The Princess Bride, Star Trek’s Next Generation, Halo 3, A Big Bang Theory, & Family Guy Meets Star Wars – Sept 22-28

This week: in 87, Star Trek The Next Generation, Full House, and A Different World debut, while Princess Bride charms crowds. In 97, Seymour Skinner is a fraud while Lamb Chop is served for the last time. 07 is sci-fi heaven as Halo 3 hits Xbox, Family Guy meets Star Wars, and Big Bang Theory makes bad nerd jokes.


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51 thoughts on “The Princess Bride, Star Trek’s Next Generation, Halo 3, A Big Bang Theory, & Family Guy Meets Star Wars – Sept 22-28

  1. Full House is the womb that all Pumpkin Spice loving, gentrifing Becky was berth, as a Married with Children, Malcom in the Middle kid from families of those sorts Full House made me mouth vomit. My middle school crush got me into A Different World her mom owned some season on DVD and living in “Bangor, Maine” which is a white ass part of white ass Maine she didn’t make many frands despite being cool so we hung out a lot. I actually really liked that show, cute ass 80s Marisa Tomei and Lisa Bonet were hawt and it introduced me to an adult world in ways that would still be relevant 20 years laters. I LOVED the style I was already a huge fan of 90s rap and black standup so I actually had some of those multi colored crazy patterned shirts and big hats of that era even though it wa s the mid 2000s and those looks were long dead I happily rocked an ugly as Sinbad spring light sweater that was 7 freaking colors and did so with confidence.

  2. Holy hell what a list. So many things to react to but let’s talk Tubthumping

    I was nine years old at my best friend’s house playing N64. His older brother comes running in, “you guys need to hear this song” he takes us to his room to play Tubthumping which he recorded off the radio.

    We listened to it about five times in a row until his Dad came in “Are you playing the same song? And why so loud?”

    My friends older brother shook his head and said ” Dad, I am showing these dudes the future of music, the next great band Chumbawamba.”

    His dad asks him to play it again, while us kids dance and sing along. Meanwhile his dad stands arms folded looking annoyed.

    “They will be a one hit wonder” the dad says as he leaves.

    My friends older brother looks at us ” The old man doesn’t know shit about music.” As he cranks Tubthumping again

  3. I hate The Principal and the Pauper. I don’t consider it some jumping off point for The Simpsons as there is no cliff the show suddenly plunged off of that marks it’s decline, but it might be the first episode I hated. What just doesn’t work for me about the episode is the relationship Skinner has with his mother, which is one of the foundations of his character, and the episode just gives us this half-assed flashback explanation of “she just wanted a son to kick around and didn’t care who it was” kind of thing to establish why their relationship is what it is. I also felt like it was the writers just taking this one step too far. There’s a line of what an audience will accept and won’t as far as continuity goes and The Simpsons has always played fast and loose with that sort of thing with its format. And the way the ending mocks how these episodes are all sort of forgotten and brushed aside might have saved it if it didn’t feel too familiar to Homer’s Enemy, which had just aired the prior season.

  4. Oh boy, did 11 year old me love Halo 3. I was beyond hyped for the release, watching Attack of the Show’s live coverage of the launch September 24th 2007, and couldn’t wait to get home from school on the 25th to get playing. I would spend pretty much the next year or so playing the game a shit ton, to the point of obsession for months. During the school year, many nights I would do nothing but play the game from when I got off the bus until around 1am, go to sleep, rinse and repeat. It was the only time from kindergarten to twelfth grade that I ever got Cs on report cards – only for math, if I remember right, because I would do my homework on the bus home so I’d have something to show the teacher the next day, but I would put barely any effort into it.

    I spent a lot of time playing the game online with mutual friends of my brother and I, and also made friends with a group of people who knew each other IRL and ended up playing numerous games with them for years afterward. Whenever there were special events (such as the introduction of an official INFECTED mode during Halloween 2007) I’d be sure to be around to experience things, and I just could not get enough of the game. As sad as it sounds, it was pretty much my life for grade 6 (beyond seeing movies with my brother and playing other 2007/08 games that we’ll get to later).

    Looking back on it, it’s maybe the nerdiest, most obsessive, and reclusive I’ve ever been, but it was fun as all hell and the best online gaming experience I’ve probably ever had. I would end up beating the game on Legendary, getting all but 2 of the trophies (killing an enemy with the mongoose in Lone Wolf, and getting a double kill with the Spartan laser in Lone Wolf), getting all of the DLC map packs, spending insane amounts of time in-game, and getting well up into the officer levels.

    TL;DR: I loved the fucking hell out of Halo 3 and played it more than game in my life up to that point.

  5. I remember seeing “The Edge”. One day at my work, Harold Perrineau (who was in “The Edge” – he wasn’t a main guy but he gets trapped on the Island with Baldwin and Hopkins) was a visiting guest kinda guy. This was about 2 or 3 years before the Matrix, and he had come in because of ‘Oz’.

    We all got to log off our phones and wait in line to get a picture with him and shake his hand. I remember starting to get a little star-struck and I couldn’t think of what I would say. I get to the front of the line and I say “Hey, I really loved you in The Edge”. He was really nice, had a big smile and said “Oh, thanks man!”

    One of my friends was behind me in line and he says “You said he was great in The Edge?! Isn’t that the movie where he gets eaten by the bear?!”

  6. Wow, the first comment that I left on Lasertime made it into an episode. I feel like such a rockstar

    The Princess Bride must be one of the most charming movies that I’ve ever seen. I first watched it having no idea what it was and liking it. I revisited it years later with one of my ex-girlfriends and probably watched it about once a week after that. The movie really sneaks up on you with how funny it is and every character is memorable in their own way.

    Also, is there anything that Matt doesn’t like? I’ve never heard someone be so positive about everything.

  7. Whoa, whoa, whoa, I need to go to the bat for THE EDGE, since nobody else will. It is so entirely a David Mamet script. White not his absolute best, it has an isolated, survivalist plot with the aged Anthony Hopkins in the Alaskan wilderness and Alec Baldwin is his scheming subordinate out to kill him. Baldwin wants to elope with Hopkins’ trophy wife, but, see, Hopkins is a zen, unflappable Mamet protagonist. He constantly outclassing Baldwin, who wilts first in the face of death, and again in the face of the grizzly bear hunting them (“He’s got the taste for meat now!”). After the bear kills Harold Perrineau, the two learn trust one another, and in Hopkins’ words, “Kill the motherfucker!” OR DO THEY? It has a moronic, 1990s-men-yelling-into-nature mantra, constantly uttered by Hopkins to keep himself calm in the face of death that I unironically adore, and is best shouted over and over at higher and higher volumes: “What one man can do, another can do!” It’s a great companion to THE GREY in the old-men vs. nature genre. Recommended, especially for Mamet devotees.

    1. I’ll go to bat for The Edge also.
      Funny that it was described as “Alec Baldwin kills a bear” when it’s really Hopkins that pushed Alec’s character to commit.
      I’m a big fan of Hopkins, since Silence of the Lambs, and I think he is enjoyable in this role. He starts as very knowledgeable, but frail. Fighting the bear is symbolic of him shedding his frailty. I do love the scene of them screaming “What one man can do, another can do!!”
      Somewhere, I read that the original title of this movie was “The Bookworm” but I can’t remember where I read that.
      Also, I’m a sucker for a movie that takes place in the wilderness and has good cinematography. The shots of them flying over Alaskan wilderness are beautiful.

  8. You guys forgot to mention the season 6 debut of one of my weirdest pop culture obsessions, Walker, Texas Ranger. The episode itself isn’t super special. It’s basically about the family of a murdered undercover DEA agent, who happen to be military trained rednecks. trying to get vengeance for their murdered sister while Walker tries to take down the Drug Lord that killed her. It’s basically the standard Walker, Texas Ranger episode. There are at least 3 more notable episodes that happen later this year, that I’ll chime in on when you guys get to them. Instead, I’d like to talk about the show itself. The show’s origins are insane.

    It’s the product of Cannon Films trying to break into television. The 3 episode pilot is shot just like one of Cannon’s films and has a lot of the same story beats of those kind of movies. After Cannon Films folded, Chuck Norris’ production company, Top Kick Productions, took over production and made it more over the top by making Walker, Texas Ranger the “Walker is the Unbeatable Force of Justice” show. Walker becomes basically unbeatable and always right, which makes it entertaining in very campy kind of way. This is compounded by the fact that Walker’s backstory is batshit insane that involves him being half-Cherokee, having his parents murdered by white supremacist and becoming World Kickboxing Champion who went on to join the Marines during Vietnam before becoming a Texas Ranger.

    The show is also weird in that you can’t find it legally streaming anywhere despite it being constantly aired on 3 different cable channels through out the week. Grit, WGN, and INSP all have blocks of it throughout the day, with Grit airing it in a 4 hour block during primetime.

  9. I spent so much time with Halo 3. Much like Bioshock brought me back to video games, Halo 3 introduced me to the idea of online multiplayer. I was infatuated with forge and custom games. It was just unlike anything else I had seen in previous multiplayer experiences I had up to that point. I could reliably play a game or two of Big Team Battle and know that after that game was done I would receive invites from complete strangers to fill up a lobby to play weird custom games like Jenga, Garbage Man/Fat Kid, Pirate Ships, and loads of race tracks.

    And the file share! The ability to make all these crazy maps and modes wouldn’t have meant squat if you couldn’t share them so Bungie created arguably the best download and sharing system for console games through Halo. Theatre mode too, it basically started a boom in the machinima community and launched the careers of loads of amateur filmmaker-esque videos using Halo 3 as the medium. So many good memories with friends and random people doing the weirdest shit inside a relatively simple FPS.

  10. Love The Princess Bride. A lot of things done right as it is very funny with a lot of memorable quotes, various moments, just about everything right…and I wasn’t interested originally when I was younger. I know my sister watched it and liked it and I know she had the book the film was based on but I was pretty much the Fred Savage character at that point in time so I didn’t pay attention until it was on TV and around the eighth grade, I saw the film and it was really endearing to me and still is. I remember a lot to this day from “no more rhymes now I mean it! Anybody got a peanut?” to “You killed my father prepare to die”, I even remember the stuff people don’t remember like probably “everybody move!” But yeah, I quite love it myself. And it’s funny, I’d also see Cary Elwes in Saw and Robin Wright in Wonder Woman. Total opposites of their Princess Bride roles. I know, I know. They’re versatile, just amused is all. Plus I know my sister liked hearing about Robin Wright being a badass amazon.

    A Different World, I do like but Bill Cosby’s association kills it much for me despite my fondness of the cast but I’ll still take it over watching Full House because it is saccharine garbage and when it’s not being saccharine, it’s preachy. It’s like a show made by conservatives for conservatives. I’m struggling to even what to say because I have so much I want to say. Like either it tries too hard to be hip but knows nothing about kids, a lot of the jokes are misses with the only ones I laughed at where the interiors of the house get destroyed like at one point Stephanie puts a car in reverse and destroys the kitchen or when a cement dump truck gets accidentally poured into the kitchen. That’s about it. But man did it bank on the cute so hard and I don’t hate cute but I’ll take Care Bears over Full House any day. And for fuck’s sake, Fuller House is still going; third season and all coming, I’m not kidding. Kill that stupid show! Only good thing about it was Kimmy Gibbler, about it.

    The Beauty and the Beast TV show, been wanting to see that for a while given Ron Pearlman and Linda Hamilton. Alf and Gilligan’s Island, well, I don’t like Alf and the crossover was amusing for what it is but oh dear, it felt very awkward really given how old everyone was at that point in time. But Cheers, always good. Star Trek: The Next Generation, still my favorite Star Trek show. Picard is better than Kirk all the way! Like, the first couple of seasons, they were rough yeah but the cast made the entire show work and there were plenty of good episodes regardless. Plus hey, Q was in the first two part episode. Not everything in the first year was a total loss. We got Patrick Stewart even, Jonathan Frakes, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, everyone.

    Tubthumper by Chumawabma, I’ve heard it before but never knew the name of the song or bad and knew about it completely via Todd in the Shadows discussing it on One Hit Wonderland.

    Soul Food, I quite like it. Some things I think the film is better off without like the child narrator (and said narration disappeared on and off) but I like the acting, the chemistry between the cast is good, the themes I quite like and hey, it got me wanting to try catfish or just actual soul food in general really, always wanted to try it. I even own the DVD. But I love The Boondocks’ take on the film. XD

    The Peacemaker I want to see, I do want to see. In retrospect, I should have added it to my 52 Films by Women challenge. Lamb Chop and Meego, pass. The Principal and the Pauper, well, it’s funny but I wouldn’t call it the worst episode ever despite the premise.

    The Game Plan, pass. I remember being disappointed to see him in family comedies since I wanted him to become an action movie star. Not a family friendly actor. I did get my wish but yeah. That Simpsons episode, oh yeah, I saw it when it first aired, not a bad episode really. The intro is very memorable yeah but I remember quite plenty from this episode especially with Homer hiding in the ballpit and him screwing up his own interview…because he’s Homer.

    The Big Bang Theory, pass. A friend of mine likes it and I don’t judge him for it but I hate it. I just do. I even saw a video about the misogyny of the show myself and it creeped me out really based on the moments presented. I just hate it. Hate it. Oh and The King of Queens suck too. I’m a sitcom snob, so sue me. XD As for Heroes, barely paid attention but I know Bryan Fuller worked on the first season and apparently when he left, the show’s quality declined. Blue Harvest, yeah, I’ve seen it too. Yeah, I am impressed with how this was handled I admit despite me not being the biggest Family Guy fa (don’t care for it). Phineas and Ferb, oh yeah, still a good show.

  11. Thanks for covering feast of love. I remembered selma blair is in the movie for a few minutes as she is married to Greg Kinner and for some reason she turns lesbian. She is topless in the movie for a few minutes.

  12. So, on a Different World.

    A Different World is as connected to the Cosby Show as that Phylicia Rashad’s sister was able to make the show about her expereince at a HBCU (a Historically Black College or University [More specifically Morehouse and Spellman in Atlanta Georgia where the show was shot.])

    So, a little backstory on the show, the show was also created to give Lisa Bonet here own vehicle, as well as give people like Jasmine Guy, Dawn Lewis, Kadeem Hardison a show to be showcased on. More than the Cosby Show, A Different World was the show to showcase young black talent, and it’s really the only show that’s come out that has described the young black experience in America without playing into stereotypes. It’s so damn great. The only thing I would say, the season to actually pay attention to is Season 2 and then move forward. Season 1 is ok, but it’s A LOT of Denise and she’s the worst. However, Season one has Marissa Tomei.

    A Different World is so damn great, and when Season 2 debuts, I’ll talk more about it, because…Bruh….SINBAD IS FANTASTIC ON THIS SHOW. Seriously, he’s easily the best part.

    Also Cree Summers has been my crush since I’ve been 2.

    1. Agreed, A Different World rules. While it had soap opera elements and “very special episodes,” it really did handle subjects that went beyond the familiar after-school-special messages, because it always felt like it was coming from real experiences: the date rape episode in particular is probably something that high schoolers should still watch today. Also credit to Jasmine Guy for being one of the best characters on TV for years; in season 1 she’s Denise’s comedically snooty roommate, and ends up being such a deeply flawed and interesting character; I love the episode where she has to confront that her own ancestors were slaveowners.

  13. “playing SNES, turning it off to watch TNG, then going back to A Link To The Past…..please god give me that day back” I feel u Brett

  14. I’m infinitely fascinated by Chumbawumba so here’s some background on the band and Tubthumper. Before they were a one hit wonder Chumbawumba was one of the biggest anarco-punk bands of the 80’s. They were closely associated with Crass, the punkest punk band ever, and rumors that various Chumbawumba members used to be in Crass persist to this day. Tubthumper is an intentionally catchy, radio geared, pop song but it’s also a celebration of the working class. They were geniuses at sneaking super leftist messages into other genres, in this case pop. Most notably they similarly infiltrated the Nazi-punk movement in the 80’s, even putting out an anti-nazi song called Skin Disease on a collaborative album with a bunch of skin head bands.

  15. Discworld 1 and 2 are notoriously difficult games. The sequel dialed down the difficult a bit, but loses some of the charm of the original. My wife and I recently played through these games. You can’t get stuck or die, but it was rare for us to solve a puzzle in Discworld that didn’t involve a hint or two or five. At one point you actually have to invoke the chaos theory by releasing a butterfly to make it rain. YTer PushingUpRoses has an excellent review of the game that goes through this puzzle.

    I haven’t revisited Chuck in recent years, but my recollection was that it was a charming show with a great cast and fun moments throughout. The low ratings forced them to find creative ways to stay on the air through product placement and commercial sponsorships, but it didn’t really affect the show to a Sandler-ian extent. Scott Bakula, Linda Hamilton, Timothy Dalton, and everybody’s favorite superman Brandon Routh all had guest starring roles. The slow burn “will they or won’t they” between Chuck and Sarah never got too annoying either (which I can’t say about Jim and Pam). They also used music really well. I’m trying not to overstate my case. It wasn’t prestige TV, but I think it was definitely under-appreciated in its time.

    1. I was coming here to say the same thing about Chuck. It was by no means excellent television, but it was a lot of fun and as you said being constantly on the verge of cancellation made them keep pushing it.

      I can see why if you saw a bit of Captain Awesome talking about how great the car was it would seem like cringing product placement, but the show did poke fun at itself and didn’t take itself too seriously (hell, in the pilot they defused a bomb with porn after all). The Subway jokes became a bit silly, but was also a nice shout out to how the fans helped keep it on air.

      And for what its worth, if the guys are reading this, the premise was Chuck gets a ‘super computer’ worth of CIA/NSA intelligence downloaded into his brain (it is kind of explained that he is of high intellect, which is why he can handle it although it does begin to deteriorate his brain until he gets a mcguffin) and thus he gets a handler from the NSA handler (Adam Baldwin) and a CIA one (Yvonne Strahovski).

      It was silly, it was fun and it managed to have a decent amount of heart. Plus where else would you get Timothy Dalton playing a campy Russian crime lord, Linda Hamilton saying the line “come with me if you want to live” (and using a PSP as a weapon!), and a Tron poster being used as an important plot point?

      1. Hang on a G-D second. Timothy Dalton, my third favorite James Bond was on this show? Looks like I need to give it a second chance. Thanks for talking it up!

  16. FWIW that Chumbawumba CD isn’t too bad. Amnesia, Good Ship Lifestyle and Whatever Happened to Mary are all pretty good.

  17. Been waiting to make this comment for a while.

    I’m a HUGE Halo fan, and Halo 3 came about right when I’d been introduced to the series. I didn’t have an original Xbox (had a GameCube), but Halo was a series that always interested me. When I graduated middle school, my best friend received an Xbox 360 as a gift, and he got Halos 1 and 2. I played co-op with him, and I just fell in love with everything. That story, the multiplayer. This was about a year before Halo 3 came out, so the hype train was already starting to build. I spent a lot of that time browsing Halopedia, watching Red vs. Blue, reading the books, and my best friend and I would talk endlessly about what we thought would happen in Halo 3.

    When Halo 3 came out, I still didn’t have an Xbox 360 myself. But my best friend went to the midnight launch at our local Walmart and got his copy (and saw someone get hit in the dick). That Wednesday we had off of school, and we played through the whole campaign co-op that day, going through 2 2-liter bottles of Pepsi each. It remains to this day one of my favorite gaming memories.

    I would eventually get a 360 myself. To this day I’ve played every game (except Spartan Strike because Microsoft refuses to bring it to the Xbox), read every book, every comic, watched every film, and I even moderate 3 Halo subreddits. Halo is by far my favorite sci-fi universe, and the one I’ve invested the most time in.

  18. I’m glad you guys touched on Dethklok, even only for a minute. I saw them twice in concert (the concert videos can be seen on the deluxe version of DethAlbum 2.

    As part of a large group of metalheads obsessed with Tenacious D, Aqua Teen etc. We jumped right on this from the first episode. It’s 100% on point with the more gruesome metal bands and even used band names (e.g.. Finntroll’s grocery store). The music is all legit, and reletively difficult to play, and they even did a teaching video with skwisgaar skwigelf doing his “advanced fast hand finger wizard master class” :
    As well as a live action video with Thor Von Clemson:

    By the way, I was a huge Lambchop fan as a kid too. My grandmother used to pretend to lose her mind at the end of each show when I’d sing along to the Song That Never Ends. It was nice tp hear it again.

  19. One of my favorite movies of all time AND my favorite band mentioned in the same episode? What do I owe for this wonderful boon?!??!

    Seriously though, Princess Bride was the first movie I ever became obsessed with. My poor parents had to buy 3 copies of the VHS tape because I watched it so much. There was some construction behind our house, and my little three old self would run up the dirt piles and scream “THE CLIFFS OF INSANITY” every time I played back there. Princess Bride is the ULTIMATE comfort movie. It’s really heartening to have this movie finally get the recognition it deserves, because growing up it seemed like no one I knew had any idea it ever existed.

    Now on to the Foo Fighters! Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace is an interesting album for me. I had just gone through a kinda sorta break up, and was starting my senior year at the University of New Hampshire (please don’t look up any current news about that place). This weird melancholy of being kind of broken up with (it was a scenario where I was under the impression that this girl I was seeing wanted to get more serious, and guess what? She didn’t!) and the feeling of “hey I’m a Senior in college, What now?” married surprisingly well with this album’s quieter moments, and of course, when it’s time for Dave and the boys to rock out, they rock out HARD. Just hearing the chorus for “The Pretender” (one of their best songs) is guaranteed to pump me up.

    I’ve seen the Foos three times now (including at Fenway Park (GO SOX!) where Dave performed from a throne cause of his broken foot), and every time they get better. As corny as it sounds, they’re a band that’s always released music at times when I needed them to the most. Dave Grohl, to paraphrase another famous Foo song, is my hero. Watch him as he goes.

  20. Kim Cattrall didn’t appear in Star Trek until VI. Robin Curtis took the role of Savvik after Kristie Allie’s Cheers departure for Star Trek III and IV.
    If you lived in Seattle, you would have to wait until Saturday night at 7:00 to watch new episodes of TNG. Season 1 was rough, to say the least, but I agree, season 2 found it’s footing, and took off in Season 3. The original pitch for the new series was nuts, and might have happened unless Gene Roddenberry stepped back in and created TNG.

    Lisa Bonet left A Different World when she and Lenny Kravitz were expecting. The producers didn’t want her pregnancy to show, and seeing a college co-ed knock up wasn’t considered a positive image for the show. They wrote her character off by saying she was studying in Africa.

    Is there a reason Dave Grohl always looks like he’s pissed off and about to kill someone?

  21. Megaman X4 was, I think, the final straw that convinced me to go Playstation over N64. Three of my friends already had N64s and the exact same games (Mario, Turok, Star Wars, Star Fox) so I had plenty of chances to play them to death and apart from Zelda, there wasn’t anything on the horizon I was looking forward to. To get the onslaught of Final Fantasy VII, Megaman X4, and Symphony of the Night within about a month of each other, along with the promise of many more Square RPGs and the continuation of every non-Nintendo first party series I loved, made it very easy to make the switch.

    Oh, and you guys can just pronounce my username “eight” if you want. Or just keep spelling it out.

  22. Hey there crew, so just started listening to your AMAZING podcast and have enjoyed every minute as well as turning me on to Talking Simpsons which I feel I should be a guest on … lol But my reason for comment is that CHUCK did not work at Best Buy and was acidentally implanted with government secrets and such thru and encrypted email from a high school friend, as well Alan Tudyk WAS NOT in HEROS the gentleman in the show does look A LOT like him though. Keep up the amazingness!!!

  23. A minor correction that had my inner Star Trek nerd crying out. Kirstie Alley’s was replaced by actress Robin Curtis in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and for a brief cameo at the beginning of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, not Kim Cattrall.

    When they were making Star Trek VI Cattrall did play the role of Valeris, a different lady Vulcan protege of Mr. Spock. When the movie was in pre-production Nick Meyer, the genius who brought together Wrath of Khan, wanted to bring Saavik back as the traitor and they were going to have Kirstie Alley reprise her role, but Gene Roddenberry pitched a fit claiming Saavik had reached “beloved character” status and that the fans would hate having her show up again only to be one of the bad guys.

    This caused some friction, but there was nothing but friction on set between Roddenberry and everyone else. This was when he was in poor health and lashing out at anyone who had real creative control over the franchise at this point. They ended up creating a totally new character and casting Cattrall instead in a role so similar to Saavik that years later people still think they’re interchangeable.

    Meyer talks about this in his autobiography and in the Star Trek Movie Memories book Shatner wrote back in the mid-’90s, and the background wrangling for a one-off character who was essentially written out of a more major role (she was initially supposed to have Spock’s baby and this survives in the novelizations) once they lost Kirstie Alley is fascinating.

  24. Princess Bride, I only watched it in the past seven years because I don’t remember syndication airing it too often. A highly loveable movie.

    Star Trek the Next Generation is indeed mixed into the foundations of my childhood along with the Simpsons and Family Matters reruns. At first I was annoyed by Wesley Crusher, and thought Picard was rather stuffy, but it had Levar Burton, the host of Reading Rainbow! Because of Mr. Burton I stayed and was mesmerized by the special effects and weighty storytelling. Being a snotnosed brat, I definitely couldn’t tell you what episodes were my favorite as they all melded into one blob. I confused “Inner Light” with the episode where Picard was at the resort, that’s how mixed it became!

    Anyway, I started rewatching the entire series this past year thanks to a dick joke filled podcast and the tv channel Heroes and Icons. I fell in love with the series again and saw its many intricacies and professionalism that shined in just about every episode. Of course, I also saw the awful lows, as the male dominated writers’ room showcased their chauvinism and insensitivity in quite a few stories, especially the first half the Troi episodes. I also learned to love Lwaxana Troi, which is rather nuts considering how much of the fandom loathes her. I still say it’s in my top 10 shows, and I just got the Blu Ray set recently and the Japanese audio is something amazing, especially as a weeb.

    Oh boy, Chumbawumba! I loved that song soooo much.

  25. I don’t know if I can go to bat for THE PEACEMAKER as something worth revisiting now, but at the time it was a jaunty action thriller with lots of globehopping and urgent shouting into phones. Like a lot of 90s movies it’s playing on the anxiety surrounding the fall of the Soviet Union in that instead of one sensible enemy America now has a million tiny enemies. And the finale is very much drawn from the fear of – gasp – a terrorist attack inside New York City. Yeah…not that far off, as it turned out.
    As Diana pointed out the director was Mimi Leder and her fine work with this movie definitely got her the DEEP IMPACT job, so if you enjoy that you should be grateful that this film exists.

  26. As a big Chuck fan, I’d like to offer some information about the show and the product placement:
    The premise of the show was that Chuck was expelled from college because his roommate claimed that Chuck had cheated on some test, which led to him working at the Buy More (it was never anything more than a Best Buy parody) for the Nerd Herd. Chuck gets an e-mail from his former roommate that happens to contain a computer program called the Intersect that uploads essentially every government secret into his brain.

    Because of this program, he gets a CIA handler (Miranda from Mass Effect 2), and an NSA handler (Adam Baldwin) and they use him as an intelligence asset, because when he sees important people or objects he essentially gets all the files on them. The show and his role evolve over time, but the core premise is that he’s a good-hearted geek who gets the opportunity to become a spy, and saves the world dozens of times.

    As for the product placement: The show was never a massive ratings winner, but it had a cult following that decided that the best way to keep NBC from cancelling it was to call out their support of a sponsor of the show, in this case Subway, in an effort to encourage them to keep it on the air. This mostly worked, and as part of this, the show started to work in comedic product placement by the comic relief characters.

    Chuck is one of my favorite shows, they managed to tell really compelling stories between characters I came to love despite always being on the verge of being cancelled. Multiple times, NBC would put in short season orders, then near the last second put in an order for 6 more episodes, which would result in the season long plot thread being completed, and them starting and finishing a new one in just six episodes. And every time they managed to do it beautifully. I don’t know if I would recommend that you seek it out to watch it now, but I just wanted to let you know a little bit more about why it mattered.

  27. The Trojan War may suck, but when I caught it on HBO in the 90s I was blown away by the soundtrack.As a gothy kid it open and ended with Peter Murphy’s “I’ll Fall With Your Knife.” That alone makes it not suck.

  28. Full House was definitely baby’s first sitcom for me. I watched it from the very beginning but around when I was 11 or so my friend came over and asked me why I was watching it. I said it was funny so my fiend starting watching it with me. Then he laughed when the laugh track laughed. Then he did it again. And again. And again. Every single time the laugh track came on he would laugh. Have you ever had someone laugh every time a laugh track laughs? It is one of the most annoying viewing experiences I have ever had in my life. But the point was driven home and I never watched Full House again.

  29. How ironic…so Fuller House drops yesterday…and in one of the episodes, they actually sing Tubthump. Is it crazy I thought of Thirty Twenty Ten first?

  30. I can say some good things about The Peacemaker.
    I’m not up to the caliber of Diana on being a cine nerd. But movie nerd maybe? This movie is most memorable for me because it was the first Dreamworks movie, a fact I’m glad you mentioned. I was pretty excited that Spielberg was forming his own company. (Nerd, right?)
    The downside of this movie was that Clooney was really playing the same character as he did in E.R., just in a different profession.
    But I liked that the action was decidedly unlike the Die Hard clones of many action movies. It took the subject more seriously than other films. Even in the pursuit of stolen nukes, they still can’t just cross into a sovereign nation when they want to. One of the villains is a tragic figure, having lost his family earlier. But in his final speech, he kind of has a point. There is a constant feeling that while finding a stolen nuke is the goal for the protagonists, there is always a larger world out there. And there are several interesting ways the heroes find out what they need to know to track down the nuke.
    I liked it overall. It won’t go down in history as a classic, but I think it’s worth watching.

  31. Princess Bride means a lot to me on a personal level. My mom died when I was very young and this movie was one of her favorites. As a result it resonates with me and n a really personal level. I have also read the book and it is awesome.
    Halo 3 was a huge deal for me too. I love halo kind of always have and always will. Halo is why I bought and Xbox and why I will continue to by Xboxes. The summer of 2007 was right after I graduated from high school and two of my buddies played Halo 2 every night throughout the whole summer. It was awesome and I still know the map Lockout really well. When Halo 3 came out I was just starting college and I didn’t have a 360 yet, but one of my buddies did. He bought Halo 3 on launch day and he brought his Xbox and over to my house. I stayed up almost all night and woke up really early in the morning to beat the campaign. It was awesome for me at the time. I later bought a 360 and even though I didn’t have good internet at the time, I played the campaign of Halo 3 over and over and over again. It was an awesome time in my life.

  32. I could honestly spend hours gushing about how important and influential Star Trek TNG is, but I think Brett has already covered most of what I wanted to say. However I would like to add how important it was to me as a kid. I was not born until 1992 so I missed out on TNG when it first aired, but I do have distinct memories of my mom watching DS9 and Voyager when they were airing. I probably wasn’t more than 4 or 5 at the time and anything that wasn’t a cartoon was instantly boring to me. We only had one TV at the time, so I ended up hating when my mom watched anything Star Trek since it meant I couldn’t watch cartoons. Flash forward several years to 2000 and I was absolutely in love with Star Wars, and my mom decided to reintroduce me to Star Trek via reruns on TNN, the predecessor to Spike TV. I was hesitant at first but soon grew to love it and looked forward to sitting in front of the TV every weeknight at 8:00 to watch the next episode with my mom. Friday nights were extra special as they would air 3 episodes in a row! Honestly Star Trek might be one of the best gifts my mother has ever given me as it has instilled in me my love for science, engineering, and many of the core values I still have today.

    I guess I should also mention Halo 3 as it was the game that made my brother and I save up to get an Xbox 360. The weekend after Halo 3 launched we begged our parents to take us to Best Buy and allow us to spend all of our hard earned money on the 360 pro with 20 GB hardrive, a copy of Halo 3, and of course an extra controller. Unfortunately my mom got suckered into getting the Best Buy warranty on everything, the system was already under warranty with Microsoft, and we ended up spending a little more money than expected. Later in the summer of 2008 I finally got Xbox Live and spent countless hours playing online with my friends for several years until Halo Reach came out. To this day I consider the summer of 08 to be the best summer every and I think Halo 3 has a lot to do with that.

  33. Great episode guys, and once again, I’m really happy that Brett showed up to chime in on Star Trek: TNG.

    I’m going to step up for Chuck, at least for the first few seasons. FYI they worked at a Best Buy-like store called Buy More. I remember every episode for a while had a pretty prominent store display for the game City of Villains, so that game’s box is immortalized on film now. It had a lot of neat guest appearances like Mark Hamill, Scott Bakula, Linda Hamilton, Timothy Dalton, Brandon Routh, Stan Lee, and a rare post Late Late show appearance by Craig Kilborn. There was also an episode featuring Reginald Vel Johnson reprising his Die Hard character Al Powell. Later seasons were possible with ludicrous levels of sponsorship, with multiple instances where characters talked about how delicious their Subway sandwiches are. Even Microsoft Skydrive got shoutouts! But the show eventually wore out its welcome for me. The writers kept trying to shake up the status quo and add more revelations to Chuck’s past, so I stopped somewhere in the last season.

  34. I want to gush about Princess Bride more but I have a better story to relate. In May of 2008 I will be getting married. In about a month from now I will have my bachelor party (weekend). What my friends ended up doing for me was amazing. They rented to HUGE HD TVs and brought over their Xbox 360s and LANed them together and we spent the whole weekend doing 8 v 8 Halo 3 matches. It was so much fun. I could go on an on forever about the highlights of that weekend (drunken skateboarding was of particular note) but probably the best thing was in one of the Halo matches we played chicken with whatever those giant vehicles were called (elephants I think) and actually flipping one! Everyone roared. Damn what a good time.

  35. Hearing Tubthumping just gave me a big flashback to October 1997. I was 11 and on holiday in Paris(!) and I remember being in a music store. I really wanted to get Chumbawamba’s album because Tubthumping was the biggest thing in the world. My big sister talked me out of it and convinced me to just get the single.
    It was an interesting holiday, I got to see the Mona Lisa from about a mile away through a massive crowd of people and we met Michael Palin of Monty Python fame in a random museum. We also climbed the Eiffel Tower and at the top I decided to do my best Bart Simpson impression and spit off the side, of course it’s really windy up there and my saliva just flew back and hit me!
    Overall it was very much a “I’m too young to really appreciate this” holiday but Tubthumping will always make me think of Paris.

  36. So, I don’t know if you’re still reading these comments, but for The Peacemaker, I’ll say this: There are two standout action sequences. The first is an absolutely brutal car chase that has one of the most violent deaths you will ever see. The second is the tense foot chase through New York as they search for a man with a nuke in his backpack.

    THAT SAID – most notable about this movie is that I believe this is when Hans Zimmer became the “Hans Zimmer” that we all think of now. Yes, he had enjoyed a successful career before, even winning an Oscar. But this is the first time I feel Zimmer was truly unleashed. The score is huge, bombastic, and incredibly over the top. The CD only has five tracks, but that is because they average 13 minutes each. This is a tremendous piece of work that is often overlooked when talking about the great Zimmer soundtracks. A must listen.

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