Cape Crisis Podcast Special! Defenders Spoilercast And More!

Surprise comic folks, Henry is back with a special solo Cape Crisis podcast! First he gives you a long rundown on all the new (and old) comics he’s been reading, as well as some of his thoughts on recent film and TV news related to superheroes! The second half is Hank running down all his thoughts on the Netflix event that teamed up all their coolest stars (and also Iron Fist). Listen and lean, true believers…


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11 thoughts on “Cape Crisis Podcast Special! Defenders Spoilercast And More!

  1. YAY FOR A CAPE CRISIS SURPRISE! Interested to hear your thoughts on the show as well as the general comic book world of late.

    I thought the Defenders was really good, even great at times. The stuff of all the heroes interacting, as well as smaller stuff between a couple of them at once rather than all 4, was definitely the best part. Matt & Jess are the standouts for me (as usual), but Luke was great again after being boring and frustrating on his solo show, and Danny was actually likeable.

    The first and last episodes were the weakest IMO, and I dislike a fakeout they do with a certain character, as well as later handling of villain(s), but these problems didn’t ruing things.

    I’d personally rank the show third behind Jessica Jones season 1 and Daredevil season 1.

  2. LOVE that you put out an episode for this but…you couldn’t find anyone to sit down with you for this?

  3. I really feel like this should have been a longer episode. The Defenders talk ended up being the shortest part! You didn’t even mention the dragon bones, and you barely touched on the final scene’s implications for Daredevil season 3. Perhaps it would have been better to have Chris or somebody to bounce off of to really get the thoughts flowing.

    God, I miss Brett. I hope he’s happy at Capcom, but Hank alone is just not enough comic geekiness for the Laser Time network.

  4. OK! So this is a safe place to talk about Defenders spoilers? I didn’t want to go into it on the review in case people hadn’t seen all the episodes but

    *Spoiler warning!*

    Defenders – We just found out the Hand is going to implode NYC! What do we do? I know! We’ll go exactly one half 9/11 and become domestic terrorists and implode a skyscraper! (They really didn’t have to make a CGI skyscraper. It could have been a 8 or 12 story building and still been believable.)

    The Hand – Let’s use this Paris Hilton socialite to be our invisible ninja weapon!

    Elektra – I choose the weapon comic book fans love me for: the wakizashi!

    Jessica Jones – too bad we have to climb out of this elevator shaft. It would be so great if I was super strong, could fly and the guys I was carrying could use their chi to heal themselves or had unbreakable skin just in case I suck at flying.

    Luke Cage – Good thing they let ex-cons who aren’t family visit people in jail! I’m glad visiting a prison and associating with known felons isn’t breaking my parole! So glad being detained and seen at the scenes of multiple crimes isn’t breaking my parole and grounds for immediate incarceration!

    Every episode was basically set in a single room, Chinese restaurant, then movie theater, then warehouse, then police station then underground and usually some character was tied up for the duration of an episode. Finn Jones can’t fight? Let’s have the heroes tie him up for a whole episode and then have the bad guys do it in the next episode!
    Also, Misty was about to reload her gun, but got knocked out and still had both arms. THEN she wakes up, forgets about the gun that was nearly reloaded (Glock 17 that for some reason only had 3 shots in the 17 round mag) and gets her arm chopped off for trying to help in a way she’s not trained to help. Why not just cut her arm off when she was shooting? I didn’t need a bad fight scene drawn out.

    And like I said before, southern hillbilly racists can organize domestic terrorism IRL but a bunch of people with powers and the same social circle can’t meet for 2 episodes? They could have at least met and then investigated things on their own which led them back together.

      1. Foggy got him out of prison using the evidence Bobby Fish found at the end of the Luke Cage Season 1. The folder that Shade’s had that proved Luke was innocent.

        1. IIRC: He went back to prison and had to serve out a sentence because he was an escaped convict, which was why he had assumed the mantle of Luke Cage to begin with. He is not innocent of that and innocent people aren’t pardoned for becoming escapees.

          IIRC, he crossed state lines because he was in prison in the south and therefore he should have been in a federal penitentiary. Some states would want him to serve the time in the state he availed himself upon, others don’t care. Given the media attention to the Hero of Harlem, he liked served the mandatory minimum.

          Last year in New York, David Sweet had his sentence extended 7-14 years for his escape. Different circumstances, but NY is known to be particularly harsh in sentencing. It’s one of the many ways Rudy Giuliani worked with state lawmakers to clean up NYC from the Escape from New York shithole it once was. It’s why a lot liberals I know from NYC liken him to any historical fascist.

  5. So, on the subject of the series being done with The Hand, I’m not sure that’s the case.

    First of all, they’re still a global criminal empire. Sure, the leaders are gone, but that doesn’t mean the organization is.
    Second, when Fisk gets out of prison, he’s going to need a criminal empire, because Daredevil dismantled his old one. And Fisk has led The Hand previously in the comics.
    Third, I think there’s maybe some foreshadowing in the fact that all of the Fingers of the Hand wore all white. Just like Kingpin traditionally does.

    1. I’d like the Hand to be done, but Gau doesn’t die on screen so that makes me somewhat sure she’s still alive.

      1. I’m hoping the hand as main bad guys is done. They’ve been the villain for three seasons now. I’m ok with Gau being alive, the guy who fell down the shaft and had the re-bar through the chest, not sure if he’s gonna live or not.

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