Sonic Forces – Let’s Do This

With so much goodwill built up by Sonic Mania, the Blue Blur’s brand has never been hotter. Will Sonic Forces squander that heat or lean into for a new 3D Sonic experience? Find out as grown men brave the fury… Read more

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Cheap Popcast #100 – The Best Ever!

Cheap Popcast has hit 100 episodes, so we’re doing a rare off-Patreon appearance as Dave and Hank discuss each of their top-10 all time favorite wrestlers!

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Freddy vs Jason

An Elm Street Nightmare goes out with a big old bang, but then, so does Freddy Krueger. In Robert Englund’s final role as the Springwood slasher, he unites/fights with his most notable horror contemporary, Jason Voorhees, star of the Friday… Read more

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