Talking Simpsons – Lisa’s Rival

While Homer strikes it rich with a hill of sugar, Lisa meets a new friend who is better than her in every way. She handles it poorly and plots her revenge, and Ralph finally tells us what his cat’s breath smells like in this week’s podcast…



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12 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Lisa’s Rival

  1. Homer and the sugar is one of the most insane and greatest B Plots ever.

    I fucking love Bart recording the mental note to prank Lisa, and laughing at his own “genius”

    Milhouse on America’s Most Wanted is great, especially the read of “my glasses” during the Fugitive parody.

    Skinner’s reaction to the Star Wars toys, plus I BENT MY WOOKIE, are iconic and often repeated in my social circle.

  2. “They’re defending themselves somehow!”

    Damn, that is probably my favorite line of the SERIES!

  3. This episode hits close to home for me — I remember seeing it right before I went into the “Academically Talented” magnet school program in a lower income neighbourhood in 5th grade — It made me terrified that when I switched in I would be a relative idiot. All the kids had to take band (because classical music makes you even smarter, obviously) and I chose saxophone because I wanted to be like Lisa. Many other kids in the program had the type of family that had put them into piano or violin when they were 5, and I had no musical ability, so, like many other “gifted” kids do when faced with something that they are not naturally gifted at, I became extremely resentful of band, and never took it again.

  4. I thought this episode made a really nice point in that music shouldn’t be a competition, and that being ‘the best’ is relatively meaningless.

  5. I heard the “gay/straight” earring rules in middle school too. But my classmates were so mean, even if someone got it pierced on the straight side, others would say, “Yeah, but you’re this close to being gay,” spreading their hands out to indicate the distance between the person’s ears. Kids can be so cruel (“We can? Thanks mom!”)

  6. The guy hiding in sugar (I always read him as French) is one of my all-time favorite one-off characters. The casual way he admits he stole it and says he’d do it again while walking away is just so weird and hilarious. Easily my line of the show. Of course Homer’s monologue is equally amazing, but I always rewind a few times to watch the French guy nonchalantly admit to his sugar thievery.

    Lisa’s plot was instantly relatable to me as someone who was ‘the smart one’ until I reached sixth grade and someone even smarter/more studious joined my school. Still it’s weird how Skinner and Ms. Hoover gloss right over Lisa’s obvious sabotage of Allison, even given how bored they were by the whole thing.

  7. Wait a second, you knocking Mike Scully for mentioning his family in the show, but isn’t the Simpsons based on Matt Groening’s family? Seems like that is just kinda what you do on the Simpsons.

    1. I just heard Dana Gould talking about putting his adopted Chinese daughter in the show, which is after I quit watching, but I think I saw her a few weeks ago on FXX, when I was watching a season 15 show to see if it was as boring and laughless as I thought (it was.)

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