Laser Time – Awful Celeb & Cartoon Raps

DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK! Brett Elston and Mike Grimm join us as we mine our listeners’ most awful rap finds, ranging from awful cartoon themes and bad celebrity vanity raps to professionals who really should have known better. This stuff is wickety-wack!


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13 thoughts on “Laser Time – Awful Celeb & Cartoon Raps

  1. Brett with that straight fire on the TMNT rap! Garfield the cartoon had a horrible rap intro as well as a horrible short with Lorenzo Music’s voice rapping over footage of what could have been the “Artistic Mr. Plow” commercial

    For good rapping I’d like to recommend the little spoken about MTV show Scratch + Burn which at least attempted a few different styles of rap. Later went on to do the Shawshank In One Minute Rap for Jib Jab

  2. whoever suggested adding GET’EM GIRLS or anything by Dip Set to this list full of things like Chevy Chase rapping is a goddamn philistine for real!

  3. As a longtime fan of this network (to the point that I’m a Patron mysef because of all the joy the network has gotten outta me), I was legit saddened that Mike Grimm won’t be on Lasertime shows from here on out (due to his employer).

    I am on one hand super happy for him, but on the other hand, I wish his employer was actually… well, the Switch’s internet situation pretty much shows how Nintendo understands the internet.

    But I am extremely happy for him- I remember his layoff from 1up, and his layoff from fuckass GamesRadar.

  4. Musical Laser Time is the best Laser Time. You guys deserve credit for making it further into Prep Rap than I thought you would. A fitting sendoff for both Brett and Grimm. Chris, that “Woo Yeah” loop comes from Think (About It) by Lyn Collins. It’s one of the most famous breaks, and even has its own Wiki page (!_Yeah!).

    All in all It was a great episode, but I’m not sure it was an appropriate place to debut VGA’s brand new Game Deals jingle (

  5. Well shit. Rule of 3s: you mentioned me on the podcast 3 times, now I have to become a Patron :\

  6. Love all the Coming out of our Shells and TMNT Soundtrack talk! “Every Heart Needs a Home” is a nice lil’ slow jam off the TMNT soundtrack.

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