Talking Simpsons – Bart’s Girlfriend

Bart meets a girl as evil as him. But then he finds out she’s like a Milk Dud: sweet on the outside, poison on the inside. Can Bart survive this toxic love affair on this week’s podcast or does he just miss his old glasses? Find out on this Scotchtoberfest special…



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14 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Bart’s Girlfriend

  1. So while not a super fan, I am someone who watched and very much enjoyed the Stargate TV shows. I’ve seen all 10 seasons of SG-1 and all five of Stargate Atlantis. Tried getting into Stargate Universe but that wasn’t doing anything for me and pretty much stopped there.

  2. I swear Stargate SG-1 is worth watching. I recently re-watched most of it with my wife, and like most shows, it takes a season or so to find its legs, but it actually gets really good, especially once they feel they can move away from the trappings of the film. It can be a bit corny at times, but seriously – give it a shot. (I mean, it’s not like you’ve got anything else to watch right? lol)

  3. Youse guys do know that ALOT of the ultra Conservative parts of The Bible are from The Old Testament specifically the 1st five books or as I was raised “The Torah”. It’s SO SHITTY to me that people who shit on Chirstianity give Judaism a pass when most of the shaky parts come from their. I’m mostly Jewish(dad Dutch Jew, mom GermanJew/Croatian) and can tell ya homophobia and certain social conservative views is not at all limited to Christians.

    1. Its because American has a Christian majority and they pick and choose what they want to use from the OT to help justify their prejudices and hate.

      1. Just saying I’m Jewish, I’m gay and being gay literally cost me my family it’s not just Christians and honestly most religious people of all faiths I’ve met have been mostly decent

  4. There was an episode where Bart impregnates a 15 year old… wait what? I don’t want to search engine it since I don’t want to be put on a list so is any of that true?

  5. Obviously you guys explained what the reference ACTUALLY is, but in a 2017 world, Bart’s strut is basically Tobey Maguire from Spider-Man 3. But way shorter and less out of place.

  6. I was raised Pentecostal, and I do NOT recommend it, but at the same time, I don’t think glib readings like the one here of the prodigal son story will ever sit well with me. The ultimate point of the parable is that no matter how badly you fuck up, 1) you can be forgiven, and 2) (maybe more importantly) you can be deserving of that forgiveness. I think it’s applicable today not just in a “do this because God demands it” way but in a more macro “real world” sense, though I admit it clashes with the way things tend to be today, where someone does something terrible and social media passes down judgment and swiftly metes out punishment in real time, which would seem problematic except the people doing the judging are always spot-on and the ones being punished are typically repulsive worms who deserve everything they get and more. It’s a tough thing to grapple with, especially if you are, like me, one of the .00000000000001 percent of American Christians who have more than a single molecule of interest in cracking open the thing they say they believe in and trying to make sense of it and make it work.

  7. Love Abe’s line “What is it, a Unitarian?”

    I grew up in a Unitarian Universalist church. I find the Simpson Unitarian jokes hysterical! I laugh every time.

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