The Best of 2017 (So Far) – Laser Time

With the first half of 2017 in the history books, we’re calling out our favorite movies, shows, comics, and other pop-culture consumables from the half-year. Join Chris, Dave, Diana, and Hank as they call out the content you need to watch, read, and hear!


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18 thoughts on “The Best of 2017 (So Far) – Laser Time

  1. Surprised youse guys loved WonderWoman so much, that and Breath of the Wild feel like theyve been graded on a curve in a lot of ways, both are fine but standard for the genre but the extremely high praise feels like it’s intentionally not being graded down for being so formualic but that’s just me.

    I really hated Logan it’s not only another Wolverine movie but they completely job out all the other X-Men, Logan already does more in X-2 than Kitty,Iceman and Rogue do combined in 4 movies but to give him another solo movie is just a big shit on those characters and Colossus and Cyclops and Storm all of whom just randomly die off screen while punk bitch ass Wolverine is still around because he’s the only X-Man that matters because he appeals to dullards who want anti-heroes with knife hands who keeps trying to fuck a married woman 🙄 Wolvie lives in the “Id hate this man IRL” trap that HanSolo and Nathan Drake exist in as well making them so grating for me.

    1. Also I’m with Hank “Iron-Man Homecoming featuring a guest appearance by Spider-Man” looks like it could be 🍇 but better without so much TonyStark especially since he’s already the most exposed Avenger already he’s flirting with becoming Wolverine.

      1. What was your favorite movie, game, tv show, book and/or comic this year.

        I see the contrarian views but curious what you do enjoy.

        I feel Logan is a bit over praised myself but for different reasons than you listed.

        Breath of the Wild was a truly special game for me, it tweaked open world game design into something I found refreshing. Exploring the map, trying to find or do the one more thing kept me up late for weeks. I guess I could see someone being disapointed if they expected the greatest thing ever that also changes how we play games forever. Its a great open world game with Nintendo charm.

      2. That’s not a fair criticism considering we are only going by trailers and not the actual movie. From what I’ve heard Tony Stark isn’t in the film much.

    2. Ok I’m going to piggyback because I have severe problems with both of these as well and I’m glad to see others feel the same as me.

      Wonder Woman was OK but HEAVILY overrated due to it being an OK DC movie and featuring woman star and director. They are way too inconsistent with what she does and doesn’t know and with her powers. One minute she’s slow walking across a fucking battlefield with guns shooting at her and can swat individual bullets away but she is held up by a turret? SHE COULD HAVE JUST JUMPED OVER THE BATTLEFIELD AND KICKED ASS. Chris Pine had no reason to die and the ending does not explain worth a shit why she didn’t stay a prominent figure and IDK stop the fucking holocaust. In the end you would think she would be encouraged by humans due to what Chris Pine did. Yet in BvS and after this, she’s a regular part of society? What the fuck? Gadot was also hardcore carried in this movie and can no longer pull off the clueless out of time person in any other movies. If not for Chris Pine’s acting and carrying the movie, this would have been a colossal train wreck. Also the two sex jokes early on were ridiculous and cringeworthy. One about dick size and the other about a dick not being necessary. Come on DC, pick one and go with it. Two is unnecessary. I don’t like this movie over any of the Marvel films but it’s not bad.

      OK now for Breath of the Wild’s overrated ass. Everything in this game is done better elsewhere. The story is ass, inventory management is GOD AWFUL, the ingame economy is pure shit, weapons should be fixable, and it is a giant fucking collectathon. The game is incredibly shallow with superficial extras that other games get shit on but because this is the first Zelda to do it and a return to traditional Zelda after the less-than-loved Skyward Sword, it is overrated to the moon. Other games do what Zelda is trying to do way better but they’re not Zelda.

      Not to mention the saying of “oh you can go anywhere” in this game is absolute bulshit. Those ridiculous spider mech things that move insanely fast with perfect accuracy lasers make navigating those areas a bitch and a half and they’re a bitch to kill due to needing those special arrows needing all those different components. It’s maddening.

      The dungeons are nonexistent and fuck the cooking in this. There should be a recipe book or auto create option once you’ve made something once. Back to the economy, the only ways to make money are cooking shit or cheating the game. Not one merchant buys weapons which is pretty odd considering there are monsters roaming all around this mother fucker but no one has interest in buying a bow? Fuck off. This wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t need an assload of money to buy armors, equipments and such which you have to have otherwise you can’t progress through some areas. Oh and do you like defying the odds with lightning strikes? Because god help you if you walk in a thunderstorm in this. And let’s talk about rain for a second, it comes out of nowhere and can completely fuck up what you’re doing because good luck climbing anything when it’s raining. That’s not challenging or innovative gameplay. That’s wasting my time on a bulshit system. I’m typing this on a rant so if I think of more of my criticisms I will share them.

      I am struggling to will myself to return to this game because it really just pisses me off the more I play it and the more I think about it. I think time will eventually lead more people to realize the big flaws the game has and also reveal the big flaws of Wonder Woman. Both are DEFINITELY overrated for outside reasons. And you want a hot take? Mass Effect Andromeda is a more aggressive and ambitious game than Breath of the Wild.

      1. Just a couple of things:
        -Thunderstorm hits de-equip anything that’s metal and you won’t get hit. You can tell what’s metal by the flashing items.
        -Rain is a pain in the ass. Even with the climbing gear and a maxed stamina wheel climbing the higher slopes is not always possible. Seems to come into play mostly when you want to take a direct route from A to B, but they want you to walk the path.
        -You can deflect back the beams the spider mechs shoot with any shield and careful timing. 2-3 returned shots should kill them. One for the ones that don’t move.
        -Granted I may not have the largest gaming background when it comes to open world games (No Elder Scrolls experience), but this felt like the most go anywhere game I’ve played in recent memory. “You see it you can go there” gets trotted out a lot during game press conferences as the go to phrase; when often the end result is a lot of pretty sky boxes. Outside of the giant chasm that surrounds the play environment and the areas that are closed off once you complete certain objectives; I really could go to places I saw far, far off in the distance.
        I’m not saying your wrong. The critics are valid to varying degrees; I guess they just didn’t hamper my enjoyment as much.

  2. yaaaay! Im so glad Henry talked about OKKO! and talking about the off model animation and it being reminiscent of classic Warner animation. that’s what i was thinking all through steven universe and okko. I like when animation goes off model because rigidly strict animation is boring and counter to what animation is supposed to be.
    I love rick and morty and i have no resentment towards anyone who isn’t into it because rick and morty fans who quote lines and post instagram memes ARE THE WORST. so effing annoying. just shut up and enjoy the show, you’re turning people off of a good thing you little obnoxious shits.
    my favs of 2017 so far, American Gods, Twin Peaks S3, Sampha (Process), Horizon Zero Dawn, Dragon Ball Super, Steven Universe, OKKO, Ben and Jerry’s non dairy ice cream line, wasabi peas, Larabars and Daiya vegan cheese.

  3. This year has been pretty good for media so far.

    I’d have to say my favourite movie is a probably LOGAN, with a shout-out to Guardians of the Galaxy v2 (though I really enjoyed John Wick 2, Kong: Skull Island, and Wonder Woman as well).

    TV-wise, FX did great with LEGION and the third season of FARGO, while Supergirl season 2 was EXCELLENT, Arrow showed a fine return to form in season 5, and Kimmy Schmidt season 3 was a blast. iZombie has also been pretty awesome so far, with just one episode to go, and Twin Peaks has been incredibly bizarre and watchable. The final season of Bates motel was pretty good too.

    As for comics, pretty much anything DC Rebirth has been great, but I’ve particularly enjoyed the Flash and Batman. From Marvel… Daredevil has been stellar lately, and ASM is the same old goodness from Slott. Spider-Woman and Hellcat ended GREAT runs this year unfortunately, and with Marvel’s unending nonsense between Civil War II and Secret Empire, I’ve kind of checked out of most other books. Peter Parker: the Spectacular Spider-Man is off to a great start though, maybe my favourite single issue of the year (though some of DD rivals it).

  4. Your Name is my favorite movie this year and it is the first anime I have ever seen (Pokémon not included). It was so beautiful that I was weeping in the theatre and could not talk about the movie after the movie for a whole day because I kept on crying.

    Also, The Flash was pretty good.

  5. I’ve liked the year so far when it comes to movies. Logan, King Kong, Guardians 2, Lego Batman, and probably a couple more I can’t remember were all enjoyable and good. I also just saw the Mummy and really dug it.

    In terms of games, Mass Effect Andromeda has been my biggest highlight of the year. It feels like a sequel to ME1 and I loved the non-world ending story and focus on exploration. Plus the combat is the best in the series and I like all the side characters. I also just played the Batman tell tale series this year and really really enjoyed that. It was my first telltale and I raced through it. Lego Worlds is another game I’ve gotten sucked into this year and love building stuff in it. I’m currently working on a planet where I’m going to build several interconnected cities. Already built an aquarium, movie theater, and skyscrapers.

    With comics, I’m reading old stuff on Marvel Unlimited but have really enjoyed everything I’ve read really but that is too much to name.

    1. OMG TV. I liked the Iron Fist series. The new Kimmy Schmidt was good. Trial and Error was a fantastic new show and I liked the second half seasons of Modern Family, and Superstore.

  6. On some Laser Time community member’s recommendation (sorry I forget your names) I watched Black Sails which ended its fourth and final season back in April.
    I recently realized I’m a sucker for pirate related stuff so I was really interested in checking it out after hearing about it on the Facebook group. I had a rocky start with the first season but it really picks up near the end and next thing I knew I was binging it until I caught up with the currently airing episodes.
    Absolutely beautiful sets and design all around. I often found myself wondering how the show got away with looking so damn expensive considering it airs on Starz, I had never heard of it before, and stared nobody I knew.
    Definitely recommend it!

  7. As far as TV goes, my favourite actual 2017 show is Handmaid’s Tale, and you guys nailed what is so great about it. I also came into it cold so I was caught off guard by some of the plot developments (just thinking about episode 3 is chilling). The show is so cinematic, and the performances are amazing. Moss has gotten a ton of praise as Offred and rightfully so, but Yvonne Strahovski as Serena Joy is just as good imo. I had no idea that she had dramatic chops, but she nails the conflicted feeling of her character towards everything happening.

    Although Handmaid’s Tale is my favourite show from 2017, my favourite show of the 2016-2017 season is The Good Place. The season 1 finale is my favourite episode of TV this year, cuz DEAR GOD that twist. I love Parks and Rec but I am already certain that The Good Place is a better show in one season than peak Parks and Rec. And just like Parks and Rec, The Good Place is built on a few big stars (Kristen Bell and Ted Danson), but I’ll be damned if the other cast members don’t use this show as a launch pad for better things. D’Arcy Carden and William Jackson Harper in particular are so, so good.

    It’s also been a great year for music so far with lots more goodness to come. Here’s my quick top 5 albums:
    1. Sick Scenes – Los Campesinos!
    2. Ctrl – SZA
    3. Process – Sampha
    4. Pleasure – Feist
    5. Crack Up – Fleet Foxes

  8. No order:

    Films – Get Out, John Wick 2, Lego Batman, Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Wonder Woman.
    TV – Legion, Better Call Saul, Fargo, Silicon Valley, Veep, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Twin Peaks.
    Games – Injustice 2.

  9. My favorite media from 2017 so far is Laser Time! Seriously. I work overnights and basically consume 40 hours worth of podcasts every week. Finding Laser Time has been amazing. And did the whole Patreon thing for the first time.

    The only new movies I’ve seen this year are Lego Batman and Wonder Woman. Those were both great. But the comparison of Logan to Unforgiven has gotten me much more interested in seeing that movie.

    I’m also always behind on TV. But I love MST3k. It’s only the second thing I ever kickstarted.

    As for video games I really loved the Disney Afternoon Collection. And I’m on my second play through of Fire Emblem Echoes.

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