Justice League: Review/Reactions Livestream

DC’s cinematic universe has completed assembly this week, and we’re running straight from today’s screening into a live chat with all of you. Come be a part of Monday’s Laser Time and chime in with your thoughts on Justice League¬†LIVE today, Friday at 1:30PM Pacific (4:30 Eastern). Spoilers, obviously


Be sure to subscribe to Laser Time’s YouTube channel to get notified when we go live. Here’s some review/reactions you might’ve missed.

One thought on “Justice League: Review/Reactions Livestream

  1. I’m going to check this out later, after I see the movie today. For now I’ll say I don’t expect much out of JL but if its quality is more on par with Wonder Woman (which I liked quite a bit) and not as bad as BvS and MoS then I’ll pleased.

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