Freddy Krueger’s Scariest Musical Moments & An Elm Street Nightmare – Laser Time

We recount Freddy’s strangest moments in music and other unexpected avenues of entertainment, from TV presenter to VHS pitchman, before showcasing the debut episode our chronological project, An Elm Street Nightmare!


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7 thoughts on “Freddy Krueger’s Scariest Musical Moments & An Elm Street Nightmare – Laser Time

  1. Yooo, Freddy straight cuts wrestling promos during the movieticket/videorental sales portion replace those with PPV buys and he’s on some Hogan shit “I moved 600,00 PPV buys by my sheer presence brother!, Halloween Havoc did 1.1 mil cuz of the Krugster Bash at the Beach couldn’t pull in 700,000 with out me!”

  2. Un-edited Robert Englund doing the Freddy voice sounds incredibly bizarre as someone who has seen every Nightmare numerous times. It’s crazy how much of a cultural phenomenon Mr. Kruger was during the mid to late ’80s, and now he’s still widely recognized and an icon of the Halloween season, but the brand itself is pretty dead otherwise (probably thanks to that shitty remake). If that new Halloween movie is as good as I hope next year, and thanks to stuff like It and the director of Anabelle Creation wanting to tackle Freddy, maybe Newline will put some money behind bringing him back this time. At the very least, I’d like to see a Friday the 13th-esque game based on the Nightmare series.

    Great episode, loved tackling Freddy’s weird music and promotional history. And the first episode of An Elm Street Nightmare is great so I hope this encourages more people to check the podcast out!

  3. I will say, as someone who doesn’t really like the Freddy movies, or even horror franchises in general, that “An Elm Street Nightmare” has been a lot of fun to listen to. Keep up the good work, guys!

  4. New Line was always marketing crazy anyway so it shouldn’t surprise me the lengths they took to merchandise Mr. Krueger. I know David Schow mentioned something about Freddy Krueger pajamas in the Never Sleep Again documentary. How ironic is that? And I’ve seen The Fat Boys music video which, yeah, it’s very silly. Dokken one was better but I’m fond of both. First saw the Dokken one on the VHS tape of the third film I rented. Actually, at one point, I had this deal at Blockbuster where I rent 6 or 7 seven movies, maybe it was 5, I get one free. And I had the goal to rent much of the remaining Elm Street films as I can (already I had rented the 2nd, 3rd and 4th films every Friday) but Freddy’s Dead was missing so I rented Goosebumps: A Night in Tower Terror in its place.

    And yes, I rented the original and New Nightmare among them and rewatched the others. I became that much of a Freddy fanatic and still am. I have a razor glove, costume, hat, the works. I even wore the costume in 2010 on Halloween thanks to the remake, wore it again for the 30th anniversary (again for Halloween) and 2015 to honor Wes Craven (and again, for Halloween). And I’ll tell you something else, I would love to own the talking Freddy Krueger doll. No reason other than for the sake of novelty and I like owning Elm Street merchandise. Hell, I even own that Freddy’s Dead comic book adaptation.

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