Laser Time: The Star Wars Commentaries

For those of you anxious to see the eighth installment of Disney’s epic space opera, catch up on the first seven with your pals from Laser Time!

And yes, we will be doing a LIVE Last Jedi review/reactions video this Friday, as is tradition, but in case you wanted a guide for Episode I-VII, we’re here for you. If you’re a $5 supporter on the Laser Time Patreon, you should have open access to these already (might require some searching, it was a while ago). If you’re not a Patron, C’MON!. Ahem. I mean, you can pick up each Star Wars commentary individually on our Bandcamp for a buck and some change. Oh yeah, the first one, and by that we mean the fourth one, is FREE!

We’ve provided you with links to each Star Wars movie below. Perhaps you’re a Return of the Jedi man? We gotcha! Oh, a Force Awakens fan are ya?! We have a commentary for that! Attack of the Clones more your speed? Well, if that’s the case, I’d politely ask you to leave… but the truth is we have that too! Everything except Rogue One, which we’ve tried to make up for with a bunch of feel good Christmas commentaries for the season. Once again, you can get all of those, a weekly bonus show, and more just by becoming a Laser Time Patron at just $5. Either way, thanks for your support and we’ll be talking about Last Jedi early Friday Afternoon, starting somewhere around 1 or 2PM Pacific time. Stay tuned for more details and LIVE LONG AND PROSPER, Y’ALL!

NOTE: We watched all of the films in NUMERIC order, Menace through Force Awakens, if that means anything to you. I’m kind of blown away we actually did all of them, since this was essentially a nine month undertaking. Oh, and if you really wanna do us a solid, maybe consider buying the Star Wars films through our Amazon links below. Costs you nada, kicks some pennies over to us. Love you guys!









One thought on “Laser Time: The Star Wars Commentaries

  1. These were awesome guys, some of my favorite Monday Night Movies in there. Even the Prequels were made more awesome watching it with you!

    You going to be doing Rogue One at all? I presume Last Jedi will be on the cards later in 2018.

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