The Last Living Cast Member – Laser Time

We’re getting morbid with a classic Hollywood quiz asking which actors and actresses outlived their co-stars in the biggest movies ever!


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10 thoughts on “The Last Living Cast Member – Laser Time

  1. OMG, as soon as you mentioned Mrs. Bucket I thought about how much I hated “Cheer up, Charlie”. It is the one un-fun thing in a sublimely fun film. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is also lowkey a horror film for kids.

    1. gotta agree…I hate that song.

      and lol, one of my fondest memories of Willy Wonka is my mom trying to convince me it was a horror movie

  2. I just gotta tell this story since you guys brought up the “you cant have a gun until your 12” part of willy wonka. So that never struck me as weird as kid, being from rural PA. Here, 12 is the youngest age you can be to get a gun, at least when I was kind. I don’t even think there is a hard a rule on when you can get a gun, but at 12 you can take a gun safety course and get your hunter’s license. Deer hunting is a way life in PA, as it is in lots of rural places, but people who aren’t from PA don’t seem to get it. To this day, all the public schools are closed on the first day of deer season and when my dad was a kid, it was perfectly reasonable to come to school with your guns on the back of your truck to head up hunting after class. I don’t hunt myself (my dad refused to take me, he said nothing sucks more than dealing with a deer after you kill it, so we stuck to fishing) but just about everyone from PA, my vegetarian fiance included, does not have a problem with hunting. There are simply too many deer here. This leads up to the punchline of my anecdote. About three years ago I had a graduate school interview for a school I wouldn’t attend but where I now work in Philadelphia. One of the other prospective students had driven in from Oregon, and had never been on the east coast/PA before. I still remember his description of rural PA, because it was the best I’ve ever heard:

    “I’ve never seen as many dead deer on the side of the road as I did when we crossed from Ohio to PA, the entire highway from pittsburgh to philly is covered in dead animals”

    My best personal experience with PA and crazy deer hunters is about a decade ago when my mom was teaching me to drive, I was visiting my uncle who had heart surgery in lehigh valley hospital. When driving up the stretch of highway 78 that cuts through some of the hills around Allentown, we saw a pick up pulled off to the side of the road, and a hunter with a hatchet in one hand, and half a severed deer head in the other, slashing the absolute shit out it. needless to say my mom cried out in horror and we still bring it up a decade later.

    Anyway TLDR: I thought i’d share too funny PA stories about why it never struck me as weird that the kid in Willy Wonka had to wait until 12 to get a gun. My parents said the same thing to me growing up. You guys always exchange crazy stories about being from rural areas, but i think PA tops it. I mean, Billy Joel had to sing about how awful our third biggest city is…

  3. Oddly enough I was just thinking about this in regards to Star Trek:

    George Takai is 80
    Walter Koenig is 80
    Nichelle Nichols is 84
    William Shatner is 86.

    Statistically speaking Asian Americans have the longest life expectancy compared to White or African-Americans, and he’s the youngest, so he’ll probably be the last member of the original crew, but of course that’s by no means guaranteed.

  4. I just assumed this episode was inspired by the Golden Girls. My wife watches a show on Freeform called “Young & Hungry” and Betty White playes a regular role on it. She can apparently no longer stand up, so they have to shoehorn a chair into every scene she’s in, and write dialog to make it seem like she COULD get up, but doesn’t want to. It’s really sad.

  5. Great (though obviously semi-morbid) episode. It’s insane that Gone with the Wind and the Wizard of Oz came out in the same year by the same director.

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