SNL Uploaded Another Batch Of Classic Holiday Sketches To Youtube!

What better way to celebrate the most thankful season than to watch a bunch of classic Saturday Night Live sketches from the last four decades?

You can never go wrong with the trio of Tonto, Tarzan, and Frankenstein:

A more recent sketch about visiting your family hits close to home for anyone who’s moved away:

Two of the best commercial parodies of 90’s SNL:

And one from just a couple years ago:

The Boss stops by Kevin Nealon’s Update desk:

And so does regular ol’ Sandler:

Amy Poehler and Gwyneth Paltrow have been watching too much of “The MTV”:

Of course dysfunctional family dinners are a recurring theme — SNL even digs into the 80’s for this weird sketch with Jim Belushi and Julia Louis Dreyfus yelling at each other:

No list of SNL sketches is complete without some Deep Thoughts:

Mr. Robinson goes shopping:

Phil Hartman, Cheri Oteri, and Mark McKinney look for the next great Thanksgiving song:

And Hans and Franz teach you how to lose those extra holiday pounds:

You can catch all of these as well as enough holiday themed sketches to last you all through November on SNL’s Thanksgiving playlist.

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