Friday the 13th – Bikinis, Emotes, & Redesigned Maps: Watch Us Play!

We’re once again exploring Friday the 13 in light of recent updates. What’s improved? What’s gotten worse? Will Dave’s dozens of hours of practice lead to him playing decently in a stream? Join us at 3PM PST on Twitch to find out, LIVE!

As Halloween approaches, Friday the 13th’s physical game release is imminent, which means a few new updates have hit. We’re gonna take the new bikini outfits, emotes, and redesigned maps out for a spin and hopefully scare a bunch more kids LIVE on Twitch at 3PM PST and archived on YouTube afterwards! Either way, the video is below!

Watch live video from LaserTime on

Looking for more Friday the 13th fun? Check out our past streams of this multiplayer horror bonanza!

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