Friday the 13th: The Game – Dave and Chris Return!

The last time Chris and Dave played Friday the 13th, they were but children (and seemed to play games populated exclusive BY children). Now that Dave has put in some time, he’s going to try to showcase some MLG moves against (and possible AS) Jason. Join us on Twitch at 3:15PM PST and forever afterwards on YouTube!

As we approach the end of June, we’re taking stock of our first-half-of-2017 favorites, and one game that’s been atop Dave’s lists has been Friday the 13th. After putting plenty of time in over the double XP weekend, Dave is ready to show his skills. You can root him on by catching the action LIVE on Twitch at 3:15PM PST, or laugh at his failures forever afterwards on YouTube. Either way, the video is below!

Looking for more Friday the 13th fun? Watch our previous Friday the 13th PS4 run and our dive into the OG NES game, too!

5 thoughts on “Friday the 13th: The Game – Dave and Chris Return!

  1. do y’all do a maybe once a month community let’s play? like everyone gets together and plays this while streaming like how y’all do the jackbox games.

  2. Chris! dude… why aren’t you using external hard drives so you don’t have a bunch of podcast related files on your computer’s internal drive?! they’re super cheap now. let us know if we all need to pitch in together to buy you like a 1TB or more drive.

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