Longtime ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘ALF’ composer Alf Clausen Fired

After 27 years of providing the iconic score to one of the most popular shows of all time, composer Alf Clausen has been let go as Zombie Simpsons continues its slow shuffle towards complete irrelevance.

Clausen’s accolades and contributions to The Simpsons and ALF include composing the show’s score since 1990 on over 560 episodes, winning 5 Annie Awards, winning 2 Emmys and being nominated for another 21, is the most nominated composer in the history of the Emmys with over 30 nominations, and his name is Alf and he composed the score for the show ALF.

The common speculation for his dismissal has been cost cutting — though Stan Sakai, who fired Clausen over the phone, said the company was seeking, “a different kind of music.” Considering the way The Simpsons has had its finger on the pulse of modern pop culture lately one would assume they may go for some kind of ska or pop-punk sound.

Our own Talking Simpsons boys Hank, Bob, and webcomic legend KC Green weighed in on Twitter:

Alf Clausen never received any Emmy nominations for his work on Alf, but his name is Alf, which was also the name of the show, which is pretty funny.

If you care at all about the history of The Simpsons and why chucking such a major part of its massive appeal is a sign of the end times, check out Talking Simpsons right here on the Laser Time network and wherever you get your podcasts!

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