Laser Time #305 – Justice League Review & Original Movie Heroes

Did you see Justice League? We did! And our reactions may surprise you.


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6 thoughts on “Laser Time #305 – Justice League Review & Original Movie Heroes

  1. My immediate thought when it comes to original superheroes is DARKMAN and I’m glad it was brought up here. I don’t know what the occasion would be, but I’d love to see that done as a Monday Night Movie sometime.

  2. Wonder Woman IN Wonder Woman was not portrayed the best. She was held back by a fucking machine gun and in this one is headbutting Superman? Get fucking real. They still don’t fully understand their characters in any of them films.

    In that trench Wonder Woman scene, she should have not slowly walked across and got ‘held back’. Makes no fucking sense and just set up a moment with Pine. She should have run really fast over (which they showed she can do in that movie) or do a monster leap over (which they showed she could have) and then beat ass. Shit like that shows they still don’t fully get shit.

    It’s weird how you guys reception of this movie is skewed towards positive because the others have been shit. Meanwhile Marvel has been hitting em out of the park and it’s now ‘ho hum’. Shows what happens when you set a reasonable bar.

    1. That last bit echoes what I’ve been thinking when seeing a lot of the positive comments and discussions around the internet. Justice League didn’t do much for me because it’s still hugely flawed and we deserve actually good versions of these heroes, not just improved-from-BvS versions that are still pretty off the mark. Not to mention that everyone’s giving that crappy CGI and villain a pass, despite constantly calling out villains or CGI every time a Marvel movie comes out. On a pure basics of film level, JL has serious and not easily excusable problems. It’s an odd double standard I don’t get personally, but to each their own.

      Again, not trying to start shit here or say if you like JL you’re wrong or bad, just that discussions around it have seemed really bizarre to me based on what people have been talking about with other superhero movies lately.

  3. I haven’t seen JL yet; to be honest, I’m not terribly interested in seeing it. However, my view on the villains is that Darkseid is the wrong guy for the Justice League to fight as their first major enemy. I know that the concept of the Justice League (and really most superhero teams) is that they deal with threats too big for any hero to stop on their own, and on that level Darkseid qualifies. However, I think a better opponent is Lex Luthor and the Injustice Gang, because the JL are traditionally the “all star” team with all the heavy hitters, and I think it makes better sense for a team that’s “all the heroes” to start off fighting one that’s “all the villains”.

    That said, I think Darkseid has the same problem as Thanos. A lot of what I’ve read indicates that Jack Kirby had a clear idea of what he wanted Darkseid to be and represent and he had a clear idea of how Darkseid’s story should end; the same is definitely true for Jim Starlin with Thanos. While lots of fun stories have been told with both characters, it’s sometimes disappointing when they’re wheeled out as a kinda generic grandstanding villain, especially when there must surely be other bad guys who can do the same thing.

  4. Even though I was upset that Joss Whedon took over directing Justice League, I must say I really enjoyed the movie. The audience at my theater were really into it, also. I can honestly say I like it as much as The Winter Soldier, which I think is the best Post Nolan Dark Knight trilogy comic book movie.

  5. These review episodes are much more enjoyable when the movie is shit (especially when Henry is along for the ride).

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