Vidjagame Apocalypse 236 – Residents Evil

This week, we switch gears from more generalized spooky topics to a spooky series, as Henry Gilbert rejoins to help us rank our five favorite installments of the legendary Resident Evil franchise. We’ll then suit up for South Park: The Fractured But Whole, lament the demise of Visceral Games, and look at the horror movies you’d want to turn into horror games.

Question of the Week
If you had infinite money and could use it to revive one dead development studio, which would you pick, and what would you have them work on?



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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Super Mario Odyssey
Assassin’s Creed Origins
Crackdown 3
Call of Duty: WWII
God of War
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
Metro: Exodus
Monster Hunter World
Dragon Ball FighterZ

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36 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 236 – Residents Evil

  1. QotW: Cing. I’d have them work on sequels to Hotel Dusk/Last Window and Another Code. Hotel Dusk’s story is rich and further sequels would’ve been great. I’m not an importer but Last Window was a title I wanted to play badly, so it was the first title I imported. Luckily it was translated into English for the EU territories and that the DS is region free.

  2. Again, in case of spam burying the QOTW thread, my answer:

    Free Radical Design and TimeSplitters. It was ironic that with the leap of the PS2 to the PS3 generation, many games and studios jumped on the multiplayer bandwagon and yet one of the best multiplayer experiences I and many others had that would have worked perfectly online was no where to be found. Between the avalanche of single player content, both story and challenges, unlockables, level editors and customizable multiplayer ranging from AI, weapon load outs and victory conditions, all things common now but done back during the PS2’s best years. I hear there was a fan project in the works but I haven’t heard much since and also now only fragments of Free Radical remain among other studios. A great series that needs to live again!

    1. Seconded with Free Radical Design, but I would want them to work on a sequel to Second Sight, or a remastered version of Second Sight, or at the very least a game in the same vein as Second Sight. I already gushed about my love for Second Sight in the ‘obscure game’ QOTW, but the short version is that I played and replayed that game so many times, and I think a big part of the draw was Free Radical’s character design aesthetic and storytelling ability. I’m really sorry that I’ve never actually played TimeSplitters, but I definitely support resurrecting this studio and have them work on… probably anything, really.

  3. Reposting due to spam bukkake
    There’s literally dozens I could go with, and am probably forgetting about.
    They’re not technically a dead studio, but I’ll say Konami. I’ve been a life long fan of franchises like Castlevania and Silent Hill, and I know Konami is just gonna sit on these amazing series and let them die. It’s a shame the company went totally batshit and shifted their target audience to old Japanese business men.
    If not Konami, then I’ll go with Whoopie Camp. Tomba was a great game of my childhood, and I’d love to see a Tomba 3, or even a next-gen remake of the original. I’m just not sure a game about a lunatic pig-stomping jungle boy would appeal to most modern gamers.

  4. QOTW: While not technically dead, Raven Software has been relegated to COD the last few years. I’d revive them and get a new Jedi Outcast and Marvel Ultimate Alliance game.

    If you want legit dead, then LucasArts for a sequel to my favorite RTS of all time, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. It was an AoE 2 clone and I played it for countless hours in the early 00s.

  5. QOTW: I know Curt Schilling is basically a dink, but I would have liked to see more from 38 Studios. It made one pretty good game in Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning that mostly delivered on what it set out to do, in spite of its ridiculous mouthful title. I think with time the studio could have output something greater, but instead it’s studio head turned out to be really shitty at handling money and forecasting sales. Despite the game selling relatively well, it came up far short of making the company money. I don’t know if they expected the game to sell millions of copies and erase their debt, or if they wanted it to go beyond that and make them enough money to fund some MMO they were working on. Either way, their ambitions went beyond “pie in the sky” and the only people dumber than the ones handling the money for 38 Studios is probably the Rhode Island legislature that actually gave them a no-strings attached giant loan to move their headquarters from Massachusetts to there. At least their folding has spared us all the crisis of conscience of whether or not to buy a new 38 Studios game that slightly enrichens Mr. Curt “Nazi-enthusiast” Schilling.

  6. QOTW: I want Sega AM2 to make a return. The fighting game genre got a nice shot in the arm this year which made the absence of a new Virtua Fighter that much more noticeable. I NEED VIRTUA FIGHTER 6. No, THE WORLD NEEDS VIRTUA FIGHTER 6. Something I need in my life is Jacky Bryant exclaiming “YEAH!” as he does a leg sweep that makes a comically loud SWOOSH noise.

    So some non-QOTW related comments: Great list guys. I’m a definite defender of classic RE (though I totally understand how someone could look at those games and think “NO THANKS”) with the REmake and RE2 still being truly excellent games. Having said that, I’ve really enjoyed the more action oriented side of RE over the years as well. I used to love RE5 but a recent playthrough with a friend who never played the game really caused me to change my stance. RE5 mercs mode is great and Lost In Nightmares is great (Desperate Escape is ok) and the RE5 campaign starts fairly solid (if a little slow) but the moment you and your partner step onto a Jeep with the machine guns is the moment that puts RE5’s campaign on track to being one of the worst RE campaigns in the entire series. Yes, worst than RE6. RE6 is an unfocused game but outside of some of the very early encounters in both Leon and Chris’s campaigns I found the encounters way more interesting in RE6. Also, RE5 genuinely has some of the worst/most poorly designed boss fights in the entire series with the only exceptions being the fights with that mutated bat creature. The rest of the boss fights in that game are absolutely terrible. Then combine that with the garbage encounter design and that game just did not hold up well to me at all. By the way, I still liked your list guys so don’t take this as criticism of your list. Just I personally have found RE5 REALLY hard to go back to.

  7. I think remnants of the studio exist, but I’d pay a lot of money if it meant AKI got back into the wrestling game business. Their WCW and WWF games on N64 were the best, and even their later Gamecube titles (MUSCLE…and Def Jam!?) played like a dream.

  8. I’d love to revive Kojima Productions from Konami, to either do the full version of Silent Hills, or an Eternal Darkness sequel/spiritual successor. Either way, I want Kojima to make a horror game that messes with the player. The way Kojima handles things like Psycho Mantis used to scare people would be amazing. And the opening hospital sequence and a couple of other sequences from MGSV prove that Kojima can do intense horror and suspense. Heck, even seeing him revive Clock Tower would be great.

  9. QotW – I would love to SEGA CD2 brought back from the grave, and by “the grave” I mean “making Mario sports games”. Sure, they live on as Camelot, and their output for Nintendo has been *fine*, but 20 years of sour grapes between them and SEGA has just left me wondering if Mario Golf is really worth 2 decades of bad Shining Force games.

  10. (Reposted to fix grammar)

    QotW – I would love to see SEGA CD2/Sonic! Software Planning brought back from the grave, and by “the grave” I mean “making Mario sports games”. Sure, they live on as Camelot, and their output for Nintendo has been *fine*, but 20 years of sour grapes between them and SEGA has just left me wondering if Mario Golf is really worth 2 decades of bad Shining Force games.

  11. I would like to see Lucasarts brought back and make new X-Wing or Tie Fighter games. I loved Tie Fighter were you had the secret path with special mission objectives. Plus getting to be Vader’s Wingman was great. Especially the start of the mission where you are told not to give him directions.

    Who wouldn’t want to be Vader’s wingman.

  12. Question of the Week:

    I was always sad to see Smilebit fade away into nothingness, as they were responsible for two personal favorites on the original Xbox – Panzer Dragoon Orta and Jet Set Radio Future. With their penchant for stylish and quirky games, I could have seen them develop into something like Platinum.

  13. While they’re still around, I’d fund Criterion to finally make a proper new Burnout game. Burnout Paradise is the single greatest racing game of all time, and while the new Need For Speed game looks like it has a lot of Burnout DNA in it, you’ll never be able to get the cars as fucked up as you want them to be (apparently brands want you to think you’ll survive crashing their car 200mph into another car head on).

  14. QOTW: With the power of my infinite money, I would bring Treasure back from nothing. While I have no idea if Treasure is still around, they have not put out anything since the Steam version of Ikaruga in 2014, so I will count that company as being dead. I would also use that money to convince Nintendo to team up with Treasure to make Sin & Punishment 3 since that is the game I keep wishing for because the Sin & Punishment games are some of the best games that Treasure has ever made.

  15. Great episode as usual guys, loved the Resident Evil discussion. Dave and Hank really need to play 7! It’s easily one of the best games of the year, if not the generation so far.
    I’m really hoping the RE2 remake is still on track since I’ve never played 2 or 3 and would love to see it put on PS4 with modern controls and a graphical overhaul, even though it’s a hell of a lot more work than porting the REmake and RE 0 was.

    1. QOTW: I’d bring back Raven and get them to make some more awesome Marvel games! Now that Marvel seems to be taking charge with their franchises instead of just letting Activision shit out a Spider-Man game every summer, it’d be cool to see what Raven could do with some good funding and another Marvel property, since we all know there won’t be any X-Men games anytime soon.

  16. Long time lurker, first time poster. I hate this list.

    RE7 just felt like a warmed over version of modern horror games with a horrible coat of Rob Zombie paint.

    RE 4 is an okay action game, but not a good RE game. It’s vastly, vastly over rated.

    As for the question, I’d revive Team Silent. I want another SH game. I want Yamaoka to do the music. I don’t want it to be first person.

    I want it to be genuinely scary – which modern horror games aren’t.

  17. QOTW: With all the current Star Wars games being made, I really miss Factor 5. Rogue Squadron looks way too good to be a Nintendo 64 game, and they managed to get the GameCube sequel to run at 60FPS at Launch! If only they were shuttered by SixAxis problems with Lair! Anyways. Bring back Rogue Squadron. Love ya guys!

  18. QOTW: What I want isn’t really resurrecting a dead studio, but putting a team back together. I want Amy Hennig and everyone else who was part of early 2000s Crystal Dynamics to come together to finish off Legacy of Kain. The last game, Defiance, wrapped up most of the hanging plot threads, but ended on the climax of Kain and Raziel’s journey, not the close. The story still needs to be finished.

    1. I think about this series all the time. It feels like so much more than the sum of its parts, all of which I think are flawed in some way (though nothing specific sticks out about Defiance). Every time I think I’d like to see more LoK, I realize I don’t know what I’d actually want. Dead Sun looked so beside the point, I’m not sure I care it was canceled. A remake or retelling would inevitably do a disservice to the series by abridging too much, or would be so ambitious as to be unfeasible.

      I guess to start I’d just love a faithful remake of Blood Omen and/or Soul Reaver, which I think are the two best games in the series but also the most compromised. Blood Omen has like a 1:2 load time to play time ratio and is kind of hideous; Soul Reaver has a ton of cut content and half-implemented concepts.

  19. QOTW: I’ll answer: What is Clover Studios? I want a sequel to God Hand now with more insane ass kicking and maybe a proper sequel to Okami. I’m surprised the character Gene doesn’t get much notoriety as the dog or the hot milf lady with guns for shoes.I remember playing God Hand and at first regretting my purchase but after further moving along I enjoyed the hilarious scenes and the *ahem* ability to spank female baddies whenever they’re down. I highly suggest live streaming a play, it’s great.

    Thanks for answering and don’t forget: Spay and neuter your contestants! NO WHAMMIES!

  20. QOTW: So with Dave stealing my first answer of Bizarre Creations I had to think a little harder. Then I remembered Black Box, makers of Skate. Those games were great. EA shut them in 2013. With my infinite money after making a sizable investment in Lasetime studios PLC, I’d have than create a BMX game with the Skate. engine. I could be amazing.

  21. Personally I want Westwood Studio to be resurrected and make a brand new RTS. They could always go back to the mine and make a new Command and Conquer but I would personally love a new Star Wars RTS. The last one, Empire at War was developed by Petroglyph, which was made up of some former member of Westwood so I don’t think it would be that hard to do. Seriously a command and conquer style RTS with both space and ground combat would be insane.

    I’m also going to add on to Henry’s response and say I would love for Visceral to come back and make a new Dead Space. But instead of making it 3rd person make it first person like in what Capcom did with Resident Evil 7. It wouldn’t even need to be a sequel. I would go for just a complete re imagining of the first game in first person.

  22. QOTW: I’m going to have to say Snowblind Studios. I don’t know if you guys remember them but they made a bunch of Diablo rip offs based in various fantasy settings. They had Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance and Lord of the Rings War in the North but my absolute favorites were the two games they made in the Everquest world called Champions of Norrath. They were amazing Diablo clones with, in my opinion, better stories than Diablo itself. Plus I believe both the Champions and Baldur’s Gate Games left an opening for more games at the end of each series that sadly we never got. I may be the only person who wants this though cause I don’t here much chatter about these games anymore.

  23. QOTW:
    If I could I would bring back Black Rock Studio and Disney Interactive Studios to make a follow up to Split/Second

    I feel like it never really got the attention it deserved. It’s easly the best arcade racer that’s not a Nintendo game and I still love playing it to this day.

  24. I would bring Maxis back from the dead, I know they technically still exist but in the current state they are in, they are basically a corpse. Then I would have them work on an actual sim city game, with no weird small maps and forced online elements.

  25. QotW: With an infinite amount of money at my disposal, I would invent the technological capability of resurrection and bring the great Kenji Eno back from the dead so he could reform WARP and continue the D series! Seeing how he would reinvent the series in a David Cage/TellTale world would be incredibly interesting.

  26. QoTW: If I had endless resources and influence, hire a team of bounty hunters to track down Game Arts, Victor Ireland and the original Working Designs team and force them to make another Lunar game. Companies like Atlus and NIS America have great jobs of bringing over niche JRPGs in the modern era, but the undisputed kings of that were Working Designs back in the 90s. Their localizations were always fantastic, and they had some of the most robust special edition box sets, filled with art books, music CDs, and other collectibles. As the pendulum begins to swing away from the epic western RPGs that ruled the late 2000s, the time is right for Working Designs to come back and put their polish on a great JRPG.

  27. Hey guys! First, I’d like to say that while I knew it wasn’t going to make the list, I’m nonetheless disappointed that RE: Revelations 2 didn’t make the list. I didn’t really care for the first one, but I felt like the second really went above and beyond in terms of making an interesting story with its characters, and making me care about them as people. The RE cast usually has a one-dimensional charm to them that you either like or you don’t, but Revelations 2 helped flesh them out and want to see everyone make it out alive. Even the new characters made me want to see them live, instead of the ordinary destiny of biting it like red shirts.

    Anyway, for the QotW, I would say Silicon Knights. I actually did really like the GC remake of MGS1, but I would actually want to revive them for a sequel to Eternal Darkness, which is one of my favorite games of all time. Though rough around the edges, with the first title as a launching point, I think they could make a really fun, creepy, and visually impressive game out of the precedent and lore already established. It’s really sad knowing that there won’t ever be more.

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