The Evil Within 2: 5 Gameplay Moments That Creeped Us Out (With Video Playthrough!)

Laser Time recently had the privilege to go hands-on with Evil Within 2, which featured over a half-hour of gameplay and two badass bosses. While you can check out our entire playthrough, we’ve written about our top 5 moments!

Bethesda recently showcased their late 2017 and early 2018 wares, and at an event that featured Doom on Switch and games like Skyrim and Wolfenstein 2 in VR, both Chris and Dave left the showcase most impressed by The Evil Within 2, the horror franchise follow-up to Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s new-gen throwback. Here’s our video preview!

While Resident Evil goes first-person, The Evil Within is more of a throwback that mixes the over-the-shoulder shooting action of Resident Evil 4 and the physchological horror of Silent Hill. The Evil Within 2 looks to continue what the 2014 original started, and we’ve picked out our five favorite moments that showcase the awesomeness within The Evil Within 2.


While there’s something a bit wrong about quoting a game’s representative verbatim, I can’t call the first boss in our Evil Within 2 demo anything but Human Broccoli once the comparison was uttered. A large lumbering creature with multiple heads each adorned with long straight black hair, the parking lot battle required protagonist Sebastian Castellanos shoot off each emerging cranium to fell the mighty beast. Fortunately there were plenty of flammable gasoline pools and slowdown switches to get an advantage on the beast.


The original Evil Within was largely set in the confines of a creepy mental hospital, and The Evil Within 2 keeps the weirdness intact for the new adventures. To upgrade your skills, Sebastian has to sit in an old wheelchair that suddenly turns into a strange restraint device you’d see in a lobotomy scene. Eh… maybe we’ll keep our stats as-is for a while…


The best psychological horror has you questioning reality at every turn, and The Evil Within 2 does that… literally! At multiple points in our demo, we would walk down the hallway to a specific destination, hear something behind us, and then turn around to see a completely different scene. Something tells us we won’t be able to find any good level maps online when this one releases.


Resident Evil is known for its weird puzzles (be it putting gems in lion statues or figuring out the order of paintings in a crow-infested hallways), which were welcome but felt weird in otherwise normal locales like police stations and genetic testing facilities. The Evil Within 2 has similarly strange puzzles, but they feel a lot more natural in the weird realities Sebastian must traverse. In particular, a puzzle that required we recreate a painting with a creepy mannequin. It’s the kind of puzzle that makes you a bit wary for what’s next instead of proud of solving a riddle.


The reason that puzzle put us off? It was shortly followed by a second strange boss battle against a creature called Camera Obscura. A giant pink fleshy creature with an old-timey camera for a head, The Camera Obscura chased Sebastian around a small room, stopping time by snapping pictures. The only way for Sebastian to escape? Pumping some bullets into the lens. Even that didn’t put the Camera down, instead escaping for another day. That day is likely October 13, when the game releases (and around when we’ll likely stream this fright-fest). In the meantime, you can check out our entire playthrough below and pre-order The Evil Within 2 via Amazon, where you’ll save 20% on pre-orders!

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