Fibbage 3 – Play Jackbox Party Pack 4 With Us Early!

Jackbox Games was nice enough to grace Laser Time with a free copy of Jackbox Party Pack 4 ahead of its release next week. Join us as we play some Fibbage 3 (and perhaps even more of the pack’s phone-based-game collection) LIVE on Twitch!

If you’re a Laser Time fan, you know we love us some Jackbox. Heck, we play the game on a monthly basis with our $10 Patreon supporters. That’s why we’re SUPER EXCITED to have Jackbox Party Pack 4 early and will be playing Fibbage 3 with y’all this afternoon. Join us LIVE on Twitch or catch the YouTube archive shortly thereafter. Either way, the video is below!

Looking for more Jackbox insanity? Watch some previous streams below!

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