Vidjagame Apocalypse 223 – A Podcast to Surpass Metal Gear

Metal Gear turned 30 last week, so we’re devoting the first half of this week’s show to ranking our favorite Metal Gear Solid games, with special help from Henry “hEnereyG” Gilbert. With that out of the way, we move on to Splatoon 2, Toy Story in Kingdom Hearts 3, and the musicians you’d want to perform songs in video game sequels.

Question of the Week
What’s your favorite moment from a Metal Gear game?



Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Here’s to You by Ennio Morricone and Joan Baez. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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Red Dead Redemption 2
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26 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 223 – A Podcast to Surpass Metal Gear

  1. HAPPY 30TH TO METAL GEAR! I’ve spent countless hours with the franchise, and the Solid series in particular has been some of my favourite gaming ever. While Phantom Pain might end up being the end, at least it was as fun and batshit as ever. *HIDEO 2*

  2. The Metal Gear fight between REX and RAY in MGS4 caught me by surprise because all games before then usually would have had it be completely on rails and the final fight between Snake and Ocelot in MGS4 was truly a fantastic end to the Solid Snake saga (if one ignores the 90 minutes of cutscenes that follow it).

  3. Just a correction.

    They said it’s supposed to be for modern with the atari. Also making a new mini version would make no sense considering they just released a flashback within the last few months and atgames has the rights to making their retro consoles.

  4. Are you guys prime members? Or is Bob? I know you guys recorded this before today, but Amazon’s been having prime only stock for switches.

    1. Re: Amazon…Amazon does tailor the app and website to your browsing history. So your recommended items will be based on your wish list (if you have one) and what you’ve been looking at on Prime Video, or items you’ve viewed via the app/website.

  5. My favorite moment from Metal Gear is the whole torture scene from MGS 3. So much happens in this scene: Snake is getting electrocuted, the Boss very nearly cuts out Snake’s eyes, Ocelot almost shoots Eva when he figures out she’s a spy, Snake gets his eye shot out in order to protect Eva, and the Boss reveals that she still cares about protecting Snake by giving him the fake death pill which he can use to escape the prison. It’s an incredible scene. MGS 3 is full of incredible, memorable moments, which is why to me it’s definitely the best game in the series.

  6. My favorite moment is in Metal Gear Solid 4. During the return to Shadow Moses, the the game splits the screen and you have to focus on playing the game while something distractingly awesome is going on. On the one side you’ve got to play as Snake endlessly blasting Metal Gears with a super powerful railgun, on the other side, you’ve got Raiden and Vamp having the sickest knife fight in video game history on top of Metal Gear Rex. Thankfully the game doesn’t make you play all the way through Vamp getting his comeuppance, because it was awesome, and as an longtime defender of MGS2’s awesomeness, something I had been waiting for years to see.

    Oh and anytime in MGS3 when someone would say “Shagohod”. Me and my stoned buddies loved that Shagohod.

  7. So I have two favorite moments:
    1. The post credits sequence to MGS4. You hear the gun shot ring out only to see a panting and sweaty Solid Snake. He then looks up to see a version of Big Boss that previously only really existed as sketch art in the MGS manual standing there holding The Boss’s gun which he then throws aside to take down Snake. The rest of that scene isn’t all that great but that initial reveal is so good.
    2. The Peace Walker theme (AKA the MGSV pre-mission loadout music). In Peace Walker when you have your final battle with… Peace Walker and the Peace Walker theme kicks in is such a great moment thanks in large part to the Peace Walker theme being an amazing song. It felt like the video game equivalent to the Indiana Jones theme kicking in right when the cool heroic shit starts popping off.

  8. Hey guys. I love listening to VGA every week. You guys help me get through part of my work day, make me laugh, and help me find awesome game deals I otherwise would miss. But I do have to point out two things from the episode. 1) The US actually did get Metal Gear 2 in MGS3: Subsistence version and HD version. 2) Raiden’s son is not adopted. Rose lied to Jack and told him it was a miscarriage to protect herself and her son from the Patriots.

    As for this week’s question, my favorite moment was the final boss battle between Make Snake and The Boss. Of all the boss battle, this was the most difficult of the game. You could not shoot her as she would dismantle your gun and going straight up to her to do CQC was also near suicidal. Fortunately Iowa’s able to beat her with the strategy of throwing a stun/flash grenade and looking away. She could easily leave herself open for CQC.

    All that said, the scene was touching and heartfelt and being the sensitive girl that I am, I cried. Like ugly cried. Sadly, Eva running off to the damn airplane after she had me babysit her through the damn forest pissed me off right after.

  9. I’m the opposite of Chris. I hate the gameplay of Metal Gear but I love how hilarious the story is. Sure I beat Metal Gear Solid, but it took a lot of effort and I was scared s-less like Otacon the whole time. I don’t know how to navigate the world of 2, and I always die in Ground Zeroes. I have got to get better, but still have fun. Anyway my favorite scene from the only game I beat in the series is the final boss battle where Liquid and Solid both shirtless go mano a mano. Brother fighting brother in a ridiculous machismo style. My favorite line is Otacon asking about Sniper Wolf.

  10. favorite MGS moment… This is going to be hard because MGS is my favorite series and I had a dictionary with me because I was learning English while playing the game.

    I always loved the easter eggs. My personal moment is when I was going back to Shadow Moses and being filled with nostalgia. I went around the level like a dork and started taking photos. Lo and behold, I discovered a Hideo Kojima Hologram/Ghost in the photo of where the Helicopter used to be. I could not see that Easter egg in any guides at the time. It felt so special and I like to imagine that I was the first person to discover that. Sadly, Trophies came out and I am sure it spoiled that for some.

    And since this is my birthday weekend, Can we get a mention for how awesome the ketchup trick was?

    Thanks for making an MGS podcast. It really hits home given how much the series means to me.

  11. In the mid-to-late 1990s, I’d mostly stopped playing video games. One of the main games that got me back into them was Metal Gear Solid, on the recommendation of a friend who told me he’d “never seen a game with a story like this. ” So I rented it from the video store where I worked, and it absolutely blew my mind. The specific moment that hooked me was Revolver Ocelot’s introduction. I recall marveling at the combination of his visual design, voice performance, and twirly gunplay/reload animations, especially considering that he was the first boss of the game. After playing up to that point, I immediately went out and bought a PS1 and a copy of Metal Gear Solid, and never looked back from there.

  12. What’s my favorite moment from a Metal Gear game?

    This is less of what happened in the game, and more the experience of playing it.

    A friend and I played Metal Gear Solid 2 after renting it. We played very late into the night, past the tanker mission, and then playing Raiden.

    We kept playing, probably later than we should, bordering on exhaustion, just trying to see if Snake came back. Snake! Where are you! Snaaaaakke!

    We weren’t mad, just perplexed. We kept making fun of Raiden. Like when the boss talks to him about a ‘node’, and Raiden says “Did you say ‘nerd’?”

    For a while after that, every time I needed him to clarify something, I would say “Did you say ‘nerd’?”

  13. Back in 2011 I was working as an entertainer on a cruise ship. Every Sunday we would port in New York City to pick up that week’s passengers, and I’d usually pick up a game to play during off-hours that week. One week, I stopped at a Best Buy and grabbed the MGS HD collection – I had only played the original MGS, but I had a lot of time to kill, so I figure it was now or never. I got back on the ship, and didn’t have to perform that night, so I hunkered down in my cabin for some sweet Solid Snake action. I was about an hour into Metal Gear Solid 2 when I realized: I am playing a game that takes place on a ship traveling down the Hudson River while I’m on a ship traveling down the Hudson River. I would feel the rocking motions of a ship as I avoided the gaze a thousand soldiers looking “LEFT!” “RIGHT!” Talk about immersive.

  14. QOTW: Gotta ride for the first time you fake your death in MGS…It may have eventually become just one more technique in Snake’s bag of tricks, but figuring out the dynamics of lying down while out of the guard’s eyesight over a puddle of ketchup as an 11 year old was as rewarding as anything else that the series ever introduced…

  15. Game deals *que song/song end*. Summer of rift! Oculus rift and Oculus touch for 400. If you get it at best buy you get eve: valkryie for free. It also come with 5-6 games including Lucky’s tale and robo recall. I’m a huge VR supporter and I pretty much threw my PS VR in the trash after I got the Oculus. It works for all steam VR stuff and buying a third sensor c an make it room scale.

  16. My favorite Metal Gear moment is a tossup between this:
    and my accidental tribute to Austin Powers:

    But my serious answer is the entire final act of MGS3. Naked Snake, who is supposed to be a paragon of maniless, a soldier so amazing that everyone wants clones of him, spends the entire game being shit on by an entire rogues gallery. He’s constantly put in situations where the odds are impossible, and he’s always an underdog. After an incredible motorcycle sequence and a boss fight against a lightning wizard who powers a nuclear weapon via sheer hatred, Snake finally confronts his evil mother figure and completes his mission, cementing him as the most manliest and most badass hero who has earned a happy ending and fireplace sex with a hot spy.

    Except his hot spy was playing him the whole time, robs him in his sleep, then tells him his evil mother figure was actually so good that she took on the mantle of war criminal just because her country told her to. His country, his superiors, and even his president lied to his face, pin a medal on him, and tell him “OOOH YOU’RE SUCH A GOOD BOY.” Our big strong manly hero, the world’s greatest soldier, is left crying in a cemetery with no friends or family he can trust. Patriotism gets the best of everyone, and Snake is no different.

  17. You know there’s a few gaming franchises I don’t give a flying fuck about and MGS is one. I have played the series and don’t like anything about it. And from everything I’ve heard about the story it sounds like something that is up it’s own ass. No thanks. My favorite memory of it is quitting playing it.

    I also must laugh at all the “get games on the Switch the console that people actually play” argument. Meanwhile at this point, there are more Wii U users than Switch and Splatoon released with a higher number of Wii U users than Splatoon 2 is with Switch. And the majority of people who owned a Switch now owned a Wii U because you have to be a die hard to put up with the low supply bulshit to track one down. The Switch may be a success for now but let’s see how that carries a year from now. Many (such as myself) don’t give a shit about the portability aspect because I don’t play games on the go. I don’t have one yet and don’t anticipate buying one until next year at the earliest.

  18. QOTW — I love Metal Gear and 3 is probably my favorite game ever, yet despite this, my favorite Metal Gear moment has to be in 4, a game I otherwise hate. 4 is like Kingdom Hearts II, a game of filler and chasing one dude around while no plot happens in dozens of cutscenes, but the final fight with Liquid is narratively perfect.

    After everything has already happened and the world is already saved, Liquid and Snake have their final fight for no reason other than to settle a 20 year grudge. The coreography is amazing and just as you think you won’t get to play it, a slow, Western movie horn comes. Snake and Liquid share a glance of agreement that they both need this final fight just before they jam the nanomachine injectors that restore health into each other. As the horn builds into the MGS1 theme song, the MGS1 life bars fill at the top of the screen, and the two men slowly back away to begin the gameplay part of the fight, where you blow through all four games of fistfights with Liquid and Ocelot as the music splices itself in, following these two angry soldiers as their fight comes to a final head as old, tired men beating each other to death.

    It’s fanservice, finality, and a beautiful story of grouchy jerks, I just wished I liked anything else in MGS4 even a little.

  19. I love a good Chris Antista apology. “I didn’t mean to bodyshame but GOT DAMN WAS SHE FAT AS FUCK GUYS 4 REAL”

    Can’t wait for the sequel to the apology in the next episode, wherein Chris uses her picture as the episode thumbnail!

    (Love you Chris)

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