Fire Pro Wrestling World – Watch Us (and Hank) Play!

That’s right, we’re not done with Fire Pro Wrestling World! After having fun with weird matches last week, this time around we have Japanese wrestling aficionado Henry Gilbert on tap to talk Fire Pro, New Japan, the G1 Climax, and more!

Even though Fire Pro has a great pedigree (and Dave enjoyed previous iterations), we were taken by surprise at Fire Pro Wrestling World’s insane fun. So much so that we’re back with more insane fun, this time featuring Henry Gilbert! Watch us play insane matches and talk rasslin LIVE on Twitch at 3PM PST and forever on YouTube afterwards!

Looking for more Fire Pro fun? Watch our previous stream!

2 thoughts on “Fire Pro Wrestling World – Watch Us (and Hank) Play!

  1. I actually only really made Anne, Mary Kish, Max Temkin, Diana and the 1st drafts of Dave, Chris and Hank, my wife who owns a bar and has a laptop with Steam on it did 99% of everything else especially the more elaborate outfits, tweaks and moves, I did come up with the “jokes” in the descriptions section.

    1. It’s actually really easy ti make characters you just pick a real life wrestler with a deep moveset someone uploaded change some stuff around and your 90% there she knocked out dozens just during morning down time at the bar. I think I made Dave off Mr Perfect and Antista after Chris Beniont

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