Gaming’s Most Important Farty Butts

Five whole minutes of your favorite video games characters doing it loud and proud…

Hot off unleashing Laser Time’s defining episode, Famous Farts, here’s an updated, exhaustively thorough showcase we put together of almost every in-game fart, poop, or combination of the two, ever let loose goddamn Vidjagames. It’s been up for a few days and proven to be bizarrely unpopular, but I’d rather be dead than silent on this matter. I don’t care if this was something that needed to be dealt.

I’m… excused… from making any more video.


3 thoughts on “Gaming’s Most Important Farty Butts

  1. Oh! it’s been updated. nice.
    y’all should remix all the old articles.
    I’ll admit, i turned the volume AAAALL the way down and just watched the video to see just how many gassy games there were out there. that’s a lot. people really like their poot humor.

  2. Jesus Christ, that Street Fighter one was straight up rim-job porn (on a bear, no less).

    Sadly, you missed the PC “game” Deer Avenger – a shooting gallery parody of the Deer Hunter games. Anyway, it featured a dedicated fart button.

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