Weird Horror Sequels – Laser Time

When you’ve gotta make a new sequel every year, you tend to get some strange shifts in popular horror franchises. Listen on to learn about a Halloween without Michael Myers, a Nightmare on Elm Street where the movies exist, Jason… in space, and much more!


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11 thoughts on “Weird Horror Sequels – Laser Time

  1. “Credit” to Halloween for going weird by the third film, most have to wait for a least 5+. This should be interesting!

  2. The weirdest Horror sequel I can think of it “The Bogus Witch Project” IDK what the directors were thinking I mean Pauly Shore TOTALLY kills any horror or believeability it feels like a horrendous comedy or something.

  3. The urban legend line of movies does this, with the second one revealing that the first movie was just a film School product of the main actress. And the third going out right magical paranormal

  4. Dave sounds like an unhinged lunatic in parts of this episode, and I love it. Every time I’m tempted to roll my eyes too hard at his froth-mouthed excoriations of Jason X or the ending to 10 Cloverfield Lane, I remember that that’s exactly how I sound when I decry the bad apples in The Twilight Zone episode list, or Alien: Resurrection.

    Passion recognizes passion. Rant away, you slavering madman.

  5. I love Jason X, such a fun romp. I don’t have the same attachment to Friday the 13th as I do the other horror franchises. I just remember seeing Jason X in a packed theather opening weekend with a raucous crowd.

  6. For my money, Jason X is actually pretty fun, and I love the series. I’d say 8 is the worst one; we’re advertised JASON TAKES MANHATTAN, but we spend 2/3 of the movie on a boat, and then the “actual” New York stuff is mostly Vancouver alleyways and the fucking sewers.

    Dave’s mention of Jason Goes to Hell’s weirdness made me think of another weird (read: bad) trend in horror sequels – piling in unnecessary backstory that was never there before. Jason Goes to Hell tells us that Jason has a sister and niece, and only a Voorhees can kill him. Halloween 5 & 6 tell us that Michael Myers is actually inflicted with the CURSE OF THE THORN or some crap. And even Freddy’s Dead tells us that Freddy had a secret daughter who again is key to defeating him. Nothing scarier than over-explaining mystery villains to the point of them being way too fleshed out (especially in the case of Michael).

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