Talking Simpsons – Lisa’s Wedding


Special guest Kat Bailey joins us to discuss an episode so heartwarming it’ll make a robot’s head melt. In the first futuristic episode of The Simpsons, we see the far-off year of 2010 where Lisa gets engaged, Bart is smashing buildings, virtual darts, and Fox turn into a hardcore sex channel so gradually you didn’t even notice. All that and more in this lovable classic…


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14 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Lisa’s Wedding

  1. I have a fondness for the future Christmas episode. I don’t really care about breaking any particular timelines or continuity (in my mind The Simpsons is an anthology show more than anything continuous), but it’s the scene in the tree house that does it for me. Bart and Lisa with some wine just talking about being home for the holidays is difficult. It resonates with me, in part because I’m around the same age (although not as close to my siblings).

    Plus as a Brit, the whole flag thing feels off. Aside from hardcore nationalists, we just don’t care as much. Not that I’d suggest you burn all the flags, but we probably wouldn’t cry over it.

  2. I have GOT to give a shout out for “Sunday in the Park with George” with Mandy Patinkin, since you may never bring it up again. 🙂

    I saw this in a college class as an art major. This really had an impact on me, and I still get misty-eyed watching it.

  3. I think the reason I like these future episodes compared to later season episodes that the don’t half-ass some “heartfelt” moment at the last second. They take time and feel earned over the episode, instead of a rushed dramatic reveal. This is just after they aired another “possible future” episode this last Sunday “Mr. Lisa’s Opus” which annoyed me the longer I was watching it with the ways it breaks cannon in Simpsons past (They forgot Lisa’s birthday the year before Stark Raving Dad) and Simpsons future (Leon Komposwky comes back for Lisa’s fourteenth birthday!) Lisa still gets into Harvard though so I can appreciate that at least. It’s episode #626 so you will get around to it by around 2027. Ten years from now..(Hi future me!)

  4. I too am shocked that Mandy Patinkin played Hugh St. John in this episode, as I always thought it really was Hugh Grant. He is an amazing vocal artist, and the “Good King Wenseclas song he sang with Michael Stipe and Stephen Colbert is one of my favorite moments on the Colbert Report.

    I don’t look back on this episode too fondly, but as the Simpsons keep exploring alternate future timelines, it has made me appreciate a lot more. Thank you for talking about it, Kat, Bob, Henry, and Chris.

  5. One of the little jokes I’ve always really liked in this episode is when Lisa gets a soy-based snack that says “Now with gag suppressant”. I could never drink unflavoured soy milk without gagging, soy milk needs to be flavoured for me to drink it down.

  6. The timing on this episode was amazing because this weeks new episode of Simpsons was yet another future episode and it was about…amazingly…Lisa applying to Harvard!

    So it’s like the direct prequel to this episode!

  7. This is easily the best future episode and even though everything goes to hell for Lisa, it’s still a really pleasant one to watch.

    I think my line of the show is the following exchange between Hugh and Moe, as you guys had played on the show:
    “We saved your ass in World War II.”
    “Yeah, well, we saved yours in World War III.”
    “That’s true.”

  8. I dunno, looking at this as it’s supposed to be written in stone is not right since this was a story told by a psychic who may or may not be real.
    The Holidays of Future Passed (to me should’ve been the last episode) is treating it as what’s going to happen (no psychic or anything, it actually goes through a time speed montage of christmas photos)

    Hence why the future-future episodes plays off this

  9. This is absolutely one of my favorites. Maybe because I love my dad so much and I’m a big softie, but the jokes are so good too!

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