The Return of MST3K with Trace Beaulieu – Laser Time

An extended look at life before, during, and after the comedy nerd juggernaut that is Mystery Science Theater 3000, plus a casual interview with Dr. Forrester himself, Trace Beaulieu!


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23 thoughts on “The Return of MST3K with Trace Beaulieu – Laser Time

    1. Try watching an episode? There are both classic and new episodes on Netflix, but if you don’t have that, there’s a ton of episodes on YouTube.

  1. I still haven’t watched any Mystery Science Theater but this sounds like a big guest! Can’t wait to listen, guys!

  2. Thank you so much for doing another MST3K episode!!! I’ve told you guys for years that the Turkey Day episode from 2013 is my favorite LT episode of all time, and I’m very grateful you did another episode about the show. The interview with Trace was great as well. You guys asked some very good questions. It’s good to hear that Shout! Factory is being so good to the original creators by paying them royalties for the old and new episodes. Based on the previous comments, people either don’t get it what MST is or just want to troll. But to me, this episode means a lot.

  3. I’m totally on board with you saying that Felicia Day is the worst part of new MST3K. No offense to her personally. She’s a fine actress and certainly sets nerds hearts aflutter, but she’s the sore thumb of the cast. I think the real issue isn’t so much “energy” per se, but more that she isn’t a comedian herself. It’s like that year of SNL when they put all those Brat Pack kids on the show. Sure, they could be funny, but they didn’t know how to improvise and respond to what was and wasn’t working. Similarly, Day does a competent job of embodying her character and delivering her lines, but she doesn’t play off the other characters. She seems like the “stick to the script” type. I don’t get any sense that she really explores the part or ever tries anything else out.

    It also doesn’t help that she’s so naturally perky. Part of the fun of Pearl and Dr. Forrester is that they were believably put upon and enraged by their henchmen. Day’s character is a little too “the sun will come up tomorrow”. It makes sense to some extent, since she’s supposed to be a little more of an insecure person trying to live up to her family’s legacy, but it never comes together.

    Day and her character might have worked better if she was good-natured at heart and didn’t really want this life, but felt compelled to be evil because she’s a Forrester, struggling to match her forebears’ nefariousness . This would also give Oswalt’s Son of TV’s Frank something more to do than pine for her. It would actually be a nice subversion if he had to cajole her to torture her captives and to abuse him when he screws up. It would also make more sense of Pearl’s disdain for her niece too.

    Despite that, I think the show is great . And I do hope Day reprises her role in a 12th season. They need to work on the character a bit.

  4. I just wanted to let you guys know how much I enjoyed this episode. I am a huge fan of MST3K in that I started watching it when it moved to the Sci Fi channel and taped those episodes every week and rewatched them over and over again. But as a teenager in the mid to late 90s, I knew nothing about the history of the show before that point aside from eventually renting the movie and a random older episode I found at Blockbuster. And because of the way I was introduced to the show, I couldn’t stand Joel compared to Mike or the older voices for the bots or any of the host segments that didn’t feature Pearl, Bobo, and Brain Guy. It’s taken me a long time to even try watching the older episodes and give them a fair chance.

    I say all that as a way of saying it was eye-opening to me to get to hear from Trace as a normal person as opposed to the heightened characters from the show because it goes a long way to understanding who he is and what the show was before I started watching. Hearing the personal histories each of you had also makes me want to both go back and really give the Joel episodes a try as well as get into some of the stuff that has come out since the show ended. The interview was really well done and the slight change in format is something I have absolutely no problem with and would definitely enjoy hearing more of.

  5. I’m so INCREDIBLY sad that when Trace mentioned his being on Other Space you guys only talked about Freeks and Geeks. Other Space was great and he was super great in it and like Freeks and Geeks it deserved to go on for more than a single season. I’m not a huge MST3K fan but i liked this episode.

  6. This episode got me thinking about how I got into MST3k. Oddly, I have no idea how I first heard about the show as a kid – I didn’t have cable until I was 14, but somehow I knew about this show with silhouettes making fun of old movies. In 1995, NBC did a one-off special that was a MST3k ripoff called “Attack of the Killer B-Movies” featuring Elvira and Dustin Diamond (among others) making fun of old movies, and I recall thinking “this is like that robot show that I wish I could finally see”. (Note: I just looked up “Attack” and it was co-written by Frank Coniff!)

    That year that I finally got cable was also the same time the show started on Sci-Fi. I fell in love with it instantly and taped as many episodes as I could for about a year… when we got rid of cable. I watched my tapes over and over but around this time we moved across town and I lost all but one of my tapes: Time Chasers. Fortunately, it’s such a great episode, and I watched the hell out of it. Once I was 18 and on my own I started buying tapes over the internet, and then started getting the DVD sets as soon as they were available.

  7. I am a huge fan of MST3K. Really enjoyed the episode guys!
    I watched the show from the start of the Comedy Central episodes. While I was sad to see Joel go, some of my favorite episodes are from the Mike era. “Space Mutiny” is really good, I love “Prince of Space”. And tho I usually prefer the sci-fi type movies they riff on, I think “Jack Frost” is a hilarious episode.

    Of the MST3K fans here, what do you think would be a good introductory episode for those who haven’t watched it? My recommendation would be “Prince of Space”. “Space Mutiny” is a close second.

  8. MST3K has always represented the end of cartoons to me.
    My brother and I grew up in a one-TV household. The rule on Saturday Mornings was that whomever got there first got to pick what we watched first, then the other brother could pick his show after the credits rolled. Once my brother discovered MST3K on the SciFi Channel, it basically ruined Saturday mornings for me. If I got up later than my brother, I had 3 hours of an old movie in front of me. Best case scenario, if I got up first, I would get to watch one cartoon show, then my brother would switch to MST3K (in progress) and I’d miss everything else. By the time it was over, I’d switch back to my go-to cartoon channel and it was time for Soul Train. I’ve always wondered if I’d enjoy it if I tried to watch it now, but that experience soured me so much, that I never really gave it a chance.

  9. MST3K is one of the few things the Laser Time crew loves that I just have never gotten in to! I’ve watched a couple episodes and enjoyed them, but find it hard to make time to sit through a two hour movie, especially when there’s almost 200 of them. Still really enjoyed this episode though, and it has reaffirmed my desire to try and watch more MST3K.

    1. FWIW, the episodes were only ever two hours long with commercials while they aired on tv. On DVD/youtube, the episodes are only 90 minutes, and (this might be heresy for some, but whatever) you can easily skip over most of the host segments, which will trim another 10 or so minutes from the show.

    2. You could look at They have links to the episodes that are available streaming, and the list of episodes can be sorted by user rating. This can help avoid the lesser rated episodes.

      Tho my personal favorite, “Prince of Space”, is #9 on the list.

  10. This was awesome, guys. Thanks!

    I remember first finding MST3K on Sci-Fi channel as a kid and it making a huge impression on me and my developing sense of humor. I grew up watching the Nelson years, as it seems they never played the Joel episodes, so that run has always been nearest and dearest to me.

    By the way, not sure if you’ve seen this, but the MST3K crew made a brief cameo on Cheap Seats, a show created by the Sklar Brothers with a similar format but for older sports broadcast. It’s one of my favorite shows, the entirety of which can be found on YouTube.

    They’ve mentioned MST3K being a primary influence on them while developing the idea. They interviewed Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett on their podcast Sklar Country episode #99.

  11. As a Minnesotan, I wish I could claim to remember watching MST3k on KTMA. I know I did watch it at least a bit back then. I remember thinking how cool it was that there was a locally made tv show. But my memories of watching the show don’t start until the Comedy Central days. We had cable off and on growing up, so I didn’t watch the show regularly. But it was almost comforting knowing it was there. It’s one of the few instances which I was legitimately sad when a show ended. Which is probably why the revival was only the second think I ever Kickstarted. And you can put me in the camp of slowly taking the new episodes in. It’s kinda like those old days of knowing something that makes me warm and fuzzy is waiting out there for me when I need it.

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