Nintendo E3 Press Conference – Watch Us React LIVE!

Last but DEFINITELY not least, Nintendo’s E3 press briefing promises to bring either a deep dive on a big game like Mario Odyssey or a ton of new Switch announcements. Join us as we see what’s next for Nintendo and react LIVE!

Nintendo has typically closed out the press conference segment of E3, and they usually impress along the way. Watch along with us as we react LIVE to the proceedings. Join us on Twitch at 8:55 AM PST? Miss the live announcements? You can always catch the archive once it lands on YouTube. Either way; the video is below!

What are your thoughts on Nintendo’s E3 plans/reveals? Let us know in the comments below!

One thought on “Nintendo E3 Press Conference – Watch Us React LIVE!

  1. I loved seeing Mario Odessy. I feel like this is the first Mario game created by the next generation of developers. Possibly in the same camp or an overlapping camp as the Splatoon devs. I mean, Odessy is really wacky like Splatoon and that electric travelling is A LOT like the inky travelling in the Splatoon single player game. and then the multiple costumes just like Splatoon. it all trickled over because ideas are all flowing around. fresh new ideas. I’M SO EXCITED! GO NINTENDO!

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