Talking Simpsons – Bart Gets An Elephant

Bart wins a prize that destroys the family in this incredible episode of The Simpsons. Can Homer afford it? Will an ivory dealer buy him? Will Bart get eaten? All that and more in this week’s podcast!


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30 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Bart Gets An Elephant

  1. “16 Tons, What Do You Get” was played by my teacher in 7th Grade music. It was vaguely stuck in my head for a while without any kind of details or context beyond the chorus, until around 10th grade when I looked it up on Google. Now this episode always gives me flashbacks to that class

    I love how un-personified and destructive Stampy is, and there’s a nice continuity detail with the giant tiki head Mr. Burns gave the family being in the basement while Homer is down there.

    Excellent episode guys!

    1. That discussion about working for scrip made me remember the scheme where people working at Gamestop would have to accept direct deposit or a Citibank or something issued prepaid card loaded with fees as wages. That sixteen tons stuff never left, it’s just new ways of ripping off employees.

  2. My interpretation of the line “Well, it is and it isn’t, if you understand what I mean” when the man was saying he needed an elephant today was that he needed an elephant for breeding purposes and that either the gender of the elephant wasn’t right or he was making an elephant dick joke. I have no idea where I got this from but it does kind of fit with Henry’s idea of sleeping with the elephant.

  3. I am so flattered to receive a shoutout on Talking Simpsons! Thanks!
    (now let me explain what you got wrong ­čÖé )

    -English Wikipedia says Sazae-san has over 7000 episodes, but that’s only because each weekly airing includes THREE individual tales. Japanese wikipedia distinguishes between “airings” and “stories” and puts the count closer to 2400, which is still a whole lot!
    I must interject here to state that I find the show excruciating to watch and since reruns are very rare, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve recycled scripts and no one noticed.
    Only two actors have voiced their characters for the ENTIRE RUN of the show: the lead Sazae-san, and the lady who plays her young son Tara-chan. Two of the lead actors performed until their deaths, others simply retired. Like The Simpsons, no one on Sazae-san ever ages, but unlike The Simpsons, the era of the show stopped updating itself decades ago. The house has a single rotary phone, the family TV set is encased in a wooden box, and Sazae-san’s parents regularly wear kimono which few Japanese people still do day-to-day.
    -FYI the show in SECOND place on that anime list, Nintama Rantaro, has over 1800 episodes and airs daily, not weekly. By my count there are nine anime series currently airing in Japan with more episodes than The Simpsons, though very few of them have been on the air LONGER than The Simpsons. Most started in the 90s and simply never stopped.
    -Also, it’s SAH-ZAH-EH, three syllables (four with the -san)
    -For the record my wife does know who The Simpsons are, she owns a few classic seasons on DVD! I’ve been watching them as I follow the podcast. But yeah, she was not particularly excited by Springfield at Universal. As for my kids, well, they have no idea who The Simpsons are so all they cared about was eating the donuts.

    1. Towards the end Chris mentions he’s had 3 beers. That’s the only reason I can figure out that he’d decide to tell us he’d love to feel air blowing on his balls.

  4. A bit off topic, but I have to say it. Mighty Ducks 2 is the most baffling movie in the universe. The Ducks are now team USA, and the big, bad unbeatable badguy team is Iceland. Iceland! A nation of less than 350 thousand inhabitants. There are literally more than a thousand Americans for every person from Iceland. There are more hockey rinks in St. Louis than all of Iceland!

    And still, the US is the scrappy underdog. It’s insane.

    1. The rival team was originally going to be Russia but they thought that was too cliched and changed it to Iceland. For an American audience Iceland makes perfect sense, it’s a country they know nothing about, they can have just generic fake accents and no one will care, and it’s got the word “ice” in the country’s name so of course they would be experts at ice hockey.

  5. Was I the only one waiting for the boys to make reference to the other obvious Gomer Pyle reference in a Matt Groening work: Enos from the Futurama episode “Roswell that Ends Well”? They even made light of the character’s not-so-subtle homosexuality.

  6. A sound editing error, a general lack of focus, and Hank being casually incorrect about which episode is the premiere of season 7? The Patreon was a mistake. And then the phrase “You could move into an elephant’s vagina, it’s not worth fucking” so casually spoken to totally redeem the episode.

  7. Wow, again?? I swear to god I will pull Patreon funding if Chris so much as misses ONE more “OH BOY BOBBY”

  8. I grew up watching Simpsons and reading/watching Sazae-san. I can see how they’re comparable in that they’re both cartoon families every household knows. It’s worth noting Sazae-san played an important role in feminism there because it starred a housewife with a lot of agency. I think it raised some controversy when Sazae-san started wearing pants?

    I’d say the Japanese cartoon most similar to The Simpsons is Chibi Maruko-chan. It’s about a young girl, her family, and her school friends, and there’s a lot of sarcastic humour. There are some eps subbed in English if anyone is interested.

    1. I read about Sazae-san in the first edition of the Anime Encyclopedia and Ragone or McCarthy said that it had the Simpsons beat by 6 times as much episodes, obviously now the gap has widened much further. AS the series started in the 1960s, I read that Sazae-san did grow up and actually had grandmothers. Did they reboot the series one or two decades ago?

  9. Ok, the cigarette discussion…

    I’m trying to think of the last Disney animated production to feature a character smoking. The most recent one that keeps coming to mind is “Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas” (1999), which I think is the last time Pete is shown smoking his trademark cigar. It actually leads to a plot point of Pete setting his pants on fire with it. But I’m shocked Disney was allowing it that late in the game, especially on a direct to video film that was mainly targeted at little kids.

    Anyone know of something more recent? I wonder if Chris does.

    1. I’m sure there is a more recent example, but Mrs. Packard from Atlantis: The Lost Empire smoked like a chimney. That particular one stands out to me because on the DVD commentary, they say “Mrs. Packard isn’t the first Disney character who smoked, and she won’t be the last one.”

    2. Not seeing smoking in pretty much anything kinda irks me. Sure, seeing it happen publicly and in closed rooms in older media is bizarre, but seeing no one smoke ever now just strikes me as unrealistic. I get that it’s to not promote a deadly and bad habit, but you can still present it without glorifying it, the same way we can see drug use and violence in movies. Just seems weird to me that cigarettes is where stuff draws the line now.

      1. Maybe it’s just the media you are watching. Marcia Clark was constantly smoking on The People vs OJ Simpson and Jian-Yang/Monica smoking was a minor plot point last season on Silicon Valleyand both of these shows were from 2016.

  10. Re; Gomer Pyle not reading as gay to 1960’s audience. It was such a different time that a huge part of the audience probably didn’t know gay people existed. The Hays code forbid it from being mentioned in films for instance (there hints in old films but just that, hints. You have to be aware to see them) and it just want talked about.
    As an unscientific poll; how old was everyone when the knew that gay people existed? That is when “gay” was something more than an insult but something some people actually were.

    1. Oh yeah, I realize why they couldn’t come out and say Pyle was gay. But on the show, he actually wasn’t; he had a steady girlfriend if I remember correctly. Nabors’ own gayness (for lack of a better term) came through in the performance, even if Gomer Pyle was intended to be straight.

  11. oh! I’m going back through all the TS episodes and at Lisa’s Pony, Chris tells the same story about his year of silence and then speaking in Homerisms. what an odd fellow young Chris was.

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