How The Simpsons Changed The World – Laser Time

With the recent launch of the Talking Simpsons Patreon, we dive deep into the programming that paved the way for Our Favorite Familybefore chronicling the many ways The Simpsons has impacted pop culture and the world at large.


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37 thoughts on “How The Simpsons Changed The World – Laser Time

  1. Awesome synergy! I love this Simpsons influx! Seriously what other modern show could get it’s own section of a theme park? What other show could my family make references to on a DAILY basis? I’m really glad you guys nerd out so much with the Simpsons because really only 1 or 2 of my friends watched the syndicated episodes EVERY single weekday 5pm on UPN after school as much as I did! Really hope you guys continue past season 11, even just for the schadenfreude factor!

    Also think you might enjoy this documentary about Simpsons and pop culture and world culture.

    1. Forgot to mention your amazing 6 hour Simpsons game stream two years ago was a real memorable afternoon for me! I can remember being huddled around my laptop all afternoon, loudly laughing my ass alone because my family had gone for the weekend and I had the house to myself. Good times! Links to the two other Simpsons based Laser Time episodes real quick :

      Also love the doggy squeak toy cameo! Does the puppy have a name yet?

  2. Bracing myself for the completely overblown Family Guy hate, as if A)that show is not at all funny and B) as if the Simpsons or literally ever band,movie/tv writer ever didn’t have inspirations or art they “take” from.

      1. Well I am a Jewish Lesbian(/lazily commited transman) so my very existence is a one big Minority report(literally did a “Minority History Month” report in Feb 2002 and didn’t see that movie until 2008 so I was very confused) , also the FG bashing was limited enough so no eye rolls from me

        1. Bob means like from the Minority Report movie, where police had a device to punish people before the crime was actually committed.

  3. I’m with Diana..I’ve been there since Day 1/Tracy Ulman…never missed a first live airing…been through the amazing, and the bad…and very bad…still going strong.

  4. If, like me, you occasionally crave the weird flavor of Butterfinger but don’t want to spend 12 consecutive hours with a toothpick and floss, the Butterfinger Cups and hard-to-find Butterfinger Crisp. Both have the same flavors but with a softer filling.

    1. Never in my life have I craved a Butterfinger bar. Every single Butterfinger I’ve ever had has been made 100% out of regret.

  5. Butterfinger is a much better candy bar than the DISCUSTING Milkyway. Don’t even mention MilkyWay in the same sentence as a butterfinger. Butterfingers are also an incredible ice cream topping. The only thing I put a milkyway on top of is my trash can before I bag it up and put it on the corner.

  6. I’m the same age as the Simpsons, and growing up alongside the show made it impossible for me to give it up even once it went south (I’ve seen every episode at least twice). The Scully years were a complete departure from the classic seasons, but some of these episodes are still good. When Jean came back, everything went downhill fast until after the movie was completed. These are the seasons most people probably think of when describing the post-golden age era, and with good reason as there are barely a handful of good episodes between seasons 13 and 18.

    Season 19 and beyond are more consistent; there are few truly awful episodes (with some exceptions – Little Big Girl & Double, Double, Boy in Trouble have no redeeming value and are among the worst episodes) but the show never recovered. The animation is flat and lifeless, the voice actors are coasting, the jokes are broad, and the celebrity appearances have continued to be lazy and insignificant. Diana’s absolutely right in that there are occasionally funny jokes, and rarely is an episode offensively bad, but it does a disservice to the classic seasons to describe what it has become as even a shadow of its former self. Chris wrote an article a few years back defending the “new” seasons, so I’m eager to see if his tune will be the same when they come up on Talking Simpsons. I’d wager we love the classic seasons based on more than just nostalgia and familiarity drilled in by reruns. The fact that Talking Simpsons usually runs to 90 minutes is a testament to the density of the classic seasons, a quality which is sorely missing in the modern era.

    Regardless, this was a great episode, the best in some time. Congratulations to Bob & Henry on the success of the Patreon. All you Laser Time people are delightful.

    Keep reaching for that rainbow!

  7. For an April Fool’s episode the Talking Simpson’s cast should cover the newest episode of the Simpsons but pretend that they are reviewing it on [Insert Date when Talking Simpson’s will reach current season].

  8. I have had both positive and negative comments about TS in the past. Mostly angry irrelavent tangents about several different topics including in recent weeks angirly responding to commentors who had what felt any disagreement to the show. “Just don’t listen” as a counter to anyone who complained about anything with the show or “Comment Away Fuck-Faces” as an examples

    However from last weeks bonus time, vga and this episode I have gained sympathy for how awful the previous job Bob and Henry had. I may disagree about the level of professionalism shown or the way hosts express themselves for small portions of the show or on twitter, I can still say congratulations on the successful launch of the new patreon. I hope the next teir is hit and Bob and Henry can continue to pursue the ideas they talked about. I am happy to see them succeed on patreon and as a long time fan since 2008 gamesradar days its nice to see LaserTime doing well, helping to launch a spinoff patreon even.

    I don’t think commenting about aspects of the shows that bother me or others is worthwhile, I have had friends who have canceled their patreon pledges and some who werent patrons unsubscribe. A common thread being we were all liberal anti-trump, Bernie supporters who use or used LT as escapism entertainment and the uptick in angry comments in the show or “derr trump jokes” (what we called when for no reason someone references trump or typically chris shoehorns a bad forced trump impression for the sake of “comedy?”) Was/is disheartening and repetitive. I agree Trump sucks and you hate him, we get it.

    I don’t want their to be no “political” talk, I think the hosts sometimes have good insights, its just tone and on which shows it happens on that soured myself and my friends.

    I personally feel better about dealing with the occasional moments that bother me because in the end I am still a fan. You don’t have to like 100% of the show to support though if the last couple of shows are an indicator than I would have nothing to complain about.

    Long message I know but I guess I want to give LT and TS more time and see how I feel in the future. I plan to put my LT patronedge back up to where it had been.

    Trying to speak up for the any fellow listener who are with you politically but don’t want the level of anger or randomness of the not as fun tangents on the entertainment shows. Especially my overseas friends who I hope can convince to come back. Last note I want my girlfriend to enjoy these shows fulltime again ^_^

    1. Thanks for the reasonable feedback. We almost actively try to keep politics out of the show. Current events date things. But of course it’s going to come up every once in a while. We’re talking about life as we experience it. Just treat us like your racist grandma! Ignore it, wait 10 seconds, and try and go back to enjoying the company. FACT: We’ve talked way more about comments that accuse us of being political than we’ve ever spent talking about anything political. I understand that this can bother you in the exact same way, but it isn’t the same. We also want to have fun on the show, and sorry, doing bad impressions is fun for me. Don’t expect it, or much else, to change. Because you can’t please everybody. And we sure as shit aren’t about to start with Trump supporters.

      1. Thank you for that for that reply. I truly apperciate it. LaserTime means a lot to me which means the hosts mean a lot to me. I have felt discourage to see some friends stop listening/supporting over the past few months. I think I am here to stay, so thanks again for that reply.

        1. I like the simpsons. This was a good episode talking about the praise simpsons deserves.

          I liked how they talked about the simpsons. As for the almost no political discussion whatsoever. I guess you need less sensitive friends. Also, how weird is it to monitor your friends podcast consumption and their feeling after each episode. I’m sorry your friends have to deal with that.

          Patreon Contributor since day 1 who is just fine with everything being produced.

  9. As someone who was born in the day’s between the first broadcasts of “Bart’s Inner Child” and “Boy-Scoutz ‘n the Hood,” I’m instantly (and probably unfairly) suspicious of folks who say they prefer Futurama to the Simpsons. Just can’t trust ’em.

  10. I watched Tracey Ullman when it started, and watched the Simpsons from its first show until season 4 or 5, when my UHF Fox channel stopped being Fox. It came back right when season 7 was starting, so I saw part 1 of Who Shot Mr. Burns as a rerun before they showed the second part, then season 7, which I think is the most consistently funny and good season of all. After season 7 was when it got syndicated, so I saw all the episodes I missed, and got to see parts that I remembered being in season 7 shows get cut out for syndication. Season 8 had about two-thirds shows as good as season 7, but about a third that pointed the way of future seasons, with jokes that you see coming from a long way away, and stories that seem to be more interested in being stories, instead of having so many references to classic movies. I think what I dislike about Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers is that they feel like they have these Simpsons tendencies, they’re not any fun to me. I just heard a guy, about my age, on a podcast, laughing about a Simpsons episode that I didn’t recognize, so it had to have been a later season, and wondered how anyone could still think Simpsons was worth watching. I stopped at season 10 or 11, I think, and every time I pop in to see if it’s gotten any better in the last 15 years it still just seems like terrible, obvious jokes, and lame situations.

    I’m still unclear on whether all shows on the Talking SImpsons Patreon will be free, like Talking Critic, and if the current Talking SImpsons feed will cover all the shows that come out from Bob and Henry. If we have a Patreon feed will we not need a Talking Simpsons feed? Will we get duplicate shows on both feeds? Isn’t continuing the “Talking” moniker kind of silly, with Chris Hardwick still doing several shows called that? I know we haven’t heard any mockery of Chris since Talking Simpsons started, but it still seems odd to follow the naming structure of someone derided by the network. And calling the Patreon Talking Simpsons is very confusing, if it’s more about adding new things, instead of taking SImpsons away from Laser Time.

  11. Why don’t we get a commercial-free version of LT shows for Patrons? I listen to all the LT shows, own a Casper matress, have no interest in getting boxes of crap sent to me, and live in Hawaii, where I can’t even get a lot of things sent, so there’s absolutley no reason to listen to any ads, except for Chris’s Laser Time ads telling us what’s going on.

    1. Butterfinger’s been disparaged before, maybe on a Talking Simpsons wrap-up or something, and I didn’t understand it that time, either, I thought Butterfingers were typically in the top tier of candy bars you want at Halloween.

    2. It’s some kind of cookie thing that you have to bite almost as hard as a jawbreaker! Give me a payday or Babe ruth anyday.

    3. I love the weird not-really-peanut-butter flavor of Butterfinger, but I have to agree with the hosts about the dental damage. Butterfinger Cups for life, though.

  12. Diane watching EVERY Simpsons on its original airing even as background noise made me realize I have not seen a full season of the Simpsons in its original run since… the Sydney Olympics. Godspeed to the bitter end.

    I’ll keep declaring my love for Simpsons Comics, as they managed to be as entertaining as the tv show, even today, and just as referential. SpaceCoyote’s gotta be made head artist now!

  13. I’m a huge early season Simpsons fan but oddly I don’t hate every other bit of animation from the 40 -70’s. I like the Flintstones, Jetsons, Tom & Jerry, old school Looney Toons, all that Hanna Barbara stuff, Peanuts, all good with me. Obviously there’s some I like more than others but none of it really bugs me. I think the 90’s was the first time I started drawing lines in the sand on what I will never watch. Most popular stuff I watched, Turtles, OG Disney Afternoon Batman TAS, X Men, Spidey and all that. I even dug Captain Planet.

    I can’t stand Bonkers. Wasn’t really a fan of Goof Troop, only liked some of the Nicktoons (Doug, Rugrats) didn’t like the rest as much. That said like most people I fell off on Simpsons and haven’t gone back. Maybe I should? I think season 10 or so was the last I completely watched.

  14. I stopped being a regular watcher around season 21 after almost a decade of growing increasingly frustrated with the show. The last episode I watched was that insipid Futurama crossover in 2014 (season 26). Haven’t looked back, nor do I ever plan to.

  15. I know that I am a huge outlier here… but I’ve just never been a fan. I’m Diana’s age, so I remember when the show launched. It was a big deal and everyone I knew in school just loved it. I watched it, but just never got into it. That said, I don’t dislike it. I can watch an episode and be amused, but that’s it. I did really enjoy the movie, though.

    1. This is not crazy. Almost none of my best friends growing up were into The Simpsons. No hate, just not fans. It was jut me, alone, rewatching episodes reading books and forums. That’s why it was so great to move out to Cali and meet people like Hank and Bob. You are not weird, plus non-fans like you are the kinda the reason we wanted to do this episode. Odds are high The Simpsons led to something you do love.

  16. I had never *heard* that Looney Toons theme until this episode. My mom had a book full of old TV themes, and I always tried to sing that one without context- it’s how I learned to read sheet music. It’s weird to finally hear how close I got.

  17. Hating Butterfinger must be a California thing. Everyone I know loves Butterfinger.

    One thing I noticed in this episode that caught me by surprise was a small interaction between Diana and Bob. I don’t think I’ve ever heard them talk to each other before until this episode. And it was kind of an awkward exchange where he jumped on her for criticizing Csupo, and then apologizing. I just think it’s cool when you can kind of see behind the curtain of the personalities involved.

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