast port but I never saw it outside of arcades.

    1. Would’ve been an interesting Wii game as well! But the console was released at a time when LucasArts wasn’t doing too well.

    2. I’m with you too! Sega’s president Bernie Stolar actually promised it would come out for Dreamcast on an episode of The Electric Playground in 1999. Oh well…

  3. I really enjoyed the Capcom Arcade and Neo Go Classics collection released around 2004/05. For a decent price, we could play a ton of arcade games from Metal Slug, Street Fighter II, Son Son, and more. Although we can buy each game separately from Hamster, it was indeed a bang for the buck! I’m guessing the low sales combined with piss poor marketing made them a bad business decision compared to the convoluted wrangling you need to get content onto the standard online marketplaces.

    Anyway, an arcade game I want on consoles? Oh boy have I such a terrible imagination because years of playing on the computer have wiped out what I really want. I guess I’d have to pick Daytona USA 2, a game now lost to poor emulation or obscure parlors around the continent. I love playing Daytona USA on the Dreamcast and I was surprised there was a sequel. I looked it up in my Dreamcast obsession phase and found it had quite an interesting amount of tracks, including one set in the House of the Dead. If it is indeed more wacky Sega Action, get it on to consoles already!

  4. Joking I will say the snes emulator in arcades, I want to play a an emulation of an emulation on its original system

  5. QOTW: I always wanted to see the Bucky O’Hare arcade game by Konami ported to consoles. Not only is it a fun beat ’em up, but it’s kind of like the series finale the cartoon never got, since it was cancelled after only one half-season. It also included characters from the comics that weren’t featured in the show and had great voice samples, music, and visuals. Everyone remembers the NES Mega Man clone, but few got to experience the arcade game. For such a short-lived cartoon series, Bucky O’Hare did quite well for itself as a video game franchise. Too bad Konami doesn’t give a shit about its games anymore.

  6. QOTW: Aliens – the arcade game. It was a simple side-scrolling run and gun featuring Hicks and Ripley armed with smart guns blasting xenomorphs. There were different weapons available, including the flame-thrower seen in the movie as well, and even a final confrontation with the Queen as the final boss that would get tossed out of the airlock. The closest thing we ever got to a home port was Alien3, and it killed everyone but Ripley off before you even pressed start.
    Speaking of Alien3, the light-gun arcade wasn’t too bad either, it also never arrived on home console.

    1. How about Alien vs Predator? That was a fun Capcom game, then again, there are a lot of Final Fight type games people want. Oh well.

  7. The arcade game I wanted on console was Willow the Arcade Game. I use to play the game all the time at this burger place. Love that game.

    1. Oh! I’m going to piggy back on this. I loved the Willow arcade game, especially the excellent pixelized adaptations of Willow and Madmartigan from Capcom. back then seeing how well a company can capture the likeness of it’s licence was so important (see Ninja Turtles) and Willow did this so well not to mention flesh out the willow universe with crazy enemies and bosses. It’s so cute!

  8. Star Wars Trilogy Arcade. I know there are a glut of great star wars games but it’s my favorite on rails shooter ever, isn’t bogged down by prequel garbage, and could have benefitted greatly from a little fleshing out.

  9. QOTW: Either the Sega Spider-Man or Capcom Punisher arcade games. Had fun playing them and the Simpsons Arcade Game at Fudruckers as a kid, but unlike that one I have never been able to replay them.

    1. Definitely with you and Chris on Spider-Man! Did you know that Capcom’s Punisher actually came out on Genesis, though? They watered down the violence a bit, but it was pretty good for what it was. It’s worth, like, $200 now too.

  10. The only place I remember ever seeing Sonic Blastman in an arcade was in Japan in ’98, long after I’d played the Super Nintendo version. I was there with another college student, who was Japanese, and had befriended me just because I was an American, and he wanted to see how a 6 foot tall, 210 pound white guy would do punching the game. I don’t remember hitting it too many times, so I must not have really killed it.

  11. QOTW: Probably Battle Circuit by Capcom. It has a similar vibe to Captain Commando: a crazy super hero team fighting just as crazy bad guys. I mean how many games let you play as a little girl riding a pink emu or a sentient fly trap plant and beat up a mad scientist that has a giant planted shaped head. It’s all of the awesome stuff you liked from Captain Commando plus more. I’m surprised it was never ported to Sega Saturn like those D & D beat em ups were.

  12. QOTW: I remember thinking that The Simpsons arcade game was available for Genesis as a little kid because my older brother Jonwahizzle told me a friend had it. I know it was out digitally last gen, but it’s not the same as that elusive genesis port that basically stemmed from a sibling variation on the classic “my uncle who works at Nintendo” lie.

  13. QotW


    I know the game is technically trash, but it’s still such a unique shooter concept and the presentation made a REALLY FUCKING CHEAP AND CHEATING FUCKING SHOOTER so enjoyable to play. Also, it came out when I was a Korn/ICP/Eminem listening pre-teen (around 10 years old) and I loved how gory it was! And juggalo.

    …I hate 10 year old me sometimes… also Faygo’s fuckin’ gross- drink a Coke!

  14. “Star Ocean 5 was a bit better [than 4]”

    Wow, to each their own but I couldn’t disagree more, I liked 4 way more than 5.

    That said, great podcast 🙂

  15. I work at a Dave and Buster’s, and even people there don’t know what an “arcade” is. Our restrooms are in the arcade area and enough people asking for directions to the restroom didn’t know what an “arcade” was that I now just say “game room.”

    Also, regarding best version of Double Dragon, I have to give props to Double Dragon Advance. It’s kind of a combination of elements from DD1 and 2, with a pretty good difficulty curve and a nice arsenal of moves. You’ll be amazed how many different color variants of Abobo there are!

  16. Silly to say but the arcade game would be Killer Queen. it is a 5v5 game and it gets hard to practice with a team when new people are playing. I wish there was a home version but that what kill what makes it great.

  17. My first choice was already mentioned, so instead I’ll go with OutFoxies. I suppose you could call it a 2D arena fighter, but it involves battling an opponent through a stage loaded with various firearms. It’s basically a video game version of the climactic battle from an ’80s action movie.

  18. I’m going to answer the complete opposite question:

    Ever since I saw Grosse Pointe Blank, I’ve wanted the arcade version of Doom that the clerk was blasting away at before the convenience store exploded. A bunch of units could be chained together for drop-in/drop-out deathmatch – it would’ve been easier than setting up a LAN, and less annoying than some over-priced uber-nerd infested internet cafe.

    Yeah, I didn’t answer the right question. What’re you? A cop?

  19. QOTW: Hey there laser dudes! Long time listener, first time responding.
    Being a long time Sega fan there are lots of title that remained on the Arcade but the one I would like to see on consoles would be Daytona USA 2.
    The gameplay and new tracks are amazing and the visuals are a big leap over the original with a great soundtrack to accompany it, I spent so much money on the Arcades and would lo be able to revisit it.
    Even more frustrating is the fact that the original got re-released on Dremcast and later on PS3 and 360 but Sega never bothered to have a single home release for the sequel.
    Keep up the great work and thanks for so many amazing podcasts!

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