The Cabin in the Woods – Monday Night Movie 9/25!

Get ready for one of the cleverest horror movies ever made, because we’re doing LIVE commentary for The Cabin in the Woods! Join Chris, Dave, Matt, and baby Thor at 6PM PST for the live chat and join our Patreon for the archived video and MP3!

Get a head start with Halloween as we watch our Patreon-picked horror comedy selection The Cabin in the Woods and do commentary LIVE on Monday, September 25 at 6PM PST! Before we dive headfirst into Halloween flicks, we’re gonna watch baby Thor and other young actors in this very clever horror flick, and we want you to comment alongside us! Join us via the link below LIVE or catch the archived versions on Laser Time’s Patreon or Laser Time’s Bandcamp.

STREAM OVA! MP3 archive coming Tuesday to Laser Time’s Patreon and Laser Time’s Bandcamp!

Looking for more cabins in woods? Watch us play Friday the 13th and see kids get killed!

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