Vidjagame Apocalypse 224 – It’s About Mii

With Miitopia and a new 2DS coming this week, this week’s Top 5 is devoted to Nintendo’s Miis (which have been around for nearly 11 years now) and to the games that let you actually play as them. Then it’s on to an earnest discussion of Fortnite, (more) Splatoon 2, Sonic and Archie parting ways, new Telltale seasons, and your favorite moments from Metal Gear.

Question of the Week
With Comic-Con over, what’s your favorite game based on a comic book?
(We know, we’ve almost certainly asked this before, just roll with it.)



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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake

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14 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 224 – It’s About Mii

  1. QOTW- Let’s say “Duckman: The Graphic Adventures of a Private Dick” which features more adventures of the neurotic investigator. A shame that George Alexander probably refused to voice the character, but it’s rather hilarious and you could pretend it’s based on the comic book. I would like to see this title on GOG or Steam as Talking Simpsons will cover more episodes in the future.

  2. QOTW – There’s a lot of obvious answers to this week’s question that others will undoubtedly go with, but I can never pass up an opportunity to champion Bucky O’Hare for the NES! Like a lot of tie-in games, the Bucky game went into development in conjunction with production on the animated series most associate Bucky with, but since the cartoon was incomplete, a lot of the source material from the game is taken from the original comic series created by Larry Hama and Michael Golden. Kids were probably a little disappointed a TV-only character like Bruiser wasn’t in it, but it’s hard to argue with the final product. A great run n’ gun platformer that obviously borrows a lot from Mega Man. It’s really hard, but a generous continue system means it isn’t impossible. Definitely worth tracking down for those who like that style of game and never played it. Long live the Funky Fresh Rabbit!

  3. QotW: Got to go with X-men arcade game. I would get all excited when my mother said we were going to Jamesway for just by chance they might have an X-men cabinet in the lobby. Jamesway’s were like K-marts for the kids who never had the pleasure of shopping in one. My parents were more than happy to give me quarters so i wouldn’t bother them for an hour and luckily in the 90s children didn’t get kidnapped.

    My favorite character was storm, but I wasn’t allowed to play arcade games after my overly religious Dad had a sit down with our Priest and decided that playing as female characters in video games was making me gay. Remember this is the 90’s so catholic priests weren’t pedophiles yet. ( I mained Kitana in Mortal Kombat II, black cat in the spider man arcade game, chun li in street fighter, and Donatello in turtles. hes purple so close enough) My Fathers a psychologist making that rational is even more embarrassing.

  4. I’m disappointed in the decline in SP’s I get as well. I used to get plenty roaming around SF and BART…now, not so much. Even more surprising is how it’s declined in places like Disneyland, Universal. Prior to say 2016, I’d easily get at least 20 – 30 total from either SFO/OAK airports, LAX, and the theme parks. When I went to Disney/Universal last year, barely got 10.

  5. For playable Miis in games, Nintendo Land is my favorite. Family and friends have had tons of multiplayer fun with Mario Chase, Luigi’s Ghost Mansion, and the Animal Crossing game. For single player mode, I have enjoyed the DK, Yoshi, and Balloon Trip mini games.

    Many of the multiplayer games utilize the core game-play mechanic of the Pac-Man Vs. game, especially Mario Chase and Luigi’s Ghost Mansion.

  6. QOTW: If we can count stuff that’s indirectly based on comics, I gotta go with The Adventures of Batman & Robin for the Sega Genesis. That game is absolutely amazing. It takes the core of a Contra or Gunstar Heroes run n gun style game and just goes all out. Brutally difficult but in a good way. It’s a technical marvel for the Genesis too, doing things that the system shouldn’t be able to do. I mean, look at this Mad Hatter boss fight.

    No other Genesis game looks like this. It’s so good and no one seems to know about the game. The Batwing level definitely goes on for far longer than it needs to but that’s my only real complaint about it. Probably one of my top 10 games of all time.

      1. The SNES game is fine enough to play and definitely gets the aesthetic of the cartoon down but it just feels so slow to me, especially compared to the Genesis game. I think the SNES one just gets more notice because the cart sells for a high price on the secondary market and Konami was the publisher. The Sega one deserves a re-evaluation for sure. It’s great.

  7. As far as Mii games go Tomodachi Life rules if only for the Harold vine “I hay hay hay hate my life / my dick is too small”

  8. Batman Returns for the SNES, Yes I know there are “better” Batman games but hearing the satisfying Bone crunches of evil Clowns makes me feel so happy.

  9. Favourite game based on a comic? It has to be 1991’s Viz: The Computer Game. In case anyone’s unfamiliar with Viz, it’s an ‘adult comic’ that parodies classic British comic styles, useless ‘Top Tips’ from general interest magazines and plays host to the world’s most comprehensive swearing dictionary, Roger’s Profanisaurus.

    So, with all these characters and features to work with, the developers settled on the most obvious. A Hyper Sports clone where the races are interspersed with minigames based around the Viz characters, like blowing up balloons with Johnny Fartpants, or pancake flattening with Buster Gonad’s Unfeasably Large Testicles.

    It wasn’t very good, but you only had yourself to blame for buying it since the box literally says “you’ll never play a bigger load of crap”.

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