Laser Time #301 – Scary Sitcom Halloween Episodes

The Simpsons isn’t the only show that rejects canon for Halloween! We round up sitcoms that went weird for ‘ween, including Roseanne, Punky Brewster, Fresh Prince, and more!


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19 thoughts on “Laser Time #301 – Scary Sitcom Halloween Episodes

    1. It landed with a resounding “meh”. It wasn’t the worst they’ve ever done, but it’s probably in the bottom 5.

  1. That Boy Meets World segment just seemed like it was never going to end. Sometimes it seems like Matt is skewing the subjects way younger than the other guys, but sometimes it seems like he must have had an older brother to show him old stuff like Punky Brewster.

    I recently saw a little bit of Last Man Standing, and wondered if Home Improvement was that bad, and I didn’t remember it being so bad. The clips in this episode sure seemed pretty bad, sitcoms have been the same kind of terrible for longer than I realized, the way they all seem to set up jokes just bugs the hell out of me.

  2. For the record, I watched some of Boy Meets World. I’m not proud of it, but there it is (and I’m 30). Also, Dave is right about the 3 Treehouse of Horror episodes (or even just the time travel one) combined make it the best . Aside from that, i was ready to say that you missed a great Fresh Prince episode until it came in at the end. So instead I’ll say that “Two guys, a girl and a pizza place”, aside from having the worst title on TV also had a Halloween episode. I’m not sure if it was a “did it really happen?” one but I remember that they did an old school brain swap gag and I’m pretty sure that there was a gag involved of “that black spot (on her brain) is from when she smoked pot” or something. Typical 90s. I also love that shows like Community and Parks and Rec would do in cannon Halloween shows

    1. Nothing to be embarrassed about regarding Boy Meets World. I bought my wife the DVDs for her birthday and we’ve been going through it. It’s on Hulu now, but I think the DVDs have better picture. It’s definitely the best TGIF show and Ben Savage and William Daniels were excellent. Many of the episodes were written fairly well.

      It’s fun going back on it since a lot of the stuff that I remember was only in the first two seasons. The iconic theme song was only the first season, but for some reason I thought it lasted a lot longer. It’s also cool to see current stars like Adam Scott back in the day. He played two different characters on the show.

  3. Everybody reacting to the Punky Brewster episode is the hardest I’ve laughed at a Laser Time in a while. Loved it guys!

  4. Thanks Matty J, for reminding me of that Punky Brewster special! It scared the HELL out of me as a kid. I had nightmares of the sequence where Allen’s head shows up from behind Punky. However, I never watched the two parter all the way through. I only caught bits and pieces when it would air, mostly the end and the cave sequence with Allen and Cherie as undead/demons. Now I have to watch it for Halloween.

  5. Those horrible South Park “jokes” on Boy Meets World made me remember that Step by Step basically had Beavis and Butt-Head as actual characters. I think they may have even made multiple appearances. TGIF was always trying to rub elbows with edgier programming to get that older crowd.

  6. That Boy Meets World episode actually sounds interesting, but god damn the idea of two high schoolers doing a “trial separation” is fucking ridiculous and I’d be surprised if it ever really happened
    Remembering Brotherly Love because of this podcast was unfortunate; I watched a lot of that show and it sucked hard.

  7. I loved this one! I have been watching the TGIF Halloween episodes this year and this episode was the perfect complement. The Boy Meets World episode actually aired in February of 97 and wasn’t a Halloween episode.

  8. For a second, I thought you guys were going to bring up that ep of Cosby Show where Cliff had the nightmare that him and his son in law , and Theo were pregnant, and Theo gave birth to a toy car. I love that scene!

    The Boy Meets World segment was only redeeming for all those lame South Park references.

    My favorite Roseanne costume was when Becky was dressed like the stewardess who was in a plane crash.

    Oh, and I’m sad to have learned recently that Quill stopped making the Dunder Mifflin paper.

  9. That Punky Brewster episode gave me nightmares for years. That scene where the blonde friend is stuck in the wall terrified me as a kid. As soon as you started talking about it it brought back some very intense memories of that episode.

  10. Glad you guys got my “more Boy Meets World please” message! Great episode of the series and one of the best of Season 5 (one of their BEST seasons, next to seasons 2 & 3). Matt J: you’re good in my book for being a fan of BMW! #Respect. Nice touch going into break with the BMW theme song!

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