Laser Time #304 – The Worst Critics Ever!

What’s your favorite movie? Odds are somebody else hates it. So we put together a quiz about the worst reviews of the best movies, games, and TV shows!


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25 thoughts on “Laser Time #304 – The Worst Critics Ever!

  1. Fun episode…some of those crtical reviews are quite…interesting to say the least. It makes me wonder what the hell goes through their minds, or what they expect.

  2. Can I play Devil’s Advocate and bring up Chris’ review of The live action Beauty and the Beast from this year? Especially compared to his thoughts on the other Disney remakes:
    Jungle Book live action film: Good
    Petes Dragon: Fine
    Beauty and the Beast: Garbage that doesn’t need to exist, a cover song of a classic movie.

    1. I liked the live action Beauty and the Beast, you should stop thinking of them as remakes of the animated ones and as broadway versions of them

      1. I can’t think of them that way. Their existence feels as if Disney is, for whatever fucked up reason, admitting that the animated versions are really just second class films and these bloated, live action, CGI-infested movies are an improvement.

        Now people have to go out of their way to EXPLAIN what versions of these movies they’re referring to when they fucking talk about them. It’s insane.

        1. If you wanna shit on live action ones, Malefucent and Alice In Wonderland totally deserve it, now they are awful, they try to be different from the animated ones but in the worst way possible.

  3. Anybody else get an audio issue around the half way point? Seems like the ad break and the beginning of the new segment got mashed together somehow.

  4. I gotta say I dont like Peter Pan or Up really
    Frozens pretty mediocre aside from 3 great songs, the trolls are awful.

  5. Chris! I listened to the entirety of elm street Nightmare. Then I strapped 5 friends to chairs and forced them to listen to it too. They then were given 5 laptops which was set to a playlist of all of lasertimes content starting with freddie’s 5 stupidest kills. I wonder how they’re doing.

  6. Ooo, this episode sounds really fun! I also wan to throw out there critics that were “right”, in the sense where the media’s popularity massively waned or aged poorly.

  7. Was Talking Nightmares not popular with young people or just not popular period? Do you know the demographics of the Lasertime audience? I’m 39 and honestly have no idea if I’m an old listener or an average one.

    PS. Please do the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot! The completionist in me craves it!

  8. This episode was great, as shows with Diana tend to be (I’d kill to see a weekly classic film podcast with Chris, Bob, Henry, Diana and Mikel).

    Since this one is about critics, you guys are definitely at your best when you’re looking at broad meta-topics like this, rather than focusing on a single item (just my opinion, but the comic movie/star wars review episodes are popular due to SEO, not the fact that they’re fun to listen to).

    In direct contradiction to my previous sentence; Elm Street Nightmare was great, it’s a shame it didn’t do better for you guys.

  9. A very long engagement is still one of my favorite movies, that was unfairly dubbed, a french saving private ryan. Its so much more.

  10. YOU GUYS DONT LIKE BLADE RUNNER AS MUCH AS who framed roger rabbit, i will never listen to you again, after having listened for ten years

  11. It wasn’t in the episode but my least favorite review from a mainstream critic is Gene Siskels review of Friday the 13th where he spoiled the ending, then revealed the actual home address of Betsy Palmer, thereby inventing the idea of doxxing a woman you don’t like by two decades.

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