The Highs & Lows of Game Development – Laser Time

From the despair of developing a licensed flop to the glory of indie success, we chat with Julian Spillane about his unique path from X-Men Destiny and Silicon Knights’ fall to Use Your Words’ innovative fun! 


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Learn more about X-Men Destiny’s tumultuous development in the Kotaku expose!

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14 thoughts on “The Highs & Lows of Game Development – Laser Time

  1. What a fucking great interview!
    I know the smiling buddah (I’m from Toronto) and I never made the connection.
    I actually reviewed Xmen Destiny ( when I had a site in 2011 and I remember being one of the few people that enjoyed it. I actually got backlash for liking it but what you going to do.

    This was one of my favorite interviews, I’m surprised it wasn’t a VGA bonus ep or something.

    PLEASE PLEASE do more interviews like this. I enjoyed the format (kinda had a retronauts feel to it) I enjoyed how real it was. too.
    Please speak to Orange Pixel games Pablo, (he makes fantastic games too, tell em kevin sent yeah)

    1. Man, is there anything worse than “this review isn’t the same as all the other reviews” backlash? I had to review Trails in the Sky when it first came out, and I only said it was “okay” and you would have thought I punched a cancer kid or something.

  2. Loved the interview!

    I’m still a little disappointed that Use Your Words won’t import my save from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, but I won’t hold it against them. 1/5 stars!

  3. I haven’t listened to this yet, but is this unofficially episode 300? But the file name shows 292b…I feel like there is an explanation here.

  4. Very ass-toot observation, Pilot! We explained it briefly around episode 250, but we made a numbering mistake a few months ago. I’ll make sure to explain it more during next week’s Bonus Time.

  5. A bit of honest unsolicited feedback:

    I am a huge LT fan. Been listening to T-dar since 2008. I’ve been a $15 Patron since the beginning of your Patreon. This was the best interview you guys have ever done.

    For the criticism: I’m sorry, but I really don’t like the NPR-style intros. I get the need to contextualize what the listener is about to hear (especially for new listeners) but it just sounds so weird and animatronic to hear the two of you just throw to clips for ten minutes. I just really don’t dig the splicing of those clips in, I’d much rather listen to you two just have a natural conversation about the topic to contextualize it… and that’s essentially all these intros are, but it just sounds so stilted to toss in these external clips even if they’re extremely relevant to the topic. Just my two cents. I fucking love you guys, and this was a great episode.

    Apologies for the slightly-drunken negativity, but I just wanted to toss that out there. If anything, it’s funny that you guys only do this for interviews (like the Disney Afternoon Episode) but I’m willing to admit I may be in the minority on this one.

    Either way, thanks for the great episode, hope this didn’t come off too negative!

  6. Any of the laser time folks able to get the SNES classic?

    This is the NES classic all over again. Sigh.

    1. If you mean “employees/friends of LaserTime”, Henry and Dave tweeted that they were able to score some. If you mean “fans of LaserTime”, then, speaking for myself: no.

  7. Really fun and interesting episode, loved the interview and firsthand insight on good and bad experiences in game making. I remember reading a lot about X-Men Destiny back in the day so this added background and some comments about the context of who would’ve been sourced for Kotaku’s interview were right up my alley.

  8. Awesome interview guys, please do more of this!

    Also, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with Nintendo? I still can’t understand how they can be this stupid. People are more than willing to throw wads of money at them, and they won’t accommodate that. Instead, they create an environment that benefits scumbag scalpers instead of them.

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