Laser Time Fantasy Fights – 2017 Season Finale!

It’s been a while since we’ve held a Fantasy Fight, but with the coming arrival of WWE 2K18, that means out with the old and in with the new. In honor of all 2K17 has given us, we’ve reassembled a year’s worth of Fantasy Fight champion, as well as some LT-centric wildcards, into one ring in order to crown a definitive champion for one of the worst years of our lives!

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3 thoughts on “Laser Time Fantasy Fights – 2017 Season Finale!

  1. Glad this is coming out of the mothballs, also IGN or was it Gamespot stole your bit whilst youse guys were on hiatus.

  2. I had been wondering what had happened to this show just last week. Glad to see it’s not dead!!

    Looking forward to watching this finale, and hopefully the new season!

  3. ABOUT DAMN TIME THIS IS BACK. I’ve been wanting fantasy fights to return to months. Hope this isn’t just one cocktease of an episode followed by another several month hiatus.

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