Cartoons 101 – 7 Animated Films That Should Be In The Criterion Collection!

The Criterion Collection 50% off sale is upon us once again! Every time it rolls around it just feels like there’s something missing.

Has the sale dropkicked your wallet like it has mine? Every time that sale rolls around I just can’t resist. Just this month I’ve bought The Before Trilogy, the Guillermo Del Toro set, Crumb, Stalker, Boyhood and a few more. But every time the sale comes to town I’m disappointed that I already have EVERY animated film in the collection! Which isn’t hard, since on blu ray there are only THREE animated films. Four if you count laserdisc. So thanks to my Patrons, who voted for this topic, I made a list of seven films that NEED to be in the Criterion Collection.

Do you agree with my list or have some of your own suggestions to add? Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Cartoons 101 – 7 Animated Films That Should Be In The Criterion Collection!

  1. Still remember seeing perfect blue on syfy the edited cut without knowing and talking to a friend and saying what rape? I was very confused

  2. This is a great list. I know that the current version of The Iron Giant is a pretty great release, with lots of Criterion-esque features, but boy would it be nice to have it with that spine alongside my other Criterion stuff.

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