Batman & Robin – Monday Night Movie!

Are you ready for the most campy (non-Adam West) version of Batman? CHILL OUT and watch Batman & Robin with Chris, Dave, and our resident Comic Book Guy Henry Gilbert LIVE at 6PM PST on Monday, June 26 or catch the archive video & audio archive afterwards if you’re a Patreon member!

We’re closing out June with a doozy of a Monday Night Movie; with the DC Universe at a high point, we’re going to explore one of the lowest via Batman & Robin. Join Chris, Dave, and Henry as we watch the last pre-Nolan Batman movie and chat with you about it LIVEat 6PM PST on Monday, June 26. A LIVE video will be below at the aforementioned time, but if you miss the recording, you can buy the commentary via the Laser Time Bandcamp or get a better deal at Laser Time’s Patreon, where you can snag a video or audio archive!

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Looking for more Batman & Robin insanity? Watch us play the equally bad PlayStation 1 game below!

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