Talking Simpsons – Another Simpsons Clip Show

It’s time for the forgotten Simpsons clip episode, and it’s overlooked for a reason: It sucks! But Bob, Henry, and Chris have a fun time deconstructing this episode’s ode to love as well as figuring out if it was intentionally made to be boring, all in this week’s episode…



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7 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Another Simpsons Clip Show

  1. I don’t know if I’d label this episode “the worst,” but it is PRETTY BAD. The sloppily put-together old animation that varies in quality wildly is so distracting, the clips leave out so much context and a lot of the best jokes, and the episode in general just makes no real sense. I get the context for why the episode is like this and don’t blame the people behind it, but I never rewatch this one… for obvious reasons.

  2. Chris I’m 99% sure that your BoyzIIMen anecdote was a Comedy Bang Bang joke, I believe Aukerman stated “one of the boyz is the deep voiced one who sang the monologue in I’ll Make Love to You’(It was actually End of the Road…which may’ve been the world’s introduction to “being a cuck” which is not a phrase I use…BUT MAN homeboy chumps out.

  3. I don’t remember the last time I saw this episode in syndication. My guess is that it’s only shown on FXX during the marathons. You did make me want to watch this episode again, though, only to catch all the terrible recycling

  4. Boyz II Men was four guys of roughly the same age and named themselves after a New Edition song. Nick Carter is on worldwide tour as Chris says, so his brother Aaron is the one in the recent haggard mugshot. Chris Antista=fake news! (Love the show, please never stop.)

  5. Boyz II Men, love ’em, and they were indeed an R&B group that I noticed on plenty of media in the 1990s. Was it awesome to hear their songs sung even by Jaleel White on Psych or Tituss on Kimmy Schmidt.

    Bravo to you guys for actually going full hog on a show of your own, your shortest in months! I was really hoping for a Talking Simpsons Clip Show, but that would be too much work for you guys.

  6. You know an episode is bad when 3/5 comments so far is about Boyz II Men lol. Mine is no different.

    To piggyback off Henry’s (I think) comment about appealing to white people, I remember in middle school white girls LOVED Boyz II Men. They’re the closest thing to a boy band that we had between the eras of New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys/N’Sync. MTV ranked “I’ll Make Love to You” as one of their most played music videos of all time (top 10 IIRC).

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