Famous Farts – Laser Time

We expel all of our flatulence knowledge, recalling the history of farts in pop culture, our favorite toot scenes, and our personal stories of cutting the cheese. FART SOUNDS AHOY!


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33 thoughts on “Famous Farts – Laser Time

  1. Besides the episode of Ren and Stimpy you mentioned, the first fart joke I can remember is from Dexter’s Lab, (it might also qualify as hypothetically the loudest fart ever?) After eating a burrito Dexter believes he’s going to die and checks of his bucket list, culminating in this scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jt5BWWClwDM

    And the first non-newgrounds flash parody I can remember for Zthing.com Oops I farted Again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgDFxEdpM5Y

    There’s an animated short about Pikachu farthing from the original Adventure Time work team https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJjeesteTEg

    Howard Stern’s Fartman (who I think was also on SNL Weekend Update one time?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3Zq2HzJH6s

    And the Nagaski joke from South Park the Stick of Truth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJCFRKnY0C0

  2. Great episode, guys! Who knew you could make a whole episode on this topic?

    While he’s not in any pop culture, I learned about internet personality King Ass Ripper through various podcasts, and if you think farts are hysterical, then you will enjoy his work: NSFW since my dude is half nude and beefing in unclean tightie whities https://youtu.be/zH0pu5lHmlc

  3. So It’s Come to This: A Laser Time Fart Show

    (Simpsons reference, not bagging on you guys.)

  4. My favorite fart scene that wasn’t mentioned is in I Love You Man where Paul Rudd and Jason Segel first meet at Lou Ferigno’s open house and Segel can tell a guy has to fart from twenty yards away and then identifies it when he does.

  5. My great-grandparents walked out of Blazing Saddles during the campfire scene. I guess calling the sheriff a ni(BONG) was okay but flatulence was just beyond the pale.

    I’d like to add a classic scene from Louie. His pregnant sister is staying with him, and she thinks she’s about to have her baby, but, uhh, not so much: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCW9TVvd5aI

    My dad once farted in the car on the way home from Thanksgiving. He farted so hard the windows fogged up. Then he locked all the windows and refused to unlock them. My mother was screaming and punching his shoulder and my brother and I were in the backseat dying of laughter.

  6. My personal favourite fart story:
    when I was 16, I had just seen a movie with my two best friends (a guy and a girl, B and M for short), and we were waiting on the curb outside for my friend’s parents to pick him up. We were sitting on the curb, with my male friend in the middle. As we were talking I just let one rip audibly, because I was comfortable with them so who cares. B immediately heard it and was like “christ” and we started laughing, but M didn’t hear it so she was wondering what the hell was wrong with us. Naturally, we explained the situation, and being a teenage girl and all, her reaction was more “you guys are idiots” than joining in on the laughter.

    Also this episode was god damn hilarious, from the clips and discussion, to the personal stories at the end. I only saw that Ren & Stimpy episode for the first time last summer, and I was fucking mesmerized at the insanity of it, and I loved every second.

  7. Surprised youse guys didn’t mention Swiss Army Man…oh wait that’s cuz it’s an AWFUL movie
    My fart story involves a horrid experience of farting and oral sex…the smells involved when performing oral are a part of he game and farting is going to happen if you do your job right…but this was a disaster and nearly caused me to vomit in the vagina it was all just…to much I have a lump in my throats just thinking about it. Sex is great but unlike in none comedy movies sex quite frankly can be straight up terrible no matter how attracted you are to the person you’re with.

  8. I remember doing one of those Government standardized tests in Grade 5 and I had to fart. I didn’t want to leave the classroom during exam time so I held it in. I leaned over to the side of my desk to grab an eraser and BOOM, let off a giant fart. The silence of the class turned into howls of laughter. The sub teacher held me back after class so she could lecture me on why farting during a test was a good idea.

  9. My most embarrassing fart story….
    Okay so for the record I’m a lady, so enjoy an embarrassing lady fart story…..Anyway, a few years ago I worked in a psychiatric ward. One day I was covering the men’s area, hanging out in a chair in the back of the ward watching everyone. Mind you, the chairs in psychiatric wards are super weird, giant, heavy ass plastic monstrosities filled with sand (so people can’t throw them). Anyway, I’m sitting in this chair, there’s about 15~20 dudes in front of me watching TV and I realize I have to fart. Being, you know, a lady I’m like “I can’t just let this rip. I bet I can let this squeak out and no one will hear it.” Unfortunately I misjudged and the second I let anything out it was like the gateway to hell opened and every demon in hell came pouring out of my butt-hole blasting a trumpet…plus because of the way the chairs are built it was amplified….and it echoed because the way the shitty phsych ward was built….quite literally the loudest longest fart I have ever ripped in public or private….Like I have literally never been more embarrassed in my life…I could feel my face get instantly red and my jaw drop in my own horror….then I realized that in a room full of 15 dudes literally not a single one turned around to see who did it. Then I remembered where I was and that these dudes would literally cut one while talking to you with zero fucks… I immediately ran off to the snack room anyway out of my own embarrassment, where one of my best friends was setting up and she was like “dude I just heard someone rip the biggest fart through the wall…..” and I was like “that was me….no one even turned around to look…” she then looked at me and was like “every time *insert patient name* hits on me I fart as hard as I can and he always responds with “yo girl, you nasty.”

    Bonus psych ward fart story: So at this psych ward there were group activities every night…..you know things like dances (you’ve never lived until you’ve seen like 75 literal crazy (sorry that’s not PC) people doing the cupid shuffle, it was beautiful….) anyway, there was also karaoke some nights….one night this dude on my ward that I always thought was super weird and honestly a little rapey (you would defiantly catch him jerking it on the regular during safety checks and he would always make direct eye contact and keep going. Horrifying…) anyway this guy signed up for Karaoke one night and put down that he was going to sing “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion….Mind you I’d seen this guy do Karaoke before but it was always like, Kanye, Eminem, Dr. Dre, something rap/hip hop related so when they announced him and the song I was like “WTF???” So he gets up there the music starts playing he’s up there like kind of dancing to the instrumentals and being like “uh uh titanic remix ya’ll” in the mic but not singing and when it gets to the part where the chorus comes in he holds the microphone to his ass and blasts the loudest fart into the microphone. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at any fart joke in my life….Ever….and probably never will again.

  10. Not sure if it was mentioned on the episode; but Howard Stern had some dude called “King of farters” and he could rip on command!

  11. Henry’s “ahyuh hyuh hyuh” seems fitting for this topic. I’m surprised he made it all the way through, I wonder if he’d have made it if they’d included queefs as well as farts (the only source I know for queefs is South Park, though.)

  12. Girl checking in. My best fart story involves letting out a silent but deadly in an aisle in an Auto Zone. I did not do this to be malicious. I was waiting for an employee to check my battery, and an upset stomach hit me out of nowhere. I let out my stink bomb quietly, then proceed to continue down the aisle looking at stuff. Some random dude walks through the cloud, then proceeds to start coughing and gagging. He then, in a very douchy tone goes “REALLY?”. The dude knew what I did. I was the only one there. I quietly smirked to myself. I would have felt bad it it wouldn’t have been for the “REALLY?”. I hope that bomb ruined that guy’s day. 😀

  13. Great show guys. I had a difficult time holding in my laughter at my desk.

    My story… I was shopping at a grocery store late one night, picking up a couple miscellaneous items, so there weren’t many people in the store. I was in my early 20’s and at this time in my life I was a somewhat cruel individual. I always thought it was fun to crop dust a crowd of people when the time came. So rather than hide and drop the fart in a vacant area and risk someone coming around the corner to a foul stench and you being the only person in the vicinity, I would find a crowd and it would be impossible to know for sure who was dealing. So anyways, on this night I felt a gnarly one brewing and spotted my target. It was a young child about 3 years old and his mom in the middle of an aisle at the grocery store. I took aim and casually strolled past them. The timing was perfect because the mom had her back turned and me and the young kid made eye contact at the precise time that I let this fart go. It was completely silent but by the mom’s reaction it was a pretty rancid stench. By the time I got to the end of the aisle I could hear her asking her son if he crapped his pants. He told her ‘No’ but she didn’t believe him. I turned the corner and could still hear the boy’s mom yelling at him then she smacked him and I could hear the boy crying and telling her that he didn’t actually soil himself. This was when I casually made my exit from the scene. As sad of an event it was for the child I was pretty proud of my stealthy execution and successful crop dusting.

  14. I have one pretty awkward fart story. It was the day after Thanksgiving 2002 and my grandfather was at home dying of cancer. He had hospice care at the house and he’s in a hospital bed in the livingroom surrounded by my nana and his eight children, including my dad. My sister and I (I was 18 at the time) and one of my aunts by marriage are just kind of off in the corner letting them have their moment while the guy is basically slipping into unconsciousness. My nana is telling him how much she loves him and it’s all very sad, but kind of beautiful – a nice moment, given the circumstances. Then all of a sudden my nana just rips the longest, loudest fart while she’s telling him she loves him. She’s in her eighties and has terrible hearing and is either oblivious to what she just did or is just trying to ignore it. Meanwhile, I can see the looks of shock on the faces of my aunts and uncles (and my dad) as they’re all looking at each other in disbelief. I don’t know who it was, but someone broke and just started laughing and then they all started laughing. The moment went from being really sad, to painfully uncomfortable, to hilarious in less than a minute. Even my grandfather started smiling though he was too weak to give a laugh at that point. He’d be gone by the morning and I was left with a very weird and unique final memory with my grandfather.

  15. So I’m in Orlando for the week, taking this procurement class for work, and I’m walking from my hotel to class (it’s about a 15-20 minute walk) and listening to the new LaserTime episode. It’s funny.
    I get to class, take off my Bluetooth headphones, hold the button to turn them off and put them in my bag… Except I didn’t hold the button long enough to turn them off – instead, I basically just hit “play!” You couldn’t​ hear the podcast at all, but about 10 minutes into class you could ABSOLUTELY hear the fart noise from the fart quiz!
    Way to embarrass me in front of my colleagues, guys!
    (Great episode)

      1. not super loud – I think the bass was just high enough that I could hear it. To be honest, I SERIOUSLY doubt anyone else heard it, but I did, and I knew EXACTLY what it was.

  16. I literally looked around put my ear phones in, made sure NO ONE could over hear what i was listening to, closed my eyes and with a sigh said “okay” So it’s come to this. actually, how the HELL hasn’t this episode happened before now?!
    it took me two days to get through this episode. sigh… wearing earphones maybe wasn’t the best choice.

  17. So I finished the episode, and have ANOTHER story to share:
    Ren & Stimpy was the only show my parents wouldn’t let me watch when I was growing up. They weren’t really the types to tell me that I wasn’t allowed to watch something – especially something that aired on a kids’ channel – but an exception was made for Ren & Stimpy, because I spent an entire day answering every question with the jingle from “Don’t Wizz on the Electric Fence” and my dad got fed up with it. “If I hear that jingle one more time, you will never see that show again, SO HELP ME…” “… … … don’t wizz on the electric fence…” and just like that it was over.
    Apparently, my mom came home with that farting Ren doll the same day that Dad decided that Ren & Stimpy was Cartoona-non-grata in our household, so she just threw it in their closet. My brother and I, of course, found it and would sneak into their room to play with it (without removing it from the box). Our mom caught us, and said “THAT’S NOT YOURS TO PLAY WITH! I bought it for the neighbor!” Our neighbor was a single woman in her late 40s with a daughter in college, but we decided this was still a believable story and left it alone. It stayed in that closet until we moved a year later, and my mom threw it in a donation bin.

  18. 2 of my favorite fart stories involve what Chris alluded to – farting around your significant other for the first time(s).

    -We had been dating for about 2 months at this point. We were laying in her bed, going to sleep and I’m holding in a fart. For some reason, she starts tickling me. This catches me off guard and I let one of the loudest farts I’ve ever heard. There might as well been a live studio audience to laugh at it, it was so loud. Thankfully she laughs.

    -6 weeks later, we go to Disney. I get up one morning to go book our shuttle to the park, and I have mad morning farts. I step out of our hotel room and fart. It sounded like a shotgun went off, echoing down the hallway. I come back to our room and she’s laughing, saying “I heard you!” We still laugh about it, referring to it as “the Disney fart”.

    This was one of the best episodes of anything I’ve watched/listened to/read in a long time. I had to pull over on the road, I was laughing so hard. Bravo guy.

  19. I have no funny stories of my own gas because I try very hard to never do that in front of other people.
    BUT a friend of mine when I worked at a movie theater could fart on cue. So when we were in the middle of our employee-only advance screening of TITANIC, right at the moment Kate Winslet drops her robe and is standing there naked ( a very exciting moment for Young Me) my friend farts. The theater is nearly empty because it’s just us employees and it’s like 3AM, so everyone starts laughing and the moment is, for me, ruined. But in a good way, because I’ll never forget his impeccable timing.

  20. I have a few good fart stories.

    The Wedding Night Farts

    I got married last year, it was a simple wedding, fairly casual. We got South Carolina style Barbecue for out catering. I ate at least a pounds worth of brisket, pulled pork, and baked beans during the reception. Given that there was plenty of left overs, my wife and I took home plenty. Once home I proceeded to eat I would say at least another 2 servings of baked beans. We went to bed to get plenty of sleep for our drive for our honeymoon.

    As I laid down the motion of getting in the bed had me let loose with a fart I didn’t know I had. Expecting the worst I quickly held the covers down tight, hoping to keep the invader contained. Unfortunately, as my wife got into the bed she released a puff of it from the depths below, and the result was immediate. She immediately gagged and scolded me. I was ashamed and embarrassed, farting on our wedding night.

    But it wasn’t over, the gas kept building, and I held it in. I wasn’t able to sleep because I hurt so much, tossing and turning. Eventually I got up and went into the bathroom, I sat down on the toilet, anticipating the worst. What followed was at least a half hour of farts and poops. Stopping, thinking it was done, only to start again. Light groans coming from me, my head sweating. I massaged my stomach to work out more, and was rewarded with the deep bellows of my inner workings. By the end I had almost clogged the toilet and had rendered the bathroom uninhabitable. The smell was foul and musty, rank and burning.

    I slept fine afterwards, and am happily married.

  21. As this episode clearly demonstrates, farts are hilarious. That’s why from grades 4-6 I decided to make myself the designated farter for my class. Math lecture? Let out a squeaker. Guest speaker? Let out a stinker. Silent reading time? Blow the horn of Gondor. Unfortunately, this reputation would follow me into high school and severely, but fairly, limited my dating pool.

  22. Here’s my favorite fart story. So one night my wife and I are lying in bed, and she says,”Babe, I think there is something weird on my vagina”. So I go down there to inspect and make sure everything is okay, BUT IT WAS ALL A RUSE!! Soon as she felt i was close enough, she unleashed a devastating Blast of pure shit vapor directly into my face, I actually felt the air from it. I have never been more proud of someone in my whole life. She may enjoy fart and poop humor even more than I do haha.

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