Final Fantasy 7 is magic, Duckman stops quacking, Double Dribble dunks on NES, & Orgazmo comes to theaters – Sept 1-7

This week: in 87, Double Dribble and Ring King make the NES sporty while REM feels fine. 97 brings a landmark RPG with Final Fantasy 7 while the South Park guys make a movie about pornos, 07 has a Stranglehold on gaming as Chow Yun Fat does a Max Payne impression while Brothers Solomon wastes the talent of Wills Arnett and Forte.


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30 thoughts on “Final Fantasy 7 is magic, Duckman stops quacking, Double Dribble dunks on NES, & Orgazmo comes to theaters – Sept 1-7

  1. wow didn’t know Orgazmo got a theatrical release. Only found out about it during college when a friend told me he had an unreleased Trey Parker/Matt Stone film.

  2. Final Fantasy VII kinda thought me a lot about disappointment, I only ever saw gameplay screenshots in mags and the like and by the time I finally played it in Summer of 2000 (I was 9) I was HORRIFIDED by how terrible those chibi ass graphics were, like wow it looked like a disaster. I got to the part where you needed a Chocobo and could never catch one and thus never beat it, and NEVER will because that game sucked. The one silver lining playbook of FFVII is that Cloud(as well as Squall and Zell in VIII) were excellent teenage era Halloween/costume party outfits seriously.

  3. Oh man Final Fantasy VII! The first game I ever hit 100 hours in on the in-game clock. I could have spent more hours with other games that didn’t keep track of such previously, but FFVII was the first official one. And many of those hours were spent on one little peninsula holding the down button so Cloud would just run back and forth on this little beach area so I could fight sand worms that were worth 3 AP so I could level-up Knights of the Round.. Weeks of my life were devoted to this task. I’d come home from school, dick around on the internet for an hour, then hunker down in my room committing to this task until dinner. I achieved my goal though and hit level 99 in the process. Worth it!
    A September 7, 2007 music release worth talking about: Epica – “The Diving Conspiracy.” A Dutch heavy metal album with a strong mix of classical music (often referred to as symphonic heavy metal). Fronted by the gifted vocalist Simone Simons, it’s a concept album about organized religion and has some heavy messages and some great tracks. The track “Fools of Damnation” which topples the subject of jihad was a bit controversial in Muslim-majority nations (for the few who listened to it) for its use of a Muslim chant at the beginning. That track has a great chorus. Other songs worth checking out: Living A Lie, Beyond Belief, Chasing the Dragon, Sancta Terra. Also topical for today as the band’s current tour kicks off in Boston tonight blocks away from my office, but I’m too old to sit through 4 opening acts and take a midnight train home to attend.

    1. ^That should say “The Divine Conspiracy,” – I suck.
      If I’m going to make a second post, I might as well share a funny story I just remembered relating to 1997. My uncle and some of his co-workers started a death pool at work. If you are unfamiliar with what a death pool is, it’s when people pool money together and all select one celebrity/public figure that they think the reaper will be visiting shortly. Whoever’s pick dies first, wins the money in the pool. Well, my uncle’s pick was Mother Teresa and when she died and he went to collect his winnings everyone in the pool refused to allow him to profit off of her death. Apparently death pool participants have their moral limits. Don’t feel bad for my uncle though, he would eventually win the pool with another pick, but telling you the pick in this forum would basically be a spoiler for a future episode.

  4. Actually, Mo Money Mo Problems was on Biggie’s sophmore album, Life After Death. I’ll Be Missing You was off Puff’s debut, No Way Out. So they weren’t on the same album.

  5. I have a Kim Possible memory from 2007!
    That was the first time my dad ran in one of the Run Disney races (it’s been his hobby ever since) and we all flew down to Orlando to support him. At the time, EPCOT had a Kim Possible ARG, where they gave you a cell phone that would ring when you got to certain parts of the World Showcase. Wade would talk to you over the phone and give you clues to solve a series of puzzles in each country. When you solved a puzzle, it would set off a unique effect in the environment, like revealing a hidden animatronic of Professor Dementor inside the giant clock in Germany or Senor Senor Junior in France. Once you “defeated” the enemy in that country, it revealed a box, where you could either get rid of the phone to end the game, or accept the next mission and move onto another country. My brother and I (both grown-ass men at this point) played through the entire series. It was a really great way to get you to go deeper into each pavilion and visit shops and restaurants that I would normally just walk by. They eventually replaced it with a Phineas and Ferb ARG, which I believe has since been replaced by a generic smartphone ARG.

  6. Final Fantasy VII is one of the only games that I can say I’ve done E V E R Y T H I N G there is to do in that game – not necessarily because I loved it, but because the final boss scared the shit out of me. My brother and I played through it at the same time, but he critical-pathed his way to the end in the time it took me to get the airship. I watched him fight Sepharoth over and over again. Each time, it took HOURS. I thought “this has to be the hardest battle in all of video games. I’d better be prepared.” So I got every materia. Every ultimate weapon. Finished every side quest. Leveled every character to lvl 99. Got the gold chocobo by breeding *and* by winning one. I killed the Ruby and Emerald Weapons. I didn’t go into that crater until I laid waste to the entire planet.
    When I fought Sephiroth, I had a full party at level 99, each with a max-level Knights of the Round AND mimic, figuring I’d just spam that for an hour until he was dead. I think I cast it twice and he fell over. It was the most anticlimactic moment in gaming history.

  7. Holy shit, Calling All Stations. That album is special for me less because of its quality (it’s decent, the same mix of prog rock noodling and adult contemporary schmaltz Genesis had been for the prior fofteen years, but a somewhat heavier sound). But i was excited enough after hearing the title track somewhere on the primitive internet that I had to have it. I’d just moved colleges from Texas A+M to the University of Houston, and this was my first time living in a big city as a legally blind person. So with no friends there yet, I had to find a Best Buy, figure out the bus route and get out there entirely on my own. It was intimidating as fuck but I managed it, found the mall and the comics shop too, and really started to explore the city that was my home for 11 years and is on my mind pretty heavily right now.

  8. I was 10 years old, running an errand for my grandparents by hand delivering a letter to a house they rented out. The tenant invited me in for lemonade and called for her son. He yelled he was playing his new game, so she told me to pop into his room. I walked in to see him playing Final Fantasy VII. I was so confused becaused I had played Final Fantasy III but never heard of IV, V and VI being a Nintendo kid in America.

    Anyways, I was blown away by the graphics, music and gameplay and begged for a playstation and Final Fantasy VII for Christmas. Got it and still play and love FF7 to this day.

  9. I was a Nintendo 64 kid; my friends were Playstation kids. Spending the night at their house one night, they rented Final Fantasy VII and I remember being moved to compulsion like I’d never really felt before. I HAD to have that game, I HAD to have a Playstation. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt exactly that way before or since, but that feeling/memory rings so clearly in my head. I ended up getting my Playstation (first game was Mega Man 8; insert Dr. Wiwey here) and got FF7 soon thereafter. Probably the first game I sunk more than 100 hours into. But holy shit is that game ugly as fuck these days.

  10. Michael Chang didn’t win the US Open at age 15! Are you serious!? He became the youngest player to win the first ROUND of a Grand Slam match during the Open era.

  11. It’s hard to believe that the game that cemented my love for Japanese RPGs is now 20 years old.

    When Final Fantasy 7 came out, I didn’t have a PlayStation, but my best friend in high school did. We went to Best Buy and bought it the day it came out, and we would play it together whenever I was at her house.

    One day, I was set to go hang out with her after school, and she’s like “I just finished Disc 1 and the craziest thing happened! You gotta see.” Now, at this point in the game, I only had context for what happened in Midgar, because she played her save file when I wasn’t around. So I knew about Aeris and I really liked her as a character.

    I think you all can see where this is going. Much to my horror, I see her die right in front of me, I start crying. I was annoyed that the most shocking moment in video gaming history was spoiled for me. I decided then and there, that a PlayStation was what I wanted for Xmas that year.

    I had to practically BEG my parents for one, because that summer I also ended up with a PC, and they didn’t understand why I needed a PlayStation as well. They relented in the end, and the PlayStation ended up being one of my favorite consoles of all time. I now have a near complete PlayStation RPG collection, and I thank Final Fantasy 7 for that.

    I ended up getting the last laugh in the end as far as the game being spoiled though. I managed to beat Ruby and Emerald Weapon before she did, and she was super jealous. (no hard feelings though, we’re still friends)

  12. 310 to Yuma was part of a brief renaissance of westerns in the lates ’00s I feel. Coming up in 2008 was Appaloosa, which I am super interested in hearing Diana’s opinion of. 310 to Yuma is feel is the far far far better movie, but as a history nut, Appaloosa is far more the historically accurate film, re: gunfights are very short, and people are pretty inaccurate. Guess I will have to wait a year for Diana’s opinion.

  13. Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future debuted on Sept. 1, 1987.

    The show’s intro basically sums up the plot:

    Envisioned as a typical 80’s action figure tie-in show, the creators (including J. Michael Straczynski of Babylon 5 fame) decided to do more than a cynical cash-in, and made a series with a relatively complex plot, multi-episode story story arcs, mature themes (including horror, sexual tension and death), and whatever else they could get past the toy company. The special effects, including full-CG characters, are pretty good considering the era, and the budget they had. Unfortunately, it was cancelled after only one season (though the second season was already mostly written).

    Not only are the episodes available on YouTube, but there’s also a great full-length documentary on the creation and production of the series:

    1. I practically have that into memorized. I think I maybe caught the show once or twice as it aired. I had the light gun and a video tape of probably three episodes. The way the toy could interact via different effects on the screen. If you watch a bit of the show you’ll see the enemy has weird glowy bits on their chest and back. You would get points if you shot at those. And certain laser flashes from the enemy firing their guns would count against you. I don’t know how it specifically worked, but I’m guessing it was similar to Nintendo’s Zapper.

      But as for the show itself it was pretty cool. And I loved that CG enemy. His design was great.

  14. Wait, wait, wait, I thought the rule was celebrating the Japanese release dates of games? Why does FF VII get a special place with its American release? Just because that’s the time it was actually important to us?

    I was in college in 97, it’s hard to believe that South Park started, FF VII came out, and Duckman ended in the same month or so. Twenty years seems like a lot, but none of those things feel that far away to me.

  15. The most interesting thing about Kim Possible was that until Phineas and Ferb in 2013 it was Disney Channel’s longest running original series. In the 90s Disney established a 65 episode rule where every one of their Disney Channel original series would be cancelled after 65 episodes. The reason for this was that if a series has 65 episodes and you run one episode every weekday it takes it 13 weeks to run the whole series. With a year being 52 weeks this means that a series can run exactly four times every year in a neat cycle. Kim Possible ran for 3 seasons and 65 episodes and was supposed to end with the movie So The Drama but it was still getting such high ratings that Disney decided to bring it back for another season.

    1. To be fair, other series like That’s So Raven had more episodes, but due to the stop in production after three seasons it took longer for Kim Possible to finish it’s run which lasted over five years.

  16. Kim Possible and other cartoons of that era on Disney Channel are to me what the Disney Afternoon shows were to 90’s kids. Great cartoons that 00’s kids have nostalgia for. I never saw the Kim Possible finale because I was seeping out of the child cartoon age range and watching Family Guy (As most 12 year old Australian kids would) but I have fond memories of long January Summers sitting in the one air-conditioned room of the house and watching countless hours of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. Oh to be 8 years old again.

  17. Double Dribble – Anyone else remember the halftime show? The mascots from each team would appear. And the one for the L.A. team looked suspicious to a younger me. Is that a giant blue dildo walking across the screen at about 10 seconds in?

    Also a funny note about the game’s appearance on Family Guy. Turns out they pulled the gameplay pretty much straight off of Youtube (they only adjusted it to look like it was two player instead of vs the CPU). And then FOX flagged the original video for breaching copyright. In the end everything got straightened out and the original video was allowed back on. Here’s a link to an article that has both vids.

  18. You missed the most important of all non-birthdays! That’s because ten years ago the world’s only 100% pure and innocent being came into existence. That’s right, I’m talking about the “birth” of Hatsune Miku! I’m partially joking, but the “birth” of Hatsune Miku is pretty huge event in Otaku culture. The way a digital drawing with only the most basic of characteristics became a fairly recognizable global icon is fascinating, as well as just how beloved she is in many circles. Plus she has been used to make some amazing music (provided you like Jpop of course). The ascension of Miku to her frankly super star status is a fascinating look at pop culture, and if you ever have the chance to see her “live” concerts its wonderful. I’ll leave off with the clip of the time David Letterman had to introduce Hatsune Miku and it is honestly one of my favorite events of his entire career. It’s magical in an incredibly bizarre sense.

  19. With Henry there more often I’m surprised he didn’t mention a very important comic book event that happened 10 years ago this week. On Sep 6 2007 the first issue of Spider-Man: One More Day came out. To this day it is one of the most controversial comics ever published. For those who don’t know, the higher ups at Marvel had constantly been trying to separate Peter and his wife MJ in the comics over the years but nothing had really stuck. So, they decided that the best way to separate them permanently was for Peter and MJ to sell their marriage to Mephisto (basically the devil) in order to save a dying Aunt May.

    The comic was so controversial I remember that the official Marvel forums (which I actually frequented back then) banned all conversation regarding the comic. One of the worst parts of the whole ordeal is that the run of comics immediately following this terrible comic is amazing. Tons of great comics and stories came afterward, that honestly probably couldn’t have happened without One More Day.

  20. Mormon listener here. Thanks for kind shout out Chris. The LDS Church does do a lot of service and charity including earthquake, tsunami, and hurricane relief.

  21. You fine folks at Thirty Twenty Ten remembered Extreme Dinosaurs but FAILED to mentioned the Extreme Ghostbusters! It premiered on September 2nd, 1997. It was the 90’s so when they rolled out the next generation of Ghostbusters you bet your ass they were EXTREME. I am a huge Ghostbusters fan to the point that my mom even made me a Ghostbuster suit at the age of 10. So years later when Ghostbusters made a return, 16 year old me was excited to see my old “friends”. The show is a successor to “The Real Ghostbusters” and while still a kids show, has some darker tones. The new series starts with now Professor Egon Spengler teaching a fairly small class of students about the paranormal sciences. A resurgence of ghosts and ghouls drive the diverse cast of students to be Ghostbusters with help from Egon, Janine and of course, Slimer. As a kid of mixed heritage it was great to see a more variable team of Ghostbusters. Kylie, the Paranormal Goth girl lead the team. Eduardo, the lackadaisical everyman, constantly flirted with her. Roland, the level headed, tech guy. And Garret the sarcastic devil in a wheelchair. The series was great follow up to “The Real Ghostbusters”, even having a two parter where the aging Venkman, Zeddmoore, and Stantz make a return. Returning plotlines from the RGB series even played out into it. While I fully see the 90’s slathered all over this cartoon, I still love it to this day. The current IDW Ghostbuster Comic series even takes queues from it, as they have incorporated bits of it into it’s story.

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