Nightmare on Elm Street NES – WE’RE READY 4 FREDDY!

We’re returning to Elm Street for another run at Nightmare on Elm Street on NES, but this time, we’ve got dream powers and are set to play through the whole thing! To commemorate our new podcast, An Elm Street Nightmare, join us at 3PM PST on Twitch, LIVE, as we kill Frederick Kreuger!

We will be streaming on Laser Time’s Twitch channel, so either subscribe, be here at 3PM, or catch the archive on YouTube! Either way, the video is below.

Listen to every episode of An Elm Street Nightmare below!

2 thoughts on “Nightmare on Elm Street NES – WE’RE READY 4 FREDDY!

  1. I missed this one live and really wish I could have been there. This was one of my “bad but not too bad” games I played the heck out of. Watching the YouTube archive, I kept wishing I could be in the chat telling you guys the easier way to do things (biggest example: pressing select switches between dream powers, most of which have projectile attacks or better jumps to get hard to reach bones).
    Great stream! I had so much fun watching.

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