Sneak Peek: Inside the Exorcist

Just in time for Halloween, we’ve got a special look into a brand new series from our partners at Wondery…

This being the month of spooktacular thrills, many of us are getting into the spirit by celebrating our favorite horror films. We just launched An Elm Street Nightmare, and our friends at Wondery have just launched an all-new series taking you deepest behind-the-scenes of one of the most beloved, most effective, and most successful horror movies ever made: The Exorcist.


Here’s the pitch: In 1973, hell came and invaded the body of a young girl. Doctors wouldn’t treat her, psychiatrists dismissed her, priests gave their lives to save her. This is Inside The Exorcist, a story of faith and fury, causes and curses, of unbridled ego and the brute force of  filmmaking. From Wondery, this is a deep dive into the story behind The Exorcist, and you have to hear the fear for yourself. Stay tuned for a trailer at the end and subscribe to Inside The Exorcist wherever you listen to podcasts.



One thought on “Sneak Peek: Inside the Exorcist

  1. Loves the sound design in this, but I don’t like the *fake* calling of the possessed child aspect. Exosist is a movie my dad and I can quote to each other all day, so I’ll defiantly be giving this a listen.

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