The 5 Coolest Scenes in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

From a giant killer robot to a tense conversation with a milkshake-drinking Nazi, we count down the 5 best moments of our time with Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus!

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus certainly garnered a lot of attention at E3 with its copious Nazi killing and alternate take on the 1960s, so when Laser Time was afforded the opportunity to check out an extended section of the October-due shooter, we sprinted head-first into it, shotguns blazing. Here’s our full playthrough!

From that, we’ve picked out our five fave moments, which you can watch below or read about even further down!

It takes a village to overthrow a Nazi regime, and the immediate draw to the demo was seeing the intruiging cast of characters leading the charge. Of course you’ve got returnees like BJ Blaskowitz and his wife Anya, but I’m curious to see other characters develop too, like ops leader Grace, the creepily smiling Wyatt, and many others.

There may be no better invitation to take advantage of Wolfenstein’s dual-weilding feature than the train to Area 52. You’re immediately presented with two gun racks overflowing with shotguns, then presented with tons of enclosed corridors in which to lay waste to unaware Nazis as you send their train speeding into their base of scientific development.

If you’re looking for Bioshock-esque first-person tableaus of alternate-history crowds, BJ’s covert attempt to sneak through a parade has some crazy observations to take in, like KKK members meeting in the open, crazy motorcycles gassing up, an airshow, and a child losing his balloon. Even though you need to find your friend toute suite, it’s very tempting to stop and take in the sights.

Even though they’re sure to come bigger and badder in the final version, a cool capper to the stage we demoed came after BJ Blaskowitz set up the nuke that would blow up Area 52. The Nazi’s last-ditch defense was a hulking robot with machine guns and a crazy flamethrower. We eschewed a direct encounter with the GNR, though you can be sure we’ll try to take the sucker down come October.

Just as 2014’s Wolfenstein unnerved us with the train car Nazi test scene, Wolfenstein II also has a tense encounter that bridges beautiful cinematics and intense action. As you’re about to meet a vital source of intel while undercover at a diner, a high-ranking Nazi officer decides to come in and order a milkshake. What follows is a creepy scene where your cover is almost blown before everything goes to shit. This kind of great mixture between amazing cutscenes and insane shooting is why we’re counting the days until Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus releases on October 27.

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