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The Simpsons gets political and so do we on this week’s exciting podcast. The pot-smoking spend-o-crat hosts dive deep into the political references on this truly classic episode, explaining Limbaugh, Watergate, Dukakis, and so much more in this king-sized episode…



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20 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Sideshow Bob Roberts

  1. Homer being sucked into politics by a grossly biased and moronic talking head is painfully realistic.

    As a person with casual legal interest,(and not to be nitpicking because it’s funny and fits show), but a mayor does not have the ability to free any criminal, let alone someone serving for ATTEMPTED MURDER.

    The Republican Party Headquarters, complete with Nosferatu himself, is one of my favourite underrated Simpsons’ gags.

    -I love the “STAY OUT OF RIVERDALE” joke, and it’s another one of those Simpsons references that has crept into my everyday lingo.

    Random observation, but Lisa saying “everyone who voted for Bob” while doing research sounds like she’s saying “Bub”

    Really good episode guys, I loved how depth you got and the Watergate conversation (with its connection to this episode) made for great listening. I did a paper for a Human Rights course last school year where I ended up digging into the Reagan campaign and how he tied the Republican Party to Christian Fundamentalism and how different the party had been prior, even during the Nixon years, so it was cool to see that touched on a bit elsewhere.

    1. Agree about Homer. Why he is so gung ho for Birch Barlow and Sideshow Bob is the continuing conumdrum of modern society. We think most people are well-meaning, but then what they do at the polls is just so different. We learned it with the current President, the current Congress, and as this episode shows, our elected local leaders. A good politician would be a civil servant, but what most people think of as an effective politician would be somebody who can give speeches that grab you by the ghoulies, regardless of content. Hey, I’m for a well funded education and health care system that gives the people the tools to do what they reasonably want, but people keeping voting against those best interests because it would mean ALL citizens would have access to it, even the “swarthy” ones. America is still being tricked into trickle down, even if we have records that span literally half a century that proves that a bottom up approach generally works better.

  2. A big reason for Talking Simpsons is to provide context for the social environment of when the show aired and how that is different from the social environment of today. This episode takes dig at the criminal justice system but one thing that I don’t think any of you mentioned is how much higher the crime rate was in 1994 and how crime was perceived differently because. In 2017 crime has been dropping fairly steadily over the last 20+ years but in 1994 that drop had just begun but the US crime rate was still at it’s near all-time high and no one could be sure that it was a permanent slide because there had been similar drops before:

    See charts here;

    Naturally if crime has been rising for the last 30+ years (as seemed to be the case in 1994) the issue will seem a lot more immediate and pressing than if it has been falling for the last 20 years (as is the case today). Your typical Thirtysomething TV viewer/writer would have seen crime triple within their own lifetime in 1994. The reaction against that rise provides context for making fun of Mayor Quimby’s soft on crime approach, (“Mayor Quimby supports revolving-door prisons. Mayor Quimby even released Sideshow Bob – a man twice convicted of attempted murder. Can you trust a man like Mayor Quimby? V ote Sideshow Bob for Mayor.”) and other such jokes.

  3. Oh man, it is SO DIFFICULT for me to decide whether I like this episode or the Sideshow Cecil episode more. They’re both so amazing!

  4. Hey Guys,

    First let me say i love your show. so much more than the other Simpsons podcasts that exists, because they others are so sloppy and superficial. you guys do the work and actually teach me things I don’t know, which is pretty hard to do when it comes to cartoons.
    So I dont want to come of as “blah you guys are wrong, angry post, here he is” but more like “oh im 26, and have been watching every week since i was three, and im staying till the bitter end, but I’ve watched and actually enjoy more later seasons on levels as close to the originals (im getting nervous when we get to season 8 and 9, my favorites, I think you’ll really come to appreciate some of the older episodes for what they are. Current is pretty rough but every now and then theres a solid one) ”

    so birtch barlow comes back alot in the later half of the show. And hes usually a background in many republican headquarters shots (also one of my favorites, but i also love the democrats meeting in the food court).

    check it out.

    You guys are awesome. cartoons are awesome.

    Rusty V.

  5. Small correction for a comment Hank made at the end: While Oakley is part of the Simpsons Harvard cadre, Weinstein is a Stanford alum.

    Great episode of the Simpsons, great episode of Talking Simpsons! Keep up the great work.

  6. you guys should make a script or bot or something that posts the patreon comments on here when these get posted, better for community discussion

  7. Obviously not your main point but I’m pretty sure Holly Hunter’s character is a democrat. They show a news clip of her and it says so.

  8. Henry is right about the Log Cabin Republicans, because they continually are just so frustrating in what they do. They truly are the pure distillation of the perfect Republican voter as outlined in this episode, especially when they constantly bend over backwards to be “Good Sons” of the GOP despite the fact that the party will ALWAYS reject them, and enact policies that not only screw them over, but EVERYONE else. A prime example is Trump Advisor Peter Thiel, or Trump Supporter Caitlyn Jenner. Do they really care about the struggle of the LGBTQ person? No! It’s always about lip service and more about what they want for themselves, to get rich off the idiocracy.

  9. Maybe this was mentioned in a previous episode and I don’t remember it. But does anyone think the name KBBL Radio is supposed to be a joke? KBBL can be pronounced like cable, and radio is wireless. So cable radio would be some kind of oxymoron or something?

  10. Fantastic episode about one of my favourite episode! The only thing that bugs me about is that how was Lisa so shocked that snowball voted for bob if she read the whole voter list?

  11. I really do enjoy the podcast support it on patreon but man a few comments in this one felt like a personal attack. As a black republican I don’t like being generalized to “A black person rich enough to not care about racism.”

    That’s just such an offensive thing to say and it really made me shake my head.

  12. Holly hunters character was of the Democratic Party, as a citizen of Kentucky I found this weird when out turtle leader is clearly Republican, I also found it weird that anybody from Kentucky would be of such importance in the senate or the plot of a movie.

  13. Holly hunters character was of the Democratic Party, as a citizen of Kentucky I found this weird when out turtle leader is clearly Republican, I also found it weird that anybody from Kentucky would be of such importance in the senate or the plot of a movie.

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