George Michael Wants Your Sex, Movies Premiere on NES, South Park Has Halloween Pinkeye, and Seinfeld Stars in a Bee Movie – Oct 27-Nov 2

This week: in 87, George Michael hits big, Punky Brewster meets DeBarge, while Goonies, Karate Kid, and Top Gun land on NES. 97 brings Crash Bandicoot 2 alongside South Park’s first-ever Halloween episode and Hank Hill’s crack addiction. 07 has Queer Eye’s end while Bee Movie begins its slow acent to meme immortality and Sarah Silverman starts a relationship with God.


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40 thoughts on “George Michael Wants Your Sex, Movies Premiere on NES, South Park Has Halloween Pinkeye, and Seinfeld Stars in a Bee Movie – Oct 27-Nov 2

  1. The South Park Halloween episode was the first episode of South Park I ever saw. I had seen the promos being run on Comedy Central, but just had not gotten around to checking it out yet. I found it perverse and delightfully absurd. I don’t think I had ever seen an animated child murdered on television – twice! – and the fact that it made me laugh probably should have made me feel uncomfortable, but it did not. The “Thriller” parody felt original at the time, and I soon was able to borrow a VHS from a friend who had been recording every episode and got caught up. I still have a strong fondness for those old episodes, crude as they may be.

  2. My band just learned I like it by DeBarge last week. I only knew him as the rhythme of the night guy up until a week ago

  3. Mase released a sophomore album in 99 but it didn’t recieve as much fanfare as his debut. Bad Boy was still searching for the next big (no pun intended) hit post Biggie death. This was also when Mase was second guessing his place in Hip-Hop. A year or so later he’ll decide to “quit” Hip-Hop to be a pastor. He’d make his return in 2005 with a cleaner image but by then no one really cared. Then he’d sign to 50 Cent/G-unit and revive his Murda Mase persona, despite still claiming to be a man of god and still preaching. It was an odd time, for sure.

    And Chris, they’re only on Season 2 of American Crime Story. They changed from Kartina to the Versace Story.

  4. I never saw the sequel, but I did watch part of the original Slumber Party Massacre. It seemed more extreme than most slasher movies. The movie starts with a gym class ending, which cut to a shower scene, of course. Lotta boobs in there. The villain either was a telephone repair man, or al least drove a telephone repair van. He also killed people with power tools, which is way gruesomer than the claws of Freddy or the machete of Jason.

  5. I was in sixth grade at this point in 2007, and at some point during the year, the entire school watched Bee Movie projected onto the wall of the gym. Being somewhat tech savvy and aware even as an 11 or 12 year old, I knew Bee Movie wasn’t out on DVD yet, so someone at that shitpile of an elementary school had pirated the movie so that we could watch it at school one one of those days where nobody wants to teach anything. Fuck that movie.

    1. I had just began watching The Office in the fall of 2007, during those first three (kinda?) awful hour long episodes of season 4. Every commercial break was something having to do with the Bee Movie! Like, these lame Bee Movie TV Juniors promos? Never forget.

  6. Man, that DTV Monster Hits is a blast from the past. I had that special taped on a VHS, along with another one that was called “DTV’s Doggone Valentine” special. I watched the SHIT out of both of these. I liked rock music a lot as a kid anyway (after all, my boombox was a Teddy Ruxpin with Guns and Roses), so hearing CCR, ELO, and Pat Benatar made this special even more awesome!

    I’m glad you guys brought that up, because I lost those tapes ages ago, and I’m SO HAPPY to see that the special is on Youtube in its entirety.

  7. I was taken back to the fall of 1997 when the Louise Woodward case was unavoidable, and for some reason, my older sister, two of our cousins, and I decided to videotape our own take on SNL’s Weekend Update. It was probably Thanksgiving. I think our lines were improvised, but we worked out the premise beforehand. I put on a suit jacket and played Norm MacDonald, while my sister put on a fake British accent and played the au pair. After I tossed out a few Norm-style headlines that were probably just ripoffs of my favorite running gags (David Hasselhoff, the medical journal “Duh,”) we got to the interview segment. The gag was that my sister would hold a baby (doll), and reassure “Norm” and the viewers that she’d never do something so awful as shake a baby, but thanks to live, off-camera foley, the baby would keep crying during the interview, and she would get more and more violent in her attempts to get it to quiet down. Obviously, comedy gold. That was with probably an afternoon’s use of my uncle’s video camera, so who knows what we could have accomplished with today’s technology?

  8. Slumber Party Massacre 2, oh boy. Like Near Dark, I watched this and the other two Slumber Party Massacre movies for the 52 Films By Women challenge where I look at films directed by women. Of the trilogy, it’s the second film that’s the most batshit crazy. I don’t know where to start with this one because they cranked up the craziness for this. Like, it is a direct sequel to the first film, kind of. Because it’s not the same killer from the first film, he died but it deals with a character from the previous film all grown up and gets these bizarre dreams/visions/hallucinations like a raw chicken coming to life, a zit becoming overgrown to the point of deforming someone’s face, multitudes of craziness galore! But the killer himself, he’s a rockabilly dude with a drill-guitar weapon and essentially between him and the crazy hallucination stuff, it just seems like somebody wanted to ride on the Nightmare on Elm Street train so crafted all these elements to do so.

    But the one moment that sticks out to me is this moment, where the drill killer rockabilly at one point is in the living room, he turns to the camera breaking the fourth wall…and the camera cuts to another angle and he’s talking to the wall-literally so. It simultaneously broke the fourth wall and didn’t. That and the film took a break from its kill scenes for a musical number. Also, there are two police officers named Krueger and Voorhees just so you know. Some random sequels had it in for those two franchises apparently given this and Sleepaway Camp II.

    I love that Seinfeld episode, so many moments that I love like Kramer’s Anti-Mail protest like with the dummy with the bucket on his head that he tries say stuff like “symbolisms our persecution” and it’s pointed out to him “Shouldn’t you be wearing the bucket?”

    Yay, Saw IV was number one at the box office in 2007. I just love me the Saw films. XD And Martian Child, never seen it. Only thing I remember is reading about the producer, David Kirschner, talking about the future of the Child’s Play movies like before Curse of Chucky, he talked about a potential remake at the time. Bee Movie, I don’t understand how it became a meme on twitter for a while because this film is, it’s just there. And I did see a teaser where it featured Jerry Seinfeld in a bee suit meeting Spielberg. Everybody Hates Chris, love that show and I especially remember that episode such as the ending and the fact that Mr. Omar is a big fan of Romero’s zombie films.

  9. I don’t know when it will be relevant again, so I thought I’d share my “The Daily Show with Craig Kilborn” story.
    In 1996-98, I was living in Enterprise, Alabama: Home of the Boll Weevil monument. For those of you who’ve never seen it, the Boll Weevil monument is a statue of a woman holding a giant Boll Weevil, which commemorates the Weevils destroying the cotton crops, forcing Alabama farmers to switch to peanuts, for which they are now best known.
    One summer, while I was there, someone vandalized the monument by ripping off the statue’s arms and stealing the Boll Weevil. It made national news.
    My mom came home from work a few weeks later and told me that her boss, along with a few other members of City Council, were interviewed about the monument’s reconstruction by “a big news show from New York City called ‘The Daily Show’.” Very few details were given, other than that – they were not told that they were being filmed for a comedy show, but instead they made it seem like it was a local broadcast thing that they wouldn’t be able to see anyway.
    My family watched The Daily Show religiously, so when we figured it out, we were excited – it was like our first brush with celebrity! We watched the episode when it aired, and were MORTIFIED! They recut the interview, Homer Simpson “Sweet Can” style, to make it seem like they were just a bunch of ignorant, racist hicks. Craig’s closing line of “all that effort to avoid paying homage to a black man (George Washington Carver)” still stings to this day.
    Honestly, I get the message, and so did the people of Lower East Alabama – there are a bunch of Carver monuments, plaques and even a museum in the area – but seeing people who we knew having their words twisted like that made the show very difficult to watch. I didn’t get back into it until I got to college (at which point John Stewart had taken over and it was kinda unavoidable in a college dorm setting).

    1. Yes! Daily Show used to be more of a parody of a tabloid show, and tried really hard in the editing bay to make the people in the field pieces real dummies*. The old timer correspondents have said at the time that the show (back then) wanted them to treat the interviewees like they’re (like you said) hicks.

      *=however, there’s been times though where there was no editing needed to make the subject of a field piece look like a dummy, cuz they were.

  10. Yaphet Kotto played Al Giardello in Homicide: Life on the Street, a tv show that aired five years later. So did Whoopi lead the way?

  11. Skate Country in Cedar Rapids, Iowa had a Goonies machine, and if you kicked the coin box while wearing skates it’d let you play for free. They also had the only Dragon’s Lair machine I remember playing, but it cost a lot to play.

    I was demonstrating my George Gaynes impression (which consists of saying either “Punky” or “Mahoney”) for my girlfriend a couple months ago, which led to watching four Police Academy movies and the three part pilot story of Punky Brewster. Strange how often Punky has come up lately.

  12. If you haven’t seen American Gangster you really should, this movie was billed as Crowe vs Denzel, but really is just Denzel acting fantastically and stealing the show, and as Diana said his magnetism paired with evil actions is entrancing to watch. This movie is also the last good one Ridley Scott has done until the Martian.

    Also, Dave your Bus-fucker joke almost caused me to wreck my car. So thank you for making me laugh that hard. Side note: I probably need to stop listening to you guys while operating a motor vehicle.

  13. Man, I was so pumped for The Simpsons Game! I didn’t have any current-gen console at the time, so I was limited to the DS version, which I picked up as soon as it launched. I remember not absolutely hating it- until the next day, when I woke up early to play it again, unaware that a mild morning nausea was slowly turning into a full-blown stomach flu chunk-blowing. I was shaking and sweating and deliriously playing the super-trippy Matt Groening level between bouts of vomiting. It’s been TEN YEARS and I still get queasy when I think of that game… ecch.

  14. So I just did the math and 10 years ago to this day was when I was fired from my job as a teacher. I went to college at UNF to get my degree in English after getting an associates degree in Secondary education. I taught at First Coast High School (where I’m sure Henry can tell you) is a shitty racist high school. I’m half Mexican though I pass as white and a student body that’s nearly 50/50 African American and Honky. I was hired mid semester because the original teacher had Lupus and was unable to teach due to her health. “Black” Students didn’t like me because I wasn’t black and “White” students didn’t like me because I wasn’t white enough. I was threatened and assaulted on various occasions and after 3 months they let me go. It was a nightmare of a time but the part of me that I remember was that “Crank Dat Soulja Boy” was popular among my students and they would interrupt me while I was trying to teach them to “Crank Dat Soulja Boy” because that meant more to them then learning how to read/write and learn. Of course in that same week I can say I met a woman I fell in love with at a Halloween Party. I was dressed as Elliot Smith (With a knife in the chest and everything) and was the second most offensive costume of the night (at a hipster bar called TCI) and the woman I hope to one day marry was dressed as “Sexy Hitler”. so it wasn’t the worst week ever….

  15. Holy shit Zaireeka. This deserves just a little bit of talk, in my opinion. It’s a pretty good-to-great Flaming Lips album of the era, but the interesting thing about it was the format. It was released as a 4 CD set, even though it is only an 8 track album. The gimmick was that each CD had a different mix of the album and were meant to be listened to together, separately or in any combination. Ideally you would get 4 CD players together and play all 4 CDs at once, but changing the mix and using less than the full set was also encouraged. I remember people being pretty upset about the whole thing in some circles as listening to the “album as it was intended” was a pretty complicated process. Pitchfork famously gave the album a 0/10 because the reviewer was livid about the gimmick of the album and apparently also couldn’t afford to buy 3 other CD players. They have released stereo mixes of some of the songs as b-sides since, but still the only way to listen to the album in full is to get the 4 disc (or 4 vinyl) set and sync them up with each other. Pretty interesting and typically weird album from the Flaming Lips.

  16. Discovering Nick GAS around college was INCREDIBLE. Would deliberately party on the weekends, get some Taco Bell, and stay up to watch Get the Picture and NICK ARCADE (me drunkenly screaming “POWER SURRRRRGE” has become a catchphrase among my friends).

    Ma$e – Harlem World was – as you said – MASSIVE. Memories of dancing to “Feels so Good” at the roller skating rink on Saturday nights in Middle School was awesome (not awesome, getting the edited version of the CD from Super K-Mart and trying to guess the cuss words).

  17. When Christmas comes, do you guys cover popular toys that came out for Christmas? I think it would be interesting to hear every year what were the popular gifts for those years.

  18. As for a female president of the United States, ideology is usually more important to voters than the gender of the candidate. Hillary Clinton supporters, for example, would probably not be equally enthusiastic to support Sarah Palin in a presidential run (and vice-versa).

    1. Just my opinion, but I think you could and should do way better than Hillary Clinton as the first woman president. I bet not many British people are thrilled about Thatcher being the first woman as Prime Minister, or for that matter the one they’ve got now.

  19. I saw Bee Movie in theaters when I was about eleven. I didn’t really think much of it then, even as a kid, and pretty much forgot about it until my generation made it a meme for some reason. So back in February 2016 while I was looking for Bee Movie memes to share with my (no ex) girlfriend, I stumbled upon Hank’s “Cartoon Rivalries” article that featured Bee Movie’s jab at Pixar. Enjoying the article, I then started to listen to the podcast and fell in love with it.

    In a way, Bee Movie made me a Laser Time fan. Thanks Bee Movie.

  20. Someone already talked up Zaireeka a few comments up so I’ll talk about Slip Stitch and Pass. EXCELLENT introduction to Phish: it’s a live album that’s only one disc (so nothing too ridiculously out there, unless 13 minutes is already beyond your threshold for long songs). Jam bands live and die on the strength of their live sound, so to judge any given one accurately you have to listen to at least a few of their live shows. This is 1997, so you’re smack in the middle of what is known as Phish’s “cow funk” era — a sort of nebulous concept, easier to provide examples than explain, but I’ll try: basically moderate-to-slow tempo, bass-heavy, white-boy jams, easily mistaken for funk but really just an exploration of a particular groove that just happens to sound funky-ish. SS&P is crammed to the gills with cow funk but “Wolfman’s Brother” is a solid prime example if you need a specific track to zero in on. The concept would more or less dominate their sound until their first hiatus in 2000, and it’s an era fondly remembered by fans.

    There’s a ton of Phish stuff on Spotify ….. but not this. It’s on YouTube though. I recommend it.

  21. The release of Guitar Hero 3 seems like the best opportunity to tell this story: You all mentioned the decline of E3 earlier this year, as the event was scaled back and removed from the LA covention center. Well, Nintendo and E3’s parent company decided to resolve some of the complaints that came out of E3 2007 by hosting a second event that year called E For All at the LACC. It was more or else open to the public, so my dad and I snagged tickets. It wasn’t as big as E3, only taking up West Hall, but they actually brought in some big games. Smash Bros Brawl, Mario Galaxy, Metal Gear Solid 4, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero 3 were all playable. Neversoft even held a GH3 contest, and I won 2nd place! My prize was a copy of the game, which arrived on the mail a week before its release date. So yeah, i figured this would be a good way to bring up a forgotten by-product of E3’s darkest years.

  22. This is a complaint I have for all the shows he’s Inserted himself into, but Matthew Jay is way too loud compared to the other hosts. He is seriously overpowering, to the point where he keeps funny bits from developing (eg Chris’ hilarious Sam Elliot impression). From what I’ve seen in the streams, he’s just way too close to the mic for his type of voice.

  23. Ok guys, Top Gun sucked, but it’s not that hard to land the plane. Like an actual plane, you push down to go up and vice versa, so at 6 – 8, this probably was confusing, but it’s quite easy once you realize this. Everything else is just gently tapping and not over correcting. Again, hard for a grade schooler, but not so hard for an adult. The bigger issues with the game are refueling, where the controls are a lot more finicky, and the missiles, which all down a plane in one hit, so the different payloads serve no purpose.

  24. There were a lot of 1997 games this week but I’d like to give props to one you guys didn’t mention. October 31st, 1997 was the release date of what is almost certainly in my top 10 video games of all time: ‘Riven: The Sequel to Myst’. My parents were never particularly into gaming, but in the early-to-mid-nineties my family got a computer with a CD-ROM drive, and my parents bought a number of games for themselves over the following couple of years. So I have very potent childhood memories of watching my mom try to work her way through Under A Killing Moon, or the better part of a year it took my dad to save-scum his way through the original Tomb Raider. Myst was a game I spent a lot of time trying to figure out (our copy even came with a hint-book) but I lacked the necessary patience or problem-solving skills to even go beyond the main hub island.

    Despite neither of my parents finishing Myst, they picked up Riven when it came out (“You can see the water actually move in this one!” I remember my mom telling me before we got it). It was certainly mind-blowing as a visual spectacle (as it should have been, considering it shipped on FIVE CDs) but, like Myst, it was too opaque for me to actually solve any of the puzzles. I only saw the very ending cutscene some months later, when my dad printed out every page of the walkthrough from GameSpot’s website just to get to the end (a printout I actually found a while back!

    It wasn’t until Myst and Riven were re-released on a few years back that I finally attempted to conquer them in earnest with an adult brain. I had to take a lot of notes, and had to look up a couple hints with regards to some of the more pixel-hunt-y puzzles, but I managed to get through it, and no other game has made me feel as fully immersed or as much of a genius as Riven did. The art direction, the puzzles, and even the FMV acting still hold up really well. It gives the player a vague series of objectives at the very beginning and trusts them to suss out a solution. If you’re a fan of adventure games I can’t recommend it enough and envy anyone who gets to experience it for the first time.

  25. I gotta chastise Dave for mixing up Finders Keepers with Fun House, which was a similar kids game show that aired around the same time. That’s the one with J.D. Roth and the giant water slide. Fun House was not a Nickelodeon game show, but was made by the same people who’d later make Legends of the Hidden Temple.

    And yes, that was Double Dare’s Harvey in the clip of FK. He did the announcing for the sole Nickelodeon season, he didn’t make the transition to syndication. The host for Finders Keepers in syndication was Larry Toffler, some guy they got from the Universal Studios backlot tour who only did that show, but has been a contestant on *many* game shows since Finders Keepers. The original host, Wesley Eure, was a soap opera star or something who was also on a few game shows (as a celebrity) back in the day.

    I usually don’t comment but these glaring errors irk the game show nut in me. 😛

  26. I’ll go to bat for Fatal Beauty – Pretty good 80s buddy cop movie about good guys vs eccentric drug dealers that is WAY more violent than it needs to be. Whoopi and Sam Elliot have good chemistry and while there is something of a romance set up, it doesn’t hit you over the head with it. Then around the third act or so, the movie takes a seriously dark turn, and Whoopi has a scene where she breaks down and recounts a story about how she was a teenage drug addict and her addiction led to the death of her child. She acts her ass off and gives the movie a way batter performance than a movie like this deserves. Seriously, it’s one of those scenes where you watch and go “Oh yeah, this person is a great actor.” Totally worth checking out.

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