Vidjagame Apocalypse 241 – Don’t Eat The Scenery

Happy Black Friday, everybody! Since we just moved past Thanksgiving, we’re focusing this week on the last thing you probably want to think about right now: more food, this time in the form of our favorite food-themed levels. Joining us once again is PCWorld Reviews Editor Alaina Yee, who also brought a ton of Black Friday deals to this week’s game-deals segment, and we also touch on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, which console won the fall sales race, and your favorite Wii U games.

Question of the Week
What’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten on Black Friday?



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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Crackdown 3
God of War
Metro: Exodus
Monster Hunter World
Dragon Ball FighterZ

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25 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 241 – Don’t Eat The Scenery

  1. QotW (kinda): Never really got any killer Black Friday deals, and the first (and last) time I decided to actually wait in line, I got fucked. It was after the Wii’s release and I fell for that marketing campaign and wanted one. So I waited my ass at Gamestop from 11:00PM until they opened at 9:00AM in the freezing cold only to find out they had about 7 units…and I was number 8! MOTHERFUCKERS! Needless to say, I wasted my time and eventually got one January 2007 in an overpriced bundle Gamestop fucked me over with.

  2. QOTW: although it’s not exclusively games, last year after I finished my long day of university, I got Doom for PS4, Room (not THE ROOM) on Blu-Ray, and a new phone (+ otterbox case) for about $120 at Best Buy. HOWEVER, because of Black Friday Deals, I got a $100 store giftcard, so the only thing only really cost me ~$20.

  3. The birth of Giantbomb is what got me into Games/Talkradar I was 17 and had been living on my own/with assorted GFs for about a year and had no money for games but decent internet yadda yadda I knew of Gerstmann and loved that his site had videos of game play for me to vicariously enjoy and I learned what podcast were via Arrowpointing Down the whole shitting on MK vs DC thing(an underrated gem) drove my attention to some jamoke ass edglords and the rest as Theey say (Johnny They a poetic frand of mine) is a thing that’s been recorded down.

    1. Ah somehow ended up on the wrong thingy, anyways the best Black Friday deal I’ve ever gotten directly game related it was a $300 record player that I got for $75 it was an Amazon “$300” so it was probably never listed for more than $170 but still I was FINALLY able to listen to poetic classics “Rust in Peace” & “Rocks”
      as intended.

  4. Didn’t know ZombiU was actually a multiplatform title. I will definitely take a look on other platforms! Thanks for the heads up

  5. I only got to #5 of your top 5 and I had to respond.
    I played Psychonauts on the PC (I bought it day of release). I loved every second of the game until The Meat Circus. I fought against that level dozens of times over countless hours but couldn’t beat it. I would come home from work every day and bang my head against it for hours. I did this for weeks until I had to finally give up. I never saw the end of the game, and I swore off Double Fine until I read an article where they admitted that the meat circus level was essentially broken and apologized for it.
    I believe they have fixed this issue in subsequent releases, but I don’t want to play through the entire game again just to beat the final level and see the ending. I’m sure I could find it on YouTube, I just never have.

  6. Considering doorbusters are out of the question for me, and I do not like going to Black Friday in the early morning, I would say… LA Noire. It was a few years ago when I decided to get a Tales of Xilia game and was lucky to get the LE for $20 and I decided to pick up the $5 LA Noire from the bargain bin. I never got to play Xilia, but LA Noire dominated my December as I was enjoying driving around like a lunatic while being a terrible cop with Cole Phelps’ psychopathic tendencies. With the remaster coming out this week, I should pick it up again, but it won’t be the same.

  7. QOTW: One black Friday my college roommate and I found an insanely discounted floor model foosball table on sale at Sears (do college kids still play foosball?).
    Neither of us had a car, so we ended up carrying this fully assembled table through the store, through the mall, and all the way home on a dreary winter day. Our lives were complete. While it didn’t make our student house the party destination we thought it would, it offset our nerdery ever so slightly.

  8. I have a pretty great Black Friday story about how I got my Xbox One. Three years ago, the Microsoft Store in Canada had a deal wherein you got $100 off an Xbox One if you traded in ANY working 360. I had my old, refurbished launch unit that was on it’s last legs, and wanted to trade that in. I sent my girlfriend (now wife) since she had the day off to the Microsoft Store to secure the deal, but the clerk was being a jerk about the one bundle not being on the floor and refusing to check the back. My girlfriend starts crying, and the guy gets flustered and sends a girl over to talk to her. My girlfriend gives the girl this whole made up sob story about how this Xbox One is for her son and she wants it because she’s getting a divorce and wants her son to have one last happy Christmas. The girl looks in the back, and takes the 360 with her to “check it out” A few minutes later, the girl comes out proudly carrying the box shouting “GUESS WHOSE SON IS GETTING AN XBOX ONE FOR CHRISTMAS?!” The girl is being super friendly, and even asks about our fake son, to which my girlfriend tells her the kid is 7 years old, and then when asked which free game she wants with the bundle, she tells her “Shadow of Mordor”! So we got a 500GB Xbox One bundle with Assassin’s Creed Unity and Black Flag, plus a free copy of Shadow of Mordor (all M rated games for our fake 7 year old) for $249.99 Canadian and a broken down refurbed Xbox 360.

  9. This year, I took advantage of Sony’s week long Black Friday Sale and bought a PS VR headset for $200. I already had a PS Camera from Black Friday 2 years ago. So I bought 2 pre-owned Move controllers from GameStop. They were having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on all pre-owned items. So I picked up Batman: Arkham VR for FREE! Then, I visited Wal-Mart on my way to work on Friday and picked up South Park: The Fractured But Whole for $29. And it came with a download code for The Stick of Truth. 2 games for half the price of one!

  10. I have a Khols around me and I can confirm Kohls Cash is fucking crazy, I purchased a TV 2 black fridays ago at Kohls because it somehow was the best deal and I got $100 in in-store cash, without even trying I kept bankrolling smaller and smaller amounts of Khols Cash from buying products..with my Khols Cash.. People that know how to use that stuff must make a killing on buying stuff.

  11. QOTW: I love Black Friday and have participated for over ten years now. I’ve had many great finds and deals but one I’ll share here is Lego Batman 2. The year was 2012 and I had had zero luck finding this game at many stores on Thanksgiving. The next morning I was at a Walmart and lucked into finding it in a random bin for the Black Friday price still (15 bucks). Me and my GF then proceeded to play through and 100% everything about this game.

    Best value buy this year is probably WWE 2k18 Digital Deluxe via Xbox marketplace. 48 bucks for the game AND all DLC. I play these games a ton and have already gotten my money’s worth in the week since I’ve bought it.

    Black Friday rules.

  12. QOTW: For me, the best Black Friday deal was back in 2012, a PS Vita bundle from Amazon. It consisted of the Assassin’s Creed Vita bundle (White Vita, 4GB Memory Card, and an Assassin’s Creed Liberation cart), a download code for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, and three months of PS Plus. All for only $179.99; $70 less than the system’s MSRP by itself, around 9 months after it launched. And keep in mind that at this time, PS Plus was pushing the Vita hard with major titles like Uncharted, Gravity Rush, and Wipeout on the service. Not to mention that the three months were distributed as three one month codes, so you could stretch that three months into six months of PS+ games if you timed the redemptions right.

    It was a pretty sweet deal, even though upgrading the memory card was a must if you wanted to do any serious digital gaming without cleaning out the fridge every time you wanted to download something. Even then, this bundle plus a 16GB memory card still cost less than a Vita by itself, and you’d still have nearly enough leftover to buy Persona 4 Golden.

  13. Putting this on all three pages just to make sure you guys see it.

    It’s an admirable feat, how regular you fellows (and Diana) are at getting these shows up without missing a beat, even for national holidays. It is definitely appreciated. Cheers.

  14. Couplafew years ago on Black Friday I managed to get a black 360 (I think it was called the “Elite” model) with the 250 gb built in hard drive for $250 from Target with a $150 Target gift card thrown in as part of the promotion. There was some weird issue where the store clerk or someone thought the promotion didn’t apply all day or whatever, but I had checked their website on my brand-new, high-tech, real-internet-in-your-pocket,first generation iPhone (give you an idea when this was?) and even called into the store to verify on my hour long commute home from work just to make sure. When I got to the store I STILL had show them the webpage to prove it. It was all worth it though, I was able to get a brand new 360 for about $100 bucks.
    2 weeks later they announced the new touch button model and dc’d the model I had. I only played about 2 hours each of Halo 3 and Reach (gifted to me by Tdarturbo on twitter) before I realized those games suck and a shitload of Left 4 Dead 2 before the disc drive completely shit the bed in about a year and a half. The entire system was stolen a little over a year ago by a squatter when my family moved apartments. It had long been relegated to my kids’ room anyway, for digital games and Netflix. Now they’re using my old PS3, so it’s fine. I guess we got my $100 use out of it.

    1. Forgot to mention that I picked up that 360 at around 8:30 pm, WELL after all the doors had been busted.

  15. My best Black Friday deal was move of a Black November deal that all ended on or around Black Friday. For the MRSP price of a decent gaming laptop I wanted, I got the Acer Aspire v15 Nitro Black Edition for $700, and PS4: Uncharted Collection edition for $220, a 500GB SSD for $100, and a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray burner for free. I did this by hunting all month on Newegg for deals, buying what I wanted when the price was low enough for me to afford, then price matching everything I bought on Amazon and sitting online for 3 hours with customer service to get store credit, and finally mailing in a rebate card. All of this was in my original budget as I didn’t want to spend more than $1200 for a new computer anyway.

    Second best Black Friday deal? This year I got two pairs of shoes for free from DSW thanks to 20% all purchases and a $90 gift card my late grandmother left me when I had to return a pair of shoes that didn’t fit.

  16. I always love the black friday bashing. It’s really not that bad and I have ten years of actual experience. I wait like an hour at most, get what I want, and move on. Takes a couple hours max. Yeah it can be crowded but I’ve never seen any of the craziness people act like is rampant. Just this year I went to Best Buy and Target and left at 4:15. Waited 30 mins at Best Buy, was out in 30 minutes, and waited 20 mins for Target and was out of there in 45 minutes (mostly due to the long line to checkout).

    Stores have organized lines, give out tickets, walmart is the one that is most hectic but they provide maps and have areas blocked to facilitate traffic flow. Online has gotten better and caught up but inventories run out instantly sometimes and it can be a frustrating experience.

    I don’t go and wait for something like a TV but who the fuck am I to tell someone they can’t wait a few hours to save money on a TV?

  17. In regards to Chris’s comments about the X cost over the Pro.

    The X is significantly more powerful (and early analysis by others have shown there are already clear differences) AND it has a 4k player. Something the Pro doesn’t have. That’s not bad for 150 more. As for the games comment, the console has games. We’ve been down this road. It has fun games and great games of varying genres. Does Sony have an exclusive RTS? or a building sim? What about a FPS worthwhile? I’m not a console warrior but an information warrior. Sony does have better japanese games and more single player games but also has a lack of releases this winter too. Xbox has games that many enjoy that you may personally not enjoy. I don’t care for all the Japanese games and am not dying to play Sony’s exclusives so I don’t buy. I own a 3DS for Pokemon.

  18. QOTW: Last year I built my PC and got a bunch of good deals there, but the best deal I got by far was the price I got my Vive at. The price at the time was 800 bucks so I waited until Black Friday to see what kind of deals I could get. I ended up getting it at the Microsoft store for 100 bucks off, 2 or 3 free games and a $100 Microsoft gift code. I took the code to the Microsoft store in NYC and asked if I could buy a Steam giftcard with it (I thought this was a longshot) and they said yes. When I went home and checked they never actually used my gift code! So I now had a $100 Steam card AND a $100 Microsoft card. Lots of Vive and Xbox games were bought that year.

  19. This wasn’t Black Friday, but can I post it anyway? Back around 2000, I got X-COM: Apocalypse from a game store for 25 cents. Yes, 25 CENTS. Why was it on the shelves when the price was that low? I don’t know, but I bought it. I did play it for a while. I’m a sucker for turn-based combat. It will go down in my personal gaming history as the best play time to cost ratio EVER. How could it not?
    You can buy it on Steam now for $4.99.

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