Xbox E3 2017 Press Conference Reactions – Watch Us React LIVE!

After the appetizer that was EA, the first first-party conference of E3 is here. Watch as we learn about Scorpio, new Xbone games, and (hopefully) Cuphead at Microsoft’s Xbox E3 presser LIVE at 2PM PST!

The Laser Time E3 tradition continues. We’ve had such fun spontaneously reacting to E3 reveals in 2015 and 2016 that we’re back with another round of streams for 2017. We’re starting with perhaps the most mysterious show of the year, as Xbox’s future is filled with uncertainty.

Project Scorpio is probably being renamed and revealed to a much bigger degree, but the millions of Xbone owners probably expect something new for their system too! Anywho, the Xbox E3 press conference is sure to be a hum-dinger and we’ll be streaming our reactions LIVE on YouTube! Come back at around 1:55PM for a live link and enjoy the show with us!


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  1. I know you guys don’t think much of BC but being able to own one XBox system for all my games is very appealing.

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