Stranger Things 2 Almost Set Up The Inevitable Third Season Even More

What did you think of the ending to Stranger Things season two? Did you know it was almost a little more cliffhangier? Watch out if you haven’t seen the show, this may be a little spoiler-ish.

In an interview with Collider, producers Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen reveal that the surprisingly upbeat ending to season two almost revealed more about what’s to come next. As it stands we see Eleven and the gang having fun at the Snow Ball and all the spooky weirdness seems to be over… for now.

Producer Shawn Levy explains that the creators, The Duffer Brothers, almost added a few epilogue scenes and why they were cut:

“There were epilogue scenes that were considered for after that [final] shot that would have hinted more at Season 3. But there was a decision made by all of us where we said let’s not back in to any promises again … We always felt after Season 1 that we had to payoff that slug that Will coughs up in the sink, or whose black car Hopper was getting into, and had to — and wanted to — follow-up on Hopper putting the Eggos out in a wooden lockbox in the woods. This time the [Duffer Brothers] very consciously wanted to promise less, so that their freedom is more.”

Often TV writing teams will write themselves into a corner with no idea how they’ll get out of it or pay it off in the next season. Sometimes they legally can’t make decisions about what will happen next because no one knows what the staff or contracts will look like even a few months from now. The writers’ room may be different, the guys who had those ideas may leave and take some of their work with them, the cast could change — a lot can evolve on a TV show. But mostly it’s just nice to have freedom when you return to these characters. Check out Ben Blacker’s podcast The Writers Panel for years worth of stories from inside writers’ rooms about all the drama like this that can happen.

What did you think of the ending of Stranger Things season two? Where do you think the show will go next? Let us know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Stranger Things 2 Almost Set Up The Inevitable Third Season Even More

  1. I was assuming that Bob, with his almost too-naïve attitude towards everything, would turn out to be a spy (be it for the scientists, a rival department (FBI, CIA, etc.), or the USSR). But unlike Brenner, they left his fate completely unambiguous.

    Speaking of which, Brenner is definitely being set up to return, presumably to set in motion whatever ends up reopening a portal to the Upside Down.

    Though, if it wasn’t for the limited time left on the child actors before they age out of “they can pass for elementary kids”, I’d kind of like for Stranger Things 3 to be like Halloween 3, and be a standalone story with a different cast/location/theme, before returning to the original cast for Season 4, but setting it after a timeskip.

  2. I like that they went with a more wrapped up ending instead of leaving it like the end of BttF2 where you know exactly where the next film is going (strange semi-trailer at the end of BttF2 aside). They threaded some stuff into the season that will pay off in season 3 but nothing big was left unanswered. I am curious if they will add another episode to season 3, making the total 10. They added an episode to season 2 but still had to leave a bunch of stuff on the cutting room floor, for example Billy is set up to be a bigger villain than he turns out to be, the Duffers said they had to trim down his role and will expand on it in season 3. So I wonder if they they’ll expand more to have more time to explore characters as the cast grows.

    In general I was pretty happy with what season 2 had to offer. The last two episodes were a great climax to the season and had some really, really awesome sequences that I don’t want to spoil but the costuming and shots were top notch.

    GuncannonD, the kids are in 8th grade this season so next year they would be in high school so them being older still fits. That was their intention from the beginning, to cast younger and allow the actors to grow as the show goes on. I’m sure puberty and becoming adults will play a big part into the next few seasons.

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